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lates, President of Middlebury College, Anatomy, John B. DavidGE, M.D. Vermont. The Honorary Degree of Theory and Practice of Medicine, N. Doctor of Laws, on the Hon. JOHN POTTER, M. D. TRUMBULI. Judge of the Superior Court Chemistry, E. DE BUTTS, M. D. of Connecticut.

Materia Medica, SAMUEL BAKER, At the anniversary Commencement of M. D. the College of New-Jersey, held in Principles and Practice of Surgery, Princeton on Wednesday the 30th Sep- W. Givson, M. D. tember, the Honorary Degree of Master Midwifery, and the Diseases of Women of Arts was conferred on Jous B. BECK, and Children, R. W. HALL, M. D. Dr. CHARLES D. MEIGS, the Rev. ROBERT Institutes of Physic, M. M.DOWEL. E. B. MI’LEOD, the Rev. FREDERICK M. D. CHRISTIAN SCHAEFFER, the Rev.SAMUEL NEW-YORK LYCEUM OF H. Cox, and JAMES S. GREEN, Esq. of New York. The degree of Doctor of Laws was

At a recent session of this society, the cunferred on the Hon. JOSEPH HOPKIN- Rev. F. C. SCHAEFFER laid on the table son late of Philadelphia, the Hon. DANIEL specimens of quarter crystals, whose inWEBSTER of Boston, and Dr. David

ternal cavitics are filled with water and HosAcK of New-York.

air. Minute dark substances, which he The degree of Doctor of Divinity was

supposes to be bitumen, are observed

He discovered cunferred on the Rev. ROBERT G. Wil- floating on the water. Son, of Chilicothe, Ohio, and the Rev. these remarkable crystals in the fissures JAMES Kidd, professor of Oriental Lan- of a schistose rock åt Hudson, Columbia

They are probably gnages in the Marischal College and county, New-York. University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

the first crystals with such appearances, that have been discovered in the United

States. The College of Physicians and Sur

NEW-YORK HISTORICAL SOCIETY. geons, of the University of the state of New York, commenced the annual

The valuable library of this institution course of lectures, for the ensuing win- daily increases in importance. The soter, on the first Monday in this month, at ciety has now a plan in contemplation to the College iu Barclay-street.

render the library more generally accesDr. Hosack on the Theory and Pracsible and useful to our citizens, and to tice of Physic, and on Midwifery and the strangers. Diseases of Women and Children.

Dr. Post on Anatomy, Physiology, and The Directors of the Academy of the Surgery.

Fine Arts, beg leave to submit to the Dr. MACNEVEN on Chemistry, and the public the following statement:Materia Medica.

That, the ultimatc object of this AcaDr. MITCHILI, on Natural History, in- demy is, the gratuitous education of young cluding Botapy, Mineralogy, and Zoology. men in the knowledge of the several arts

Dr. HAMERSLEY on the Clinical Prace of Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, and tice of Medicine.

Engraving Dr. Mort on the Principles and Prac- That, the Academy possesses copies in tice of Surgery

plaster, of those celebrated works of the Dr. FRANCIS on the Institutes of Me- ancient sculptors, which have been aldicine and on Medical Jurisprudence. Dr. DE WITT on Natural Philosophy.

ways regarded as the highest efforts of huinan genius, and which form the basis

of study in all the academies of Europe. The Medical Lectures commenced on

That, it is their intention, as fast as the first Monday in this month.

their funds will permit, to procure also Anatomy, Dr. Dorsey.

specimens of the works of the most emiSurgery, Dr. Physick.

nent painters, as well modern as ancient, Practice of Physic, Dr. CAAPMAN.

to serve as examples to students. Materia Medica, Dr. Coxe.

