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By George W. Warder. I have read the book with pleasure and instruction."

CHAUNCY M. DEPEW. “ The book is the best exposition of the physics and metaphysics of the universe I have ever read.” WM. C. BOTELER, M. D. (Editor and proprietor of “ The North American Medical Review.") Washington, D. C.

" It is intensely interesting and instructive. I am inclined to accept its theories, and believe they will finally prevail and revolutionize scientific thought. Have read it three times." DR. M. L. TAYLOR. (Scientist, Washington, D. C.)

“I have read your book with much pleasure. Whether your theories are all accepted or not you have rendered a service to the world by affording so much food for thought, and directing attention to the important subjects of which you treat.” COL. F. F. HILDER. (Bureau of Ethnology. Washington, D. C.)

“ Col. Warder's book has attracted gratifying attention among literary and scientific people. His theory of electrical creation has been fully discussed and approved by many scientific men, and his new publication, “Invisible Light,” will give the critics and scientists something new to puzzle over." - The World. Kansas City, Oct. 18, 1899.

“ He presents the most advanced theories concerning modern science, and claims they are not antagonistic to the Mosaic Scriptures. Every page abounds with polished diction, and glowing imagery, and his thoughts are equal to the best of the world's greatest thinkers." -- The Constitution. Chillicothe, Mo.

“Perhaps no writer on a scientific subject has quite equaled Colonel Warder in boldness of treatment, and characteristic imagery of presentment. He repudiates the law of gravity, and adopts electricity as the evolving force in Creation, and proclaims the sun to be inhabited.”—The Kansas City Journal.

• He claims electricity is the medium and agency of Creative power in the evolution of the universe. That the sun is inhabitable, and the spiritual centre and promised heaven of the Solar System. The reader will be forced to admit that he furnishes good proof for all his assertions.”—The Kansas City Mail.

“He holds there are only three elemental substances in nature, spirit, electricity and matter. Matter is controlled by electricity, and electricity is controlled by spirit intelligence. That in discovering electricity man has found the working force of Deity, and uses it in all fields of human effort. The arguments are convincing, and the book attractive and entertaining."-The Kansas City Star.

Beautifully Bound in Cloth, $1.25.

G. W. Dillingham Co., Publishers, New York.


Cities of the Sun





“ Ignorance is the curse of God, but knowledge is the

wing wherewith we fly to heaven."--Shakespeare.

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