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Bandon; the Rev. F. P. Le Maitre, Mrs. Le Maitre, Mrs. Perrott, and Miss Field, of Cork; the Rev. Joseph W. M‘Kay, and Mrs. M‘Kay, of Culeraine ; the Rev. William Reilly, of Dublin ; and Mr. M‘Donald, of London ; for letters of Mr. Field, or other contributions, kindly furnished by them.

It is not insinuated by the exhibition only of his excellencies, that Mr. Field—although an eminent saint of the Most High-was exempt from those infirmities inseparable from humanity in its best state. He may have been, for example, sometimes too credulous concerning the unproved statements of persons professing to have received distinct blessings from God; but even this failing leaned to virtue's side : it discovered an exuberance of the charity which thinketh no evil. How much preferable such disposition, to the universal suspicion and scepticism of those who, instead of believing and hoping “all things," (1 Cor. xiii. 7,) are ever tardy to believe or hope anything good of any one! Withal, Mr. Field's example was bright, and, in many greatly important respects, worthy of close imitation by the universal church of Christ.

R. H.
May 22d, 1850.



Birth and Parentage_Educational Disadvantages

Singular Incident_Remarkable Deliverances from
Death in Childhood-Youthful Immoralities Gra-
cious Relentings and Purposes_Prejudices against
Methodism--Enlistment in the Royal Irish Regi-
ment of Artillery–Sensations on arriving at Head-
quarters—Manner of spending the Sabbath_Reli-
gious Anxieties Ordered to join the Duke of
York's Army in Flanders—Perils of the Voyage
Narrow Escape from Death in embarking the Ord-
nance-Hardships and Dangers of the Campaign-
Terror of Hell at the Battle of Allost-Refusal to
attend Meetings held by Wesleyan Soldiers—Gra-
phic Description of a Battle fought partly on the
Ice-Extreme Sufferings—Safe Arrival in Kinsale
-Visit to his Friends-Placed at Duncannon-Fort
-Besetting Vices Manner and Means by which
he was convinced of Sin-Union with the Method-
ist Society-Temptations-Attends a Lovefeast at
New-Ross—Is consciously justified by Faith while
receiving the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper-
Errors in relation to that Ordinance-Appointed to
take Charge of the Class—Request of the Officers
that he should convert the Men_Raised to the
Rank of Bombardier-Stationed at Bandon, and
much blessed under the Ministry of the Rev.
Joseph Anderson-Removes to Cork, where he
obtains perfect Love, and is promoted to the Rank
of Sergeant....

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