That, already nine young persons are Midwifery, Dr. JAMES.

admitted as students, who (without the Chemistry, Dr. HARE.

payment of any fee) are occupied in draw

ing, under the direction of the keeper, at UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND.

the hours prescribed by the rules of the The Medical Lectures were to com- academy; and that several of these stumence on the last Monday in last month. dents are making uncommon progress,




That, all instruction is intended to be attract their attention, and to which they given gratis; and no qualification or re- invite the view of the public. commmendation is requisite to procure

1. Our metals and minerals generally, the admission of a student, other than including petrifactions. some previous elementary knowledge, a 2. Our indigenous animals, embracing disposition to assiduous study, good moral the rernains of those which are now excharacter and obedience to the regula- tinct. tions of the Academy.

3. The relies of the unknown people That, the Academy possess, no other who constructed the ancient works of funds than what arise from voluntary con- the Western Country. tributions and from their exhibitions.

4. The various articles manufactured That, these sources have hitherto proved for ornament or use, by the present sainadequate to the construction of such vage tribes. apartments as are indispensably necessary

THE ROTUNDA. to the successful accomplishment of their

The ceat edifice at the north-east corobject.

ner of the Park in Chamber-street, in That, in conjunction with the other so. cieties, to whom the corporation of the crowded with visitors. The present pa

this city, is completed, opened, and city have most liberally assigned the build- noramic exhibition is a view of the interioz. ing now occupied by them, they have of the city of Paris, by the celebrated caused architectural plans to be prepared, Barker, taken from the south wing of the showing the proposed improvements, in the exterior as well as the interior of the picturesque display of the magnificence

palace of the Thuilleries, presenting a building and which are calculated to

and extent of that city, render the whole an ornament to the city. That, whoever sees the painting of the the View,” we copy the following

From the pamphlet “ Explanation of Declaration of Independence in its present situation, will be immediately con

" Mr. VANDERLYN would have been vinced that the exhibition room is utterly happy to have opened the Rotunda with upfit for its purpose-the effect of the

a production of his own pencil; but the painting being obviously diminished by the badness of the cross lights, while the prompt support of the subscribers having

contributed to raise the building before pier in the middle of the room occupies his utmost exertious could complete bis precisely that space which ought to be picture, it was due to such liberality to occupied by the spectators.

The Directors have thought it right to occupy the building with some suitable avail themselves of this opportunity to call subject until his own could be ready. the attention of their fellow citizens to cations of such an establishment, neces

A first attempt to organise the ramifithis subject, and to solicit from them such patronage as will enable them to execute sarily contends with delays and dificul.

ties, which we believe are now nearly the proposed improvements--to foster rising genius and to render this school surmounted, and its patrons may now an honour to the city of New-York, and subjects for exhibition, calculated to de

count upon a continued succession of to the nation. The architectural drawings of the pro

Ligbt the eye, and inform the mind. posed alterations will be hung up in the this establishment embraces, suffice it to

Unable at present to explain the plan exhibition room, and a subscription paper say, Mr. VANDERLYN will spare no pains placed upon the table to which the atten

or exertions to deserve encouragement ; tion of the visitors is respectfully re

and hopes at least to manifest his lively

sense of the munificence of the CorpoDAVID HOSACK, CHARLES KING, Committee.

ration, and liberality of his fellow citiJAMES RENWICK,

zens, who have aided bim in founding a. PANORAMIC ROTUNDA.”

TRUMBULL'S GREAT NATIONAL PAINTING. A number of the citizens of Cincinna- A picture painted by Col. TRUMBULL, ti have recently instituted a Society for by order of the Government of the United the collection, preservation, exhibition, States, and to be placed in the capitol ; and illustration of natural and artificial representing the DECLARATION OF ÍNDEcuriosities, particularly those of the Wes- PENDENCE: and containing portraits of tern Country. They intend to form a forty-seven of the Members present in permanent Museum. The following are Congress on that memorable occasion, is the classes of objects that will especially with permission of Government, now sub.



