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too voluminous for the Pocket, which the
smaller Editions of Milton's Works so agreeably
fill. It was therefore proposed to the Writer
of this Preface, some time since, by a Gen-
tleman deservedly of the first Character in the
learned World, to compile a short and com-
prehensive Explanation of the difficult Words
and Passages in Milton's poetical Works, di-
gested in Alphabetical Order ; which might
serve to the common Reader, instead of
more diffuse Comments ; and might be to
all a portable and familiar Attendant upon
this inimitable Author.

· Pleased with the Proposal, he readily em-
braced it: But other and more necessary
Avocations preventing his Completion of
the Design, he commended it to the Gentle-
man who hath now executed it, and, as it
appears, with good Judgment and Propriety.

The Explanation of mere Words are ge-
nerally taken from Mr. Johnson's very use-
ful Dictionary, and that in reference only
to the Sense wherein Milton applies them :


P R E FACE. vir
For the rest, he hath used, with all Freedom,
the Comments and Notes of those Writers,
who have dedicated their Time to the pleas-
ing Employ of explaining the Works of this
Prince of English Poets ; in particular he
confesses himself obliged to the excellent
Edition of this Author, which the Care
and Elegance of Dr. Newton hath presented
to the Public. No Lover of Milton would
want this Edition, and no Lover of Milton
can withold his Thanks from that learned
and ingenious Editor... ; ;

· He harh studied Brevity as much as pos-
Gble in thefe explanatory Notes; yet, he
hopes, not so much as to become obfcure :
It would have been extremely easy to have
enlarged the Work, by frequent Quotations,
and long Details of particular Stories : But
he wished to avoid this, as the Notes ara
intended always to accompany the Author.---
And the rather, as it was judged proper ta
affix Mr. Addison's inimitable Critique to the
Work; by which Means it is rendered, ini
some Measure' perfect. Mr. Addison's Pa-


the Graces of the British Homer, 'they will do well to put this little Work into their Hands; and thereby give them an Opportunity to understand what they read. The fair Sex in particular will receive great Advantages from it; and with the fair Sex that Milton can never fail to be a Favourite, who hath so pleasingly described the Happiness of conjugal Affection, « Perpetual Fountain of domestic Sweets.

I have nothing more to add, than that having perused the Work, I have received great Pleasure from it, and can recommend it with much satisfaction. While I am de. fired to say on the Part of our Compiler, that had he been less obscure, or had the Work been more worthy, he should not long have hesitated under whose Patronage to publish it: the learned Editor above menz tioned having so good a right to it.

August, 1761.


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