Origines Genealogicae; Or, The Sources Whence English Genealogies May be Traced from the Conquest to the Present Time: Accompanied by Specimens of Antient Records, Rolls, and Manuscripts, with Proofs of Their Genealogical Utility. Published Expressly for the Assistance of Claimants to Hereditary Titles, Honours, Or Estates

Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, 1828 - 342 páginas

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Página 228 - Treasury shall deem it expedient so to do, into the Bank of England in the Name of the Accountant General of the Court of Chancery or...
Página 167 - Temple speaks (/), a sort of people in a condition of downright servitude, used and employed in the most servile works, and belonging, both they, their children and effects, to the lord of the soil, like the rest of the cattle or stock upon it.
Página 167 - For the good nature and benevolence of many lords of manors having, time out of mind, permitted their villeins and their children to enjoy their possessions without interruption, in a regular course of descent, the common law, of which custom is the life, now gave them title to prescribe against their lords ; and on performance of the same services, to hold their lands in spite of any determination of the lord's will. For though in general they are still said to hold their estates at the will of...
Página 167 - For though in general they are still said to hold their estates at the will of the lord, yet it is such a will as is agreeable to the custom of the manor...
Página 118 - Vicecomitibus, praepositis, ministris, et omnibus Ballivis et fidelibus suis, salutem. Sciatis nos concessisse et hac carta nostra confirmasse pro nobis et heredibus nostris...
Página 210 - In those days force and arms did prevail; but now the wit of the fox is everywhere on foot, so as hardly a faithful or virtuous man may be found.
Página 55 - But this personal attendance growing troublesome in many respects, the tenants found means of compounding for it, by first sending others in their stead, and in process of time by making a pecuniary satisfaction to the crown in lieu of it. This pecuniary satisfaction at last came to be levied by assessments, at so much for every knight's fee, under the name of scutages...
Página 279 - I, AB do here, in the presence of God, the searcher of all hearts, take thee, CD for my wedded wife, and do also, in the presence of God, and before these witnesses, promise to be to thee a loving and faithful husband.
Página 183 - I.), in delivering the opinion of the judges to the House of Lords on the disputed succession to the earldom of Oxford, after having alluded to the rank of the De Veres for above five centuries, stated by way of commendation, that he found but two attainders of that noble family in all that length of time.

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