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sible! About three weeks since, to guard them against it. But when a bishop was to be conse- there is none of this caution and crated at Waterford, public ad-fear about the Papists: they are vertisements were put in the initiated, from early infancy, in papers; and (to induce Protes- the principles of their religion, tants to attend) it was stated, that and may come to confession at the moneys to be paid for admis- seven years of age! Considering sion into the chapel, on that Sun- these things, it is surely no won. day, should be divided among der the person above mentioned the different charitable institu- should ask me, How is it, sir, if tions, without distinction! ours is not the true church, that

Their sermons, also, are con- so many Protestants come over stantly directed against the Pro- to us, and so many send for our testant profession. I asked a priests when they are about to Roman Catholic, a few days ago, die? concerning the service in his If Popery were an indifferent chapel the preceding Sunday, and thing, that might be cherished he told me the text was, “ How without endangering the salvation is the church holy?" and it was of the immortal soul, there might stated to be so, by abiding stead be an excuse for our tenderness fast in the established doctrines, towards it; but, whether this is ceremonies, and discipline; and the case or not, let the following keeping in the unity of the one prayers stiew, which are containvisible head! In the course of ed in THE DAILY COMPA. our conversation, he asked me if NION,” which they all' use. And I did not think it à very wicked let the denunciations of the divine thing in Queen Elizabeth to put word against idolatry, or creature to death so many of their people? Worship, be duly considered, and but I soon found that her con- I think it will be seen, that every duct had been greatly exaggerated' Papist has cause to tremble; and to him, while he knew nothing we should be earnestly concerned about Mary's persecutions of the to shew them the error of their Protestants! And, alas! I could ways, and to preserve our dear not direct him to any publication children and domestics, as much that could inform him concerning as possible, from their awful it, though he desired me; for I error. have not been able to meet with The following is part of their a Protestant Martyrology in all constant devotion : these parts, or indeed in the “Hail, Mary, full of grace, the country! It is a most lamentable Lord is with thee; blessed art fact, and ought not to be passed thou amongst women, and blessed over, that the zeal is all on their is the fruit of thy womb. Jesus, side, and the Protestants are, al- Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray most to a man, afraid to speak, for us sinners, now, and in the or to hear a word against Popery; hour of our death: Amen." and will always shut their doors I commend my soul, and all when the subject is introduced that I am, to the intercession of (though ever so mildly), lest their the glorious Virgin Mary, my servants should hear, and be of good mother and advocate, to St. fended! Nor is even the least Joseph, and my guardian angel, pains used to instruct their child and to all the saints in heaven, dren in the errors of Popery, or whom I most bumbily beseechi to

Pray for us.

assist me at the hour of my death. | Mother most pure,
For my last words I şay


Mother most chaste,
found humility, and contrition of Mother undefiled,
heart, Jesus, Maria, that I may Mother unviolated,
obtain forgiveness of my sins; Mother most amiable,
and when my tongue cannot pro- Mother most admirable,
nounce those holy names, I desire Mother of our Creator,
to do it with my heart. If my Mother of our Redeemer,
heart should fail me, with my Virgin most prudent,
judgment, I say them now for Virgin most venerable,
them, with all affection, and pos- Virgin most renowned,
sible submission, Jesus, Maria. Virgin most powerful,
Nos cum prole pia, benedicat Virgin most merciful,
Virgo Maria,

Virgin most faithful,

Mirror of justice, • Virgin Mother, I humbly crave Thy blessing, and thy sons to have.?” Seat of wisdom,

Cause of our joy, “ O holy mother of God, help my frailty and weakness, assist Vessel of honour,

Spiritual vessel, me this day in all my troubles, Vessel of singular devotion, temptations, and dangers; but especially at the hour of my death, Tower of David,

Mystical rose, vouchsafe not to depart from me, Tower of ivory, that by thy prayers and protec- House of gold, tion, I may be safe in that last Ark of the covenant, and dangerous battle. Amen." "O holy and glorious Virgin Morning star,

Gate of heaven, , I body to thy blessed trust, this Health of the weak, night, and for ever; especially in Comforter of the afflicted,

Refuge of sinners, the hour of


death, my hope and consolation, all my Queen of patriarchs, mend to thy merciful charity all Help of Christians,

Queen of angels, distress and misery, my life, and the end thereof; that by thy Queen of apostles,

Queen of prophets, most holy intercession, all my Queen of martyrs, works may be directed according Queen of confessors, to the will of thy blessed Son. Queen of virgins, Amen."

