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are the children of the wicked one. 51 Have


understood all these 89 And the enemy that sowed things ? They say to him: Yes. them, is the devil. But the harvest 52 lle said unto them : Thereis the end of the world. And the fore every scribe instructed in the reapers are the Angels.

kingdom of heaven, is like to a man 40 Even as cockle therefore is that is a householder, who bringeth gathered up, and burnt with fire : forth out of his treasure new things so shall it be at the end of the and old. world.

53 And it came to pass : when 41 The son of man shall send his Jesus had finished these parables, Angels, and they shall gather out he passed from thence. of his kingdom all scandals, and 54 And coming into his own them that work iniquity.

country, he taught them in their 42 And shall cast them into the synagogues, so that they wondered furnace of fire : There shall be and said : Flow came this man by weeping and gnashing of teeth. this wisdom and miracles ?

43 Then shall the just shine as 55 Is not this the carpenter's the sun, in the kingdom of their son ? Is not his mother called Father. He that hath ears to hear, Mary, and his brethren James, let him hear.

and Joseph, and Simon, and 44 The kingdom of heaven is like Jude : unto a treasure hidden in a field. 56 And his sisters, are they not Which a man having found, hid it, all with us? Whence therefore hath and for joy thereof goeth, and sell- he all these things? eth all that he hath, and buyeth 57 And they were scandalized in that field.

his regard. But JESUS said to 45 Again the kingdom of heaven them: A prophet is not without is like to a merchant seeking good honour, save in his own country, pearls.

and in his own house. 46 Who when he had found one 58 And he wrought not many pearl of great price, went his way, miracles there, because of their unand sold all that he had, and bought belief. it.

CHAP. XIV. 47 Again the kingdom of heaven Herod puts John to death. and gathering together of all kina AT that time Herod

the Tetrarch

heard the fame of JESUS. of fishes.

2 And he said to his servants : 48 Which, when it was filled, This is John the Baptist : he is they drew out, and sitting by the risen from the dead, and therefore shore, they chose out the good into mighty works shew forth themselves vessels, but the bad they cast forth. in him.

49 So shall it be at the end of 3 For Herod had apprehended the world. The angels shall go out, John and bound him, and put him and shall separate the wicked from into prison because of Herodias, among the just.

his brother's wife. 50 And shall cast them into the 4 For John said to him: It is not furnace of fire; there shall be weep- lawful for thee to have her. ing and gnashing of teeth.

5 And having a mind to put him

Ver. 55. His brethren. These were the children of Mary the wife of Cleophas, sister to our blessed lady, (St. Matt. xxvij. 56. St. John xix. 25.) and therefore, according to the usual style of the Scripture, were called brethren, that is, near relations to our Saviour,

to death, he feared the people: be-to heaven, he blessed, ant brako, cause they esteemed him as a pro- and gave the loaves to his disciples, phet.

and the disciples to the multitudes, 6 But on Herod's birth-day, the 20 And they did all eat, and daughter of Herodias danced be- were filled. And they took up fore them: and pleased Herod. what remained, twelve full baskets

7 Whereupon he promised with of fragments. an oath, to give her whatsoever she 21 And the number of them that would ask of him.

did eat was five thousand men, be8 But she being instructed before sides women and children. by her mother, said: Give me here 22 And forthwith Jesus obliged in a dish the head of John the Bap-his disciples to go up into the boat, tist.

and to go before him over the wa9 And the king was struck sad : ter, till he dismissed the people. yet because of his oath, and for 23 And having dismissed the them that sat with him at table, he multitude, he went up into a mouncommanded it to be given.

tain alone to pray.

And when it 10 And he sent, and beheaded was evening, he was there alone. John in the prison,

24 But the boat in the midst of 11 And his head was brought in the sea was tossed with the waves : a dish: and it was given to the dam- for the wind was contrary. sel, and she brought it to her mo 25 And in the fourth watch of ther.

the night, he came to them walking 12 And his disciples came and upon the sea. took the body, and buried it, and {6 And they seeing him walking came and told JESUS.

upon the sea, were troubled, say13 Which when Jesus had heard, ing : It is an apparition. And they he retired from thence by a boat, cried out for fear. into a desert place apart, and the 27 And immediately Jesus spoke multitudes having heard of it, fol- to them, saying: Be of good heart; lowed him on foot out of the cities. it is I, fear ye not.

14 And he coming forth saw a 28 And Peter making answer, great multitude, and had compas- said : Lord, if it be thou, bid me sion on them, and healed their sick, come to thee upon the waters.