mitted to the view of the public. It is 40. Oliver Wolcott,

do. exhibited in the gallery of the New-Yerk 41. John Hancock, President, Mass. Academy of Arts, at the Institution. The 42. Charles Thompson, Secretary, Penn. canvass measures eighteen by twelve 43. George Read, Delaware. feet. Of the forty-seven portraits, thirty- 44. John Dickerson, do. seven were painted from the life, by Col. 45. Edward Rutledge, South-Carolina. Trumbull. This splendid painting repre- 46. Thomas M'Kean, Pennsylvania. sents the Congress at the moment when 47. Philip Livingston, New-York. the Committee, THOMAS JEFFERSON, Perpetual Motion. It appears that JOHN Adams, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, REDHEIFER has not yet relinquished his ROGER SHERMAN, and ROBERT R. pretensions to the discovery of perpetual LIVINGSTON, advance to the table of motion. He is engaged in preparing a President HANCOCK, to make their re- very expensive and beautiful machine, port, which contained the Declaration of by which he means to demonstrate the Independence.

principles of his discovery. The colonel has issued proposals for Steam-boat James Ross. This fine publishing a Print from the original pic- specimen of naval architecture was ture, to be engraved by one of the most launched at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and eminent artists in Europe.

is the largest boat that has appeared on The following is a list of the Portraits ; the western waters. She measures 150

feet keel. the numbers opposite to the names refer

Canals. Five thousand men, and two to the outline of the Heads, which is

thousand oxen and horses, are now at placed under the Painting as a Key.

work on the western and northern canals. 1. George Wythe, Virginia.

Iron Foundry. In an iron foundry 2. William Whipple, New-Hampshire. at Cincinnati, Ohio, eighty hands are 3. Josiah Bartlett,


employed. The iron work and engines 4. Thomas Lynch, jun. South-Carolina. for seven steam-boats are now making at 5. Benjamin Harrison, Virginia. this establishment. 6. Richard Henry Lee, do.

Chain Cable. Ninety fathoms of chain 7. Samuel Adams, Massachusetts. cable was completed at the Navy-Yard, 8. George Clinton, New-York. Washington, in twenty days, for the fri9. William Paca, Maryland.

gate Congress. This was accomplished 10. Samuel Chase, do.

by the aid of a patent twisting machine, 11. Lewis Morris, New-York.

invented by Mr. BENJAMIN King. One 12. William Floyd, do.

man worked the machine. 13. Arthur Middleton, South-Carolina. American Canvass. By order of the 14. Thomas Heyward, jun. do. Navy Commissioners, a fair test has been 15, Charles Carrol, Maryland.

made of the comparative durability of 16. George Walton, Georgia.

American and Russia canvass, and it has 17. Robert Morris, Pennsylvania. resulted in a clear demonstration of the 18. Thomas Willing, do.

superiority of our own fabric. A prefer19. Benjamin Rush, do.

ence is therefore given to our canvass for 20. Elbridge Gerry, Massachusetts. the public service. 21. Robert Treat Paine, do.

Important Expedition. An expedition 22. Abraham Clark, New-Jersey. under the command of Major Long, is 23. Stephen Hopkins, Rhode-Island. about to be despatched by our Govern24. William Ellery,


ment, to explore the head waters of the 25. George Clymer, Pennsylvania. Missouri. A number of scientific gentle26. William Hooper, North-Carolina. men are to accompany the expedition. 27. Joseph Hewes, do.

A steam-boat is preparing for their use at 28. James Wilson, Pennsylvania. St. Louis. 29. Francis Hopkinson, New Jersey. Navigation ; Coal.

