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my endeavours, and must my Soul be starved ? I have a Soul that cannot dye, and must not dye, and must shortly appear before God's Tribunal, and shall not I study its safety and happiness as much as I am able? Lord God! should Death arrest me before I have made my Calling and Election sure, how fearful, how wretched would my condition be? Should it fall to my share to howl in outward darkness, how should I curse the day when first I saw the Light? How should I cry out, Let the day perish wherein I was born, and the night in which it was said, There is a Man-Child conceived ; let that day be darkness, let not God regard it from above, neither let the Light shine upon it. Let Darkness and the fedom of Death stain it. Let a Cloud dwell upon it. Let the blackness of the day terrifie it. Should those Tortures the Damned feel be inflieted upon me, how should I wish that I had liv'd all my days in Deserts and Wildernesses, and spent my whole time in praying and praising of God, and given all my Goods to the Poor, and liv'd upon Bread and Water, and undergone the greatest hardships and severities ; outpray'd a Saint, and out fasted a Hermit, rather than ventur'd my soul in so flight a bottom, as worldly-mindedness must neceffärily be. Oh! how should I wish, that like the Gadarenes Hogs, I had leap'd into the Sea rather, than run into excess of Riot, and precipitated my self into boyling Caldrons, rather than into the Adulterous Bed, receiv'd burning Coals into my Bo

, Rome, some, rather than Partners of my Lusts into my arms, and broiled in Aames sooner, than in the unhallowed Passions, that have brought down Fire and Brimstone on my Folly ! Should that burning Lakebe my habitation for ever. O how I should imprecate all my merry Companions chac did allure me to run with them into Folly and Vanity! O how I should wish that my Eyes had never seen them; that my Ears had never heard their names ; that my tongue had been torn into a thousand pieces, when first it entertain'd Discourse with them; that my Arms had been cut off, when they embrac'd those pleasures, which like Syrens cheat men into misery and calamity! O how I should curse the place where my Sins were committed, the persons that occasion'd them, the hour that ever I thought of them ! O how I should wish that I had improv'd those opportunities I do now make light of, and believed Mofes and the Prophets that gave me warning, and turn'd to God, while the doors of Grace stood open, and applied my self to the Ministers of the Gospel, and taken directions from them what I must do to be fav'd ! How should the possibility of such misery fright and terrifie me into watchfulness and seriousness? Is not Eternity more to me, than a moment of time? Can that Gold and Silver I enjoy, and do so much prize and adore, be any motive to the great Judge of Life and Death to absolve me? Can the pleasures of Sin be antidotes against Sin? or my Jollities procure a Pardon in that day, when God shall Judge men according to

D 3


the Gospel? What makes me thus stupid, that I should forego the Milk and Honey of Canaan, for the pitiful Garlicks and Onions of Ægypt? Doth God promise me Purple Robes, and thall I take up with course, and ill wrought Stuff? Dath God offer me a Royal Seat, and shall I prefer a Shepherd's Tent before it? What Devil dobi potless me, that I should prefer Dancing and Revelling for a few hours, before endless joy? Where is my reason? What's become of my understanding? Am I bewitch'd, befotted, beguild, that I Thould believe a few flattering motions of Flesh and Blood, before all the O. racles and Infpirations of the Holy Ghost? Are there such things or no? I do believe there are, why then am I not more affected with them? Can there be any thing more reasonable than Christ's Precepts? What is there in them that should discourage me? If God had commanded severer Tasks , is not Heaven recompence enough? If the Prophet bad bid me do some great thing, would not. I have done it, how much rather then, when he faith unto me, Wajha and be clean? I that forbear the greatest Delicacies, shun the choicest Dainties, will not be tempted to eat of the most palatable Dish, when I am sensible it will bring upon me the pain either of Colick or Strangury; Nay, 1 that lying under a raging painful Distemper, wish my felf a Beggar, or ihe poorelt Body alive, and would be content tortoop to the meanest Offices, so I might be but freed from the Malady which torments me :


Can I scruple to obey these Laws, when it is to avoid an eternity of pain and flames? Was not Dives as stubborn as I can be? and, have 'not I reason to believe, if he were on Earth again, he would think the Law of Charity the easielt, and the reasonableft Law imaginable? Have not I reason to believe he would go beyond Zach&us, leave himself but just enough to live on, and study how to do good with the rest ? Have not I reason to believe, that the Laws of Christ would seem very facile and practicable to him? Can I think he would say, Alittle more sleep, and a little more slumber, and delay bis obedience ? He that hath felt the misery of another World, would think nothing too good, nothing too dear, nothing too costly, to sacrifice to him who is the King immortal, invisible, blessed for evermore. O how glad would he be, that God would accept of it! That God would smell the sweet favour, and cast a gracious look upon it! God that gave me these Laws, and hath entail'd everlasting bliss on my sincere obedience, certainly knew best what was fit and expedient for me ; and he that is acquainted with my sitting down, and mine uprising, and had a hand in my frame, can I think he would prescribe me any thing prejudicial to my happiness? These Precepts, as they are effects of the greatest wisdom, so they cannot but be highly beneficial, and promote my Spiritual interest, for they drop from a God that's infinitely good, as well as infinitely wise ; so that not to submit to them, is, not only to stand in my own light, and to D4


hinder my Soul from its proper food and nou. rishment, but to make my felf wiser than the Almighty, and to extol my reason above bis Omniscience, and to accuse his immense Wifdom of rashness and "folly ? and, Shall I add blaí. phemy to my disobedience ? Am I afraid God is not enrag'd enough against me, or that his Anger is not red enough? Shall I throw Brimstone into the flame, to make that consuming fire more terrible? Is it such a pleasure to have God my Foe? Is it such a satisfaction to have him, that can destroy both Soul and Body into Hell, for my Adversary ? Such Labyrinths, such Inconveniences do I cast my self into by my finful life; and, Are these encouragements to con. tinue in it? Is this the Wedding Garment I may triumph in ? Shall I fing in Chains, rejoice in Ferters, glory in my Shackles, be proud of the Devil's Service, boast of my Slavery? When is it that I intend to be clean? Shall I delay it one moment longer, that know not but I may be in Hell before the Clock doth strike again ? Dull blockish heart, What dost thou mean? Dost thou see, how all these outward things do fade, and leave the Owners miserable, and wilt thou take no warning? Dost thou fee, how Judas droops, though his Purse be full of Money, and Cain trembles, though he is Master of a spacious Country? Dost not thou see how their hearts fail them for fear, because they have not made God their Friend? Look down into the fatal Gulph, Dost thog stand upon the Brink of de


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