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RULES AND REGULATIONS. 1. The Librarian appointed by the Trustees shall properly label and number each book in the District Library, and keep a catalogue of the same, showing the title and number of each book.

2. The Library shall be opened for drawing and returning books every

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between the hours of.. 3. Every child attending school shall be entitled to the privileges of the Library; but when the number of books is insufficient to supply all the pupils, the Librarian shall determine the manner in which books may be drawn.

4. No person shall be entitled to two books from the Library at the same time, and no family shall draw more than one book while other families wishing books remain

unsupplied. 5. No person shall loan a Library book to any one out of his own house, under a penalty of fifty cents for each offense.

6. No person shall retain a book from the Library more than two weeks, under a penalty of ten cents for each day he may so retain it; and no person may draw the same book a second time, while auy other person wishes to draw it.

7. Any person losing or destroying a Library book shall pay the cost of such book and a fine of fifty cents; and any person injuring a book by marking, tearing, or unnecessarily soiling it, shall be liable to a fine of not less than ten cents nor more than the cost of the book, to be determined by the Librarian.

8. Any person refusing or neglecting to pay any penalty or fine, shall not be allowed to draw any book from the Library.

9. Any person other than pupils attending, resident in the school district, may become entitled to the privileges of the School Library by the payment of an admission fee of one dollar, and a monthly membership of twenty-five conts.

10. Any person resident in the district, who shall pay to the Trustees the sum of ten dollars, shall be entitled to a life membership privilege of the Library.

It is the duty of the Clerk of each Board of District Trustees and of the Secretary of each Board of Education to place each number of the official educational journal in the School Library of his district on or before the end of the month in which such number is issued.

Note.-Each Library book must be stamped with the official District Stamp. (See Sec. 1712, amended School Law.)

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