Great progress 30. John Adams, Massachusetts. has been made in improving the naviga31. Roger Sherman, Connecticut. tion of the river Lehigh. Coals from 32. Robert R. Livingston, New-York. that river are expected to arrive at Phi33. Thomas Jefferson, Virginia.

ladelphia this season. 34. Benjamin Franklin, Pennsylvania. Agricultural Societies; Cattle Shows. 35. Richard Stockton, New-Jersey. Agricultural Societies, in various parts 36. Francis Lewis, New-York.

of the United States, have recently had 37. John Witherspoon, New-Jersey. their anniversary meetings. From the 38. Samuel Huntington, Connecticut. results it appears that great attention is 39. William Williams, do.

paid to rural economy; and that agricul. ture and domestic manufactures are daily Mr. I. W. WAITTAKER, of St. John's improving. At the late meetings many College, Cambridge, has in the press a ladies have obtained premiums for their Critical Examination of Mr. BELLAMY's laudable exertions in the useful arts. Their translation of Genesis : comprising a repatriotism and industry deserve the high- futation of his calumnies against the Engest praise.

lish translation of the Bible

F. STROMEYER, Professor of Theoretic

and Experimental Chemistry, Chemical Recently published in England. A Analysis, Practical Chemistry and Phar. Universal History, in 24 books, translat- macy, &c. at Göttingen University, has ed from the German of JOAN VAN MUL- discovered another new metal, to which

This work is not a mere compen- he has given the name of Cadmium. This dium of Universal History, but contains he found in examining the sublimate which a philosophical inquiry into the moral, and concretes in the chimnies of the Zinc more especially the political causes which furnaces of Saxony, known to chemists have given rise to the most important re- by the name of Cadmia fornacum. volutions in the history of the human race.






American Bible Society. At an ordination held in Christ Church, in Duanesburgh, N. Y. on Thursday the As some Bible Institutions, having pro. 10th of September last, by the Right Rev. fessedly other objects, in addition to that Bishop HOBART, the Rev. N. F. BRUCE, of promoting the diffusion of the Sacred Deacon, was admitted to the order of Scriptures, have recently declared themPriests; and Messrs. C. M'CABE, and In- selves auxiliary to the American Bible SoTREPID MORSE, to the order of Deacons. ciety, evidently under an incorrect im.

The Presbytery of Jersey held their pression of the principles upon which semi-annual meeting in October, at Eli- they could be admitted as such; and as zabethtown. Six young men were licens- others, in distant places, may, in like ed to preach the gospel. Several are manner, be formed under the same mispreparing for their licenciate.

taken views, the Board of Managers deem On Thursday the 8th October, at Christ it advisable publicly to make known, that Church in Philadelphia, the Rev. Na- by the first Article of the Constitution of TRANAEL BOWEN, D. D. was consecrat- the American Bible Society, it is declared to the office of Bishop, for the diocese ed, that its “ sole object shall be to enof South-Carolina, by the Right Rev. Bi. courage a wider circulation of the Holy shop WAITE, of Pennsylvania, as presid- Scriptures, without note or comment;" ing Bishop, assisted by Bishop HOBART, and that conformably to the third Article of New-York; KEMP, of Maryland ; and of the same Constitution, the privileges CROES, of New-Jersey.

of an Auxiliary can be granted to such An elegant Upitarian, or First Inde- Societies only, as“

agree to place their pendent Church, has been lately erected surplus revenue, after supplying their own in Baltimore, under the superintendence districts with Bibles, at the disposal of this of GODEFROY. It is said that this superb Society.” These being fundamental prinedifice will compare with any public build- ciples, and considered of vital importance ing in the United States.

to the National Society, the Managers The Governor of Pennsylvania has re- deem them especially necessary to form commended the nineteenth inst. to be ob- the basis of that connexion, by which served throughout that state as a day of other Bible Societies can be associated Thanksgiving and Prayer. The Govern- with them on the footing of auxiliarios, or of Massachusetts has set apart the third and be entitled to the privileges arising day of December next, to be also observed from that connexion. for that purpose, throughout that Com- The Managers therefore think it promonwealth.

per to state, that no Society shall be conIn October, the Rev. GEORGE KEELY sidered as having become an auxiliary, was inducted into the office of Pastor of until it shall have officially communicated the Baptist Church and Society, in Hla- to the Board, that its sole object is to proverhill, Massachusetts.