15 And when it was evening, 29 And he said : Come. And Pehis disciples came to him, saying : ter going down out of the boat, This is a desert place, and the hour walked upon the water to come to is now past: send away the multi- JESUS. tudes, that going into the towns, 30 But seeing the wind strong they may buy themselves victuals. he was afraid ; and when he began

16 But Jesus said to them, They to sink, he cried out, saying: Lord, have no need to go, give you them save me. to eat.

31 And immediately JESUS 17 They answered him: We stretching forth his hand took hold have not here, but five loaves, and of him, and said to him: 0 thou of two fishes.

little faith, why didst thou doubt ? 18 Who said to them : Bring 32 And when they were come them hither to me.

up into the boat, the wind ceased. 19 And when he had command 33 And they that were in the ed the multitudes to sit down upon boat, came and adored him, saying: the grass, he took the five loaves Indeed thou art the Son of God. and the two fishes, and looking up 34 And having passed the water,


Telemescribes and Pharisees

, fileth a man.

they came into the country of Ge 7 Hypocrites, well hath Isaias

prophesied of you, saying: 35 And when the men of that 8 This people honoureth me with place had knowledge of him, they their lips : but their heart is far sent into all that country, and from me. brought to him all that were dis 9 And in vain do they worship eased.

me, teaching doctrines and com36 And they besought him that mandments of men. they might touch but the hem of 10 And having called together his garment. And as many as the multitudes unto him, he said touched, were made whole. to them: Hear ye and understand. CHAP. XV.

11 Not that which goeth into the Christ reproves the Scribes. mouth, defileth a man: but what

WHEN came to him from Jeru- cometh out of the mouth, this desaying:

12 Then came his disciples, and 2. Why do thy disciples trans- said to him : Dost thou know that gress the tradition of the ancients ? the Pharisees, when they heard this For they wash not their hands when word, were scandalized"? they eat bread.

13 But he answering said: Every 3 But he answering, said to plant which my heavenly Father them: Why do you also transgress hath not planted, shall be rooted up. the commandment of God for your 14 Let them alone : they are tradition ? For God said :

hlind, and leaders of the blind. And 4 Honour thy father and mother : if the blind lead the blind, both fall And, He that shall curse father or into the pit. mother, let him die the death.

15 And Peter answering said to 5 But you say: Whosoever shall him : Expound to us this parable. say to father or mother, the gift 16 But he said : Are you also yet whatsoever proceedeth from me without understanding ? shall profit thee.

17 Do you not understand, that 6 And he shall not honour his whatsoever entereth into the mouth, father or his mother : and you have goeth into the belly, and is cast out made void the commandment of into the privy ? God for your tradition.

18 But the things which proceed

Ver. 9. Commandments of men. The doctrines and commandments here reprehended are such as are either contrary to the law of God, (as that of neglecting parents, under pre. tence of giving to God,) or at least are frivolous, unprofitable, and no ways conducing to true piety, as that of often washing hands, &c. without regard to the purity of the heart. But as to the rules and ordinances of holy church, touching fast festivals, &c. these are no ways repugnant to, but highly agreeable to God's holy woril, and all cliristian piety: neither are they to be counted amongst the doctrines and commandments of men ; because they pro. ceed not from mere human authority, but from that which Christ has established in his church ; whose pastors he has commanded us to hear and obey, even as himself. St. Luke X. 16. St. Matt. xviii. 17.

Ver. 11. Not that which goeth in, &c. No uncleanness in meat, nor any dirt contracted by eating it with unwashed hands, can defile the soul : but sin alone ; or a disobedience of tho heart to the ordinance and will of God. And thus when Adam took the fordidden fruit, it was not the apple, which entered into the mouth, but the disobedience to the law of God which defiled him. The same is to be said if a Jew, in the time of the old law, had eaten swine's flesh; or a christian convert, in the days of the apostles, contrary to their ordinance, had eaten blood; or if any of the faithful at present should transgress the ordinance of God's church, by breaking the fasts : for in all these cases the soul would be defiled ; not indeed by that which goeth into the mouth : but by the disobedience of the heart, in wissully trans. gressing the ordinance of God, or of those who have their authority from him.



out of the mouth, come forth from lame walk, the blind see: and they the heart, and those things defile a glorified the God of Israel.

32 And Jesus called together his 19 For from the heart come forth disciples, and said : I have comevil thoughts, murders, adulteries, passion on the multitudes, because fornications, thefts, false testimo- they continue with me, now three nies, blasphemies.

days, and have not what to eat : 20 These are the things that de- and I will not send them away file a man. But to eat with un- fasting, lest they faint in the way. washed hands doth not defile a man. 33 And the disciples say unto

21 And JESUS went from thence, him: Whence then should we have and retired into the coasts of Tyre so many loaves in the desert, as to and Sidon,

fill so great a multitude. 22 And behold a woman of 34 And Jesus said to them: How Canaan who came out of those many loaves have you ? But they coasts, crying out, said to him : said : Seven, and a few little fishes. Have merey on me, O Lord, thou 35 And he commanded the mulson of David : my daughter is titude to sit down upon the ground. grievously troubled by a devil. 36 And taking the seven loaves

23 Who answered her not a and the fishes, and giving thanks, word. And his disciples came and he brake, and gave to his disciples, besought him, saying: Send her and the disciples gave to the people. away, for she crieth after us : 37 And they did all eat, and had

24 And he answering said : I their fill. And they took up, seven was not sent but to the sheep that baskets full, of what remained of are lost of the house of Israel. the fragments.