The Litany of our Lady of Lo. Queen of all saints, retto : " Anthem. We fly to thy pa. Hail true body, born of the

" At the elevation of the Host. tronage, O holy Mother of God; despise not our petitions, in our blessed Virgin Mary, which truly necessities, but deliver us from sufferedst, and wert offered on all dangers, O ever glorious and the cross for mankind: whose blessed Virgin.

side, being pierced with a spear,

yielded water and blood. O Holy Mary,

sweet, O good Jesus, Son of the Holy Mother of God,

eternal God, and the Son of the Holy Virgin of virgins,

blessed Virgin, have mercy on me, Mother of Christ,

and vouchsafe that I may worMother of divine grace,

thily receive thee, at the hour of

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Pray for us.

my death.” “O miracle! O the St. Andrew, goodness of God! who, sitting St. James, above with the Father, is in the St. John, same moment of time in the hands St. Thomas, of the priest, and delivered to St. James, such as are willing to receive and St. Philip, embrace them.”

St. Bartholomew, “ In the Rosary of the blessed St. Matthew, Virgin. SALVE REGINA.St, Simon,

Hail, holy queen, mother of St. Thaddeus, mercy, our life, our sweetness, St. Matthias, and our hope; to thee do we cry, St. Barnaby, poor banished sons of Eve; to St. Luke, thée do we send up our sighs, St. Mark, mourning, and weeping, in this All ye holy apostles & evanvalley of tears. Turn, then, most gelists, gracious advocate, thy eyes of All ye holy disciples of our mercy towards us; and after this Lord, our exile, shew unto us the bless- All ye holy innocents, ed fruit of thy womb, Jesus, o St. Stephen, most clement, most pious, and St. Lawrence, most sweet Virgin Mary.

St. Vincent, “O glorious queen of all the St. Fabian and St. Sebastian, heavenly citizens, we beseech St. John and St. Paul, thee to accept this ROSARY; St. Cosmas and St. Damian, which, as a crown of roses, we St. Gervase and St. Protase, offer at thy feet; and grant, most All ye holy martyrs, gracious lady, that by thy inter- St. Šilvester, cession our souls may be inflamed St. Gregory, with so ardent a desire of seeing St. Ambrose, thee, so gloriously crowned, that St. Augustine, it may never die in us, until it St. Jerome, shall be changed into the happy St. Martin, fruition of thy blessed sight. St. Nicholas, Amen."

All ye holy bishops and con

fessors, In the LITANY.

All ye holy doctors, Holy Mary,

St. Anthony, Holy Mother of God,

St. Bernard, Holy Virgin of virgins,

St. Dominick, St. Michael,

St. Francis, St. Raphael,

All ye holy priests & levites, All ye holy angels and arch-All ye holy monks & hermits, angels,

St. Mary Magdalene, All ye holy orders of blessed St. Agatha, spirits,

St. Lucy, St. John Baptist,

St. Agnus, St. Joseph,

St. Cicily, All ye holy patriarchs and St. Catharine, prophets,

All ye holy virgins & widows, St. Peter,

All ye saints of God, make $t. Paul,

intercession for us,

Pray for us.

Pray for us.

Such are the objects to whom thing like it be found in the Old the Papists pray; but to us, or New Testament? “ there is one God, and one me- Is it sound speech, which candiator between God and men, the not be condemned; so that any man Christ Jesus.” i l'im. ii: 5. one who is of the contrary part If, however, as Dr. Gill consider must be ashamed of objecting to ed, Popery should again obtain it, and that no one who may the scendency in our beloved adopt it can naturally put a wrong country, it is but right we should sense upon it? know how many mediators we I'would fain understand it in a shall then have, and who they good sense, if I could do so ; will be. Alas! alas! that so many but I know not how to secure it millions, who call themselves from a bad meaning. Christians, should be so blinded. I would readily say, with DaSurely they deserve our commi- niel, “ We do not present our scration and prayers, and we supplications before thee for our should be concerned to do all in righteousnesses, but for thy great our power to hinder the growth of mercies.” I would gladly adopt such a“ depraved superstition,” David's supplication, "Enter not The persecutions and other abo- into judgment with thy servant, minations of the Romish church for in thy sight shall no flesh livapart, here is surely enough to ing be justified.” “Let thy hand make us tremble at the thought be upon the man of thy right of the rising generation being hand, upon the son of man whom subjected to Popery. May the thou madest strong for thyself.” Lord avert this heavy judgment It is my daily prayer,