mote the circulation of the Holy Scriptures, without note or comment; and that mone redditum, interprete Theodoro Beit will place its surplus revenue, after sup- za, et jam ultimo ab eo recognitum; cui plying its own district with the Scriptures, ex adverso additur ejusdem Novi Testaat the disposal of the American Bible So- menti, ex vetutissimâ translatione Syrå ciety, as long as it shall remain thus con-, Latina translatio Immanuelis Tremellii, nected with it.

conjuncta notis ad linguæ et rerum intelN. B. Bibles and Testaments are sold ligentiam ; Franciscus Junius recensuit, by the Society, to all Bible Societies not' auxit, illustravitque. Francofurdi, apud the estimated cost prices ;

Claudium Marnium et Joannem Aubrium; 2017 to Auxiliary Societies, at five per et Genevæ, apud Joannem Fornæsium. cept, discount, from the said prices. 8vo. MDXC. In tomo uno religata. Donations to the Biblical Library, Aug.

2. By the same 1818.


Francois selon l'edition vulgate, avec les 1. Presented by Gen. Chauncey Whit- differences du Grec; nouvelle et derniere Hlésey, of Middletown, Connecticut edition, revue et corrigee trés exacte.

BIBLIA SACRA-Vetus Testamentum, in ment. 12mo. A Mons. chez Gaspard quartis partibus, Latinum recens ex He- Migeo.-MDCLXXIII. Avec privilege brew factum, brevibusque scholiis, ad et approbation. verborum interpretationem verumque me- 3. By Mr. James Eastburnthodum pertinentibus, illustratum, ab Im- English Bible, quarto, black letter, manuele Tremellio et Francisco Junio:- printed by Christopher Barber, 1580, with Libri Apocryphi, sive Appendix Testa- two right profitable, and fruitful concordmenti Veteris ad Canonem priscæ Ecclesæ adjecta, Latinaque recens e Græco By Mr. Gaius Ferm. sermone facta, et notis brevibus illustrata, English Bible, quarto, London, printper Franciscum Junium :--Testamentum ed by Robert Barber, 1611, with the Novum e Græco archetypo, Latino ser- Psalms in metre, 2 tunes.




Ferdinand, of SPAIN, is making great THI THE political aspect of GREAT BRI- exertions to induce the allied powers to

TAIN AND IRELAND has undergone assist him to reduce the South Americans no recent change. The discontented to submission. A note delivered by the manufacturers of Manchester have not cabinet of Madrid to the Allied Soveryet returned quietly to their occupations, eigns on the 12th June last, contains the but the general condition of the country following bases of negociation in regard is represented to be prosperous:

The to the South American provinces. A public revenue for the year 1818 is stated general amnesty for all insurgents as soon to exceed that for the year 1817 by as they have submitted. 2. Admission of $8,000,000 The British navy, also, is Americans, of proper qualifications, to all said to be in better condition for service; employments in common with the Euroand to contain a greater proportion of pean Spaniards. 3. A commercial regufirst rate men of war now, than at any lation of these provinces with foreign former period.

States upon free principles, and conformIn FRANCE, the government appears to able with the present political situation of be preparing for the evacuation of the these countries and Europe. 4. A sinarmy of occupation. A decree has been cere disposition, on the part of his Catho. issued for the enrolment of 80,000 men in lic Majesty, to promote all the measures, the different departments, from which which, in the course of the negociations, 40,000 were to be detailed for active ser- may be proposed to him by the allies, vice, and distributed among the 86 legions and may be compatible with his rights of the monarchy. It is stated that the and dignity. The negociation, on the French ministry have determined on ex- above bases, is expected to take place at cluding from the ports of France the Bu- the Congress about to assemble at Aix la enos Ayrean armed vessels, but admitting Chapelle. merchantmen, under that flag. The grain In GERMANY, the centre of popular ircrop in France has been short, on account ritation appears to be Saxony; both king of the general drought.

and people are vehement in their com

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