25 But she came and adored him, 38 And they that did eat, were saying: Lord, help me.

four thousand men, beside children 26 Who answering, said : It is and women. not good to take the bread of the 39 And having dismissed the children, and to cast it to the dogs. multitude, he went up into a boat,

27 But she said : Yea, Lord: for and came into the coasts of Mage the whelps also eat of the crums dan. that fall from the table of their

CHAP. XVI. masters.

Christ refuses a sign to the Pharisees. 28 Then Jesus answering, said ND there came to him the to her : 0 woman, great is thy

Pharisees and Sadducees faith : be it done to thee as thou tempting : and they asked him to wilt : and her daughter was cured shew them a sigp from heaven. from that hour.

2 But he answered and said to 29 And when Jesus had passed them: When it is evening, you away from thence, he came nigh say : It will be fair weather, for the sea of Galilee : and going up the sky is red. into a mountain he sat there. 3 And in the morning : To-day

30 And there came to him great there will be a storm, for the sky is multitudes, having with them the red and lowering. You know then dumb, the blind, the lame, the how to discern the face of the sky; maimed, and many others : and and can you not know the signs of they cast them down at his feet, the times ? and he healed them :

4 A wicked and adulterous ge31 So that the multitudes mar- neration seeketh after a sign : and velled seeing the dumb speak, thela sign shall not be gived it, but the

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Son of Jonas the propnet. And he 13 And JESUS came into the left them and went away.

quarters of Cæsarea Philippi : and 5 And when his disciples were he asked his disciples, saying: come over the water, they had for-Whom do men say that the son of gotten to take bread.

man is ? 6 Who said to them: Take heed 14 But they said : Somie John and beware of the leaven of the the Baptist, and other some Elias, Pharisees and Sadducees.

and others Jeremias, or one of the 7 But they thought within them- prophets. selves, saying : Because we have 15 JESUS saith to them : But taken no bread.

whom do you say that I am ? 8 And Jesus knowing it, said : 16 Simon Peter answered and Why do you think within your- said : Thou art Christ the Son of selves, 0 ye of little faith, for that the living God. you have no bread ?

17 And Jesus answering, said to 9 Do you not yet understand, him: Blessed art thou Simon Barneither do you remember the five Jona: because flesh and blood hath loaves among five thousand men, not revealed it to thee, but my

Faand how many baskets you took ther who is in heaven. up . ?

18 And I say to theé : That thou 10 Nor the seven loaves, among art Peter; and upon this rock I will four thousand men, and how many build my church, and the gates of baskets you took up ?

hell shall not prevail against it. 11 Why do you not understand 19 And I will give to thee the that it was not concerning bread I keys of the kingdom of heaven : said to you : Beware of the leaven And whatsoever thou shalt bind of the Pharisees and Sadducees. upon earth, it shall be bound also

12 Then they understood that in heaven : and whatsoever thou he said not that they should beware shalt loose on earth, it shall be of the leaven of bread, but of the loosed also in heaven. doctrine of the Pharisees and Sad 20 Then he commanded his disducees.

ciples, that they should tell no one

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Ver. 18. Thou art Peter, &c. As St. Peter, by divine revelation, here made a solemn profession of his faith of the divinity of Christ ; so in recompense of this faith and profession, our Lord here declares to him the dignity to which he is pleased to raise him, viz. That he, to whom he had already given the name Peter, signifying a rock, St. John i. 42. should be a rock indeed, of invincible strength, for the support of the building of the church ; in which building he should be, next to Christ himself, the chief foundation stone, in quality of chief pastor, ruler and govenor : and should have accordingly all fulness of ecclesiastical power, signified by the keys of the kingdom of heaven.

Ver. 18. Upon this rock, &c. The words of Christ to Peter, spoken in the vulgar language of the Jews, which our Lord made use of, were the same as if he had said in English, Thou art a rock, and upon this rock I will build my church. So that by the plain course of the words, Peter is here declared to be the rock upon which the church was to be built : Christ himself being both the principal foundation and founder of the same. Where also note that Christ by building his house, that is, his church, upon a rock, has therehy secured it against all storms and Noods: like the wise builder. St. Matt. vii. 24, 25.

Ver. 18. The gates of hell, &c. That is, the powers of darkness, and whatever Satan can do, either by himself, or his agents. For as the church is here likened to a house or fortress, built on a rock, so the adverse powers are likened to a contrary house or fortress; the gates of which, i. e. the whole strength and all the efforts it can make, can never be able to pre. vail over the city or church of Christ. By this promise we are fully assured that neither idolatry, heresy, nor any pernicious error whatsoever shall at any time prevail over the church of Christ.

Ver. 19. Loose on earth. The loosing the hands of temporal punishments due to hinn, lo calied an indulgence: the power of which is hu re grinted.

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