"Their Majesties' Servants.": Annals of the English Stage, from Betterton to Edmund Kean. Actors-Authors--Audiences, Volumen1

W. J. Widdleton, 1865 - 846 páginas

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Página 317 - I have not anything to leave thee to perpetuate my memory but two helpless girls; look upon them sometimes, and think of him that was to the last moment of his life thine, "GEORGE FARQUHAR.
Página 271 - Booth with emphasis proclaims, (Though but, perhaps, a muster-roll of names) How will our fathers rise up in a rage, And swear, all shame is lost in George's age!
Página 174 - I heard, they said to one another. The King and Duke of York minded me, and smiled upon me, at the handsome woman near me : but it vexed me to see Moll Davis, in the box over the King's and my Lady Castlemaine's...
Página 296 - twould a saint provoke," (Were the last words that poor Narcissa spoke ;} " No, let a charming chintz and Brussels lace Wrap my cold limbs, and shade my lifeless face : One would not, sure, be frightful when one's dead — And — Betty — give this cheek a little red.
Página 337 - All the run is now after Garrick, a wine-merchant, who is turned player at Goodman's Fields. He plays all parts, and is a very good mimic. His acting I have seen, and may say to you, who will not tell it again here, I see nothing wonderful in it ; but it is heresy to say so. The Duke of Argyll says he is superior to Betterton.
Página 171 - Cromwell, who looks as well as I have known her, and well clad; but when the House began to fill she put on her vizard, and so kept it on all the play ; which of late is become a great fashion among the ladies, which hides their whole face.
Página 160 - Shakspeare and Lee. In these authors the affectation of greatness often hurts the perspicuity of the style, as in many others the endeavour after perspicuity prejudices its greatness.
Página 294 - Who should act genteel comedy perfectly, but people of fashion that have sense ? Actors and actresses can only guess at the tone of high life, and cannot be inspired with it. Why are there so few genteel comedies, but because most comedies are written by men not of that sphere? Etherege, Congreve, Vanbrugh, and Gibber wrote genteel comedy, because they lived in the best company ; and Mrs. Oldfield played it so well, because she not only followed, but often set, the fashion.
Página 21 - ... trod on; such eyes to their laps, that no chips light in them ; such pillows to their backs, that they take no hurt; such masking in their ears, I know not what; such giving them pippins, to pass the time; such playing at foot-saunt without cards ; such ticking, such toying, such smiling, such winking, and such manning them home when the sports are ended...
Página 48 - I went to visit my brother in London ; and, next day, to see a new opera", after the Italian way, in recitative music and scenes, much inferior to the Italian composure and magnificence ; but it was prodigious that in a time of such public consternation such a vanity should be kept up, or permitted. I, being engaged with company, could not decently resist the going to see it, though my heart smote me for it.

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