" that I and open the

eyes of all may win Christ, and be found in Protestants to their danger, before him, not having 'mine own righit is too late. Some good scrip-| teousness which is of the law, ture tracts on the subject, and a but that which is through the catechism for youth, might be faith of Christ, the righteousness very serviceable, if drawn up which is of God by faith.” with care, and not too long; and By employing these scriptural perhaps the re-publication of expressions I mean to admit, that Benjamin Bennet's Discourses it would be the height of preagainst Popery, might be very sumption for me to draw near seasonable at such a time as this. unto God, emboldened by the Clonmel,

S. D. conceit that I have done or can

do any thing to merit his favour,

since all my righteousnesses are REMARKS

defective and polluted: for I am convinced that it would be an

insult to God, and to his holy AN EXPRESSION LATELY USED

law, to imagine that the man who

had broken it, even but once, PUBLIC PRAYER.

could be justified by his own

works; how much less could any O Lord, we do not ask thee one attain the life of his own for a particle of Righteousness, hands, who never did a truly for we have it all in Christ.good work in his life, nor felt one

Is this prayer expressed in holy exercise of mind, previous scriptural language ? Can any to his being raised up from a state

from us,



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of spiritual death: and this I be sequently the aggregate of my
lieve to have been my case, and guilt was never so great as at the
that of all mankind. The only present moment; since we all
safe way in which I, or any sin- offend in many things, and thus
ner on earth, can draw near unto I have added to the number of
God, is in the name of the Lord mine iniquities, though not at the
Jesus Christ; emboldened to ap. rate I did before I loved God at
proach unto him, by his media-all.
tion and obedience unto death; But were I to use the language
believing the divine testimony, first quoted, which I am told a

by the obedience of one minister lately used in prayer, I shall many be made righteous ;" | should be afraid that my hear. even by the obedience of the in- ers would understand me as camate Son of God, who is call- meaning, that I did not desire ed “ JEHOVAH our righteous- any personal righteousness, for ness;" for Christ is the end of any end whatever. I might as the law unto righteousness, as well say, “O Lord, we do not his righteousness is imputed to ask thee for a particle of wisdom, and put upon all them that be- for we have it all in Christ. We leve, and therein alone shall they do not ask thee for a particle of be exalted. Thus I wish to live humility, for we have it all in and die, looking for the


Christ. We do not ask thee for of our Lord Jesus Christ, unto a partiele of love, for we have it eternal life.”

all in Christ." But would this Moreover, I as much exclude agree with James, i. 5; Phil. ii.5; from all share in my justification and 2 Thess. iii. 5 ? Verily, I hefore God, all works done after would as soon say,

6 We do not faith in Christ, and by divine ask thee for a particle of comassistance, as well as those done fort, joy, or happiness, for we before faith, and in my own bave it all in Christ.” strength. Though I trust i have, Surely I would ask for righ. for many years, aimed at a mark, teousness, holiness, wisdom, hyat wbich I never did sincerely mility, love, and consolation from aim till God bad changed my Christ, because it hath pleased heart, yet I know I often wander the Father that in Him all fulness from it, and perpetually fall short should dwell, and out of his fulof it; and consequently I feel my ness do all believers receive, and peed of Christ as much or more that



grace. than ever. If I had served God,

“ I do not ask for for these fifty years, as zealously a particle of righteousness," seems as Paul himself, I should never to imply, that I do not ask for a consider my new obedience as particle of honesty or truth; I do the least part of my justifying not ask God to circumcise my - righteousness; but should con- heart to love him, nor to unite sider my, need of Christ's atone- my heart to fear his name; I do ment and righteousness as being not ask him to create in me a even greater than at my first clean heart, or renew in me a conversion ; for as much as my right spirit; I do not ask him to best services amount only to a put his fear in my heart, that I part of my continued duty, and may not depart from him. It is can do nothing to counterbalance a righteous thing to own the my offences or defects; and con- truth of God's testimony concern

But to say,

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