The correspondence of the late John Wilkes: with his friends, printed from the original manuscripts, in which are introduced memoirs of his life

Printed for R. Phillips, by T. Gillet, 1805

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Página 14 - Hyde-park, with my pistols so concealed that nobody may see them; and I will wait in expectation of you one hour. As I shall call in my way at your house, to deliver this letter, I propose to go from thence directly to the ring in Hyde -park ; from whence we may proceed, if it be necessary, to any more private place. And I mention that I shall wait an hour, in order to give you the full time to meet me. " I am, Sir, your humble servant, SAM. MARTIN.
Página 184 - Abingdon, here ; and we went together to see Voltaire. I was charmed with the reception he gave me, and still more with the fine sense and exquisite wit of his conversation. He put me to the blush by the many compliments he paid me ; and the most generous offers he made me about his printers, &c. I do not know when I have been so highly entertained...
Página 50 - D have in my own case experienced the fickleness of the people. I was almost adored one week ; the next, neglected, abused, and despised. With all the fine things said and wrote of me...
Página 11 - With this view, Kidgell showed the scraps to lord March, who laid them before the secretary of state. Mr.Wilkes has often observed, that, if the North Briton had not appeared, the Essay on Woman would never have been called in question ; and it has been remarked by others, that if the poem had been ten. thousand times worse than it was, yet it would fall far short in infamy to the shocking and traiterous methods which were taken to procure it. Mr. Home Tooke, in his sixth letter to Mr. Wilkes, printed...
Página 4 - was a false, scandalous, and seditious libel, and ordered it to be burnt by the hands of the common hangman...
Página 3 - Majesty's Attorney General for the same Offence: In this Situation, His Majesty being desirous to show all possible Attention to the Privileges of the House of Commons, in every Instance wherein they can be supposed to be concerned; and at the same Time thinking it of the utmost Importance not to suffer the Public Justice of the Kingdom to be eluded, has chosen to direct the said Libel, and also Copies of the Examinations upon which Mr. Wilkes was apprehended and secured, to be laid before this House...
Página 203 - ... which are in the reach of my poor abilities. You, Lord Temple, and a few more, will find the just tribute of praise which the public and I owe you. Bute, Holland, and Sandwich, will see that I think of them just as I did in England.
Página 4 - II." as a seditious libel. They ordered it to be burned by the hands of the common hangman ; and the bookseller and printer to be prosecuted.
Página 13 - To cut off every pretence of ignorance as to the author, I whisper in your ear, that every passage of the North Briton in which you have been named, or even alluded to, was written by your humble servant, JOHN WILKES.
Página 49 - I argue upon the supposition that I was expelled this morning, at one or two o'clock, after a warm debate. I am, then, no longer a member of parliament. Of consequence, a political man not in the house is of no importance, and never can be well enough, nor minutely enough, informed, to be of any great service. What then am I to do in England ? If I return soon, it is possible that I may be found guilty of the publication of No. 45 of the ' North Briton,' and of the

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