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Miss Waring I thank for the very kind manner in which she has allowed me twelve hymns or portions of hymns ; and Miss Grace Warrack, for fourteen passages from her sympathetic rendering of the beautiful words of Julian the Anchoress.

To Mr. H. G. Wells I owe thanks for two extracts from A Modern Utopia”; to the Rev. P. H. Wicksteed, for three from his “ Studies in Theology; and to Mr. W. B. Yeats, for eight poems or parts of poems.

Among the relations and friends of authors I have pleasure in thanking Mrs. Robert Barbour for kindly allowing me two passages from Mr. Barbour's letters ; the representative of Miss J. E. A. Brown for eight poems in “ From Advent to All Saints”; the family of Miss E. Rachel Chapman for two sonnets from “ A Little Child's Wreath”; Mr. Coleridge for a poem by Miss M. E. Coleridge ; Mrs. Dixon for two selections from “Christ's Company”; and the families of Mr. D. MackworthDolben, the Rev. T. T. Lynch and Dr. George MacDonald for poems by these writers. Miss Martineau has kindly allowed me four selections from Dr. Martineau's “Hours of Thought”; and Miss Christabel Massey, a hymn by her father. Mrs. Moberley has consented to my including five passages from “Atonement and Personality"; and Mrs. Max Müller has kindly allowed me seven from “ Thoughts on Life and Religion,” a collection of Professor Max Müller's writings arranged by herself. For eight poems or parts of poems by Mr. Frederic W. H. Myers I am indebted to the kindness of Mrs. Myers ; and for thirteen selections in prose and verse from Mr. Coventry Patmore’s works, to that of Mrs. Patmore. Mr. Dakyns has given permission for four poems by Mr. T. E. Brown; and the trustees of Mr. William Morris, for poems from Love is Enough.” The authorities of Balliol College have generously allowed me many selections from the Life and the Sermons of Professor Jowett, and, with the delegates of the Clarendon Press, to whom also I express my thanks, quotations from


Professor Jowett's Introduction to the " Dialogues of
Plato," and a translation from The Republic.” These
are taken from the five volume edition of The Dialogues
(3rd ed.). The Clarendon Press has also kindly allowed
me passages from The Cambridge Platonists.'

When I turn to publishers I must speak first of the large and generous kindness of Messrs. Macmillan, who have allowed me, asking nothing in payment, of the still copyright poems of Lord Tennyson, selections from Akbar's Dream,” “Gareth and Lynette,and The Ancient Sage," and four complete poems, “Doubt and Prayer," “God and the Universe," "The Dawnand Crossing the Bar; also four poems by “A. E.” (“The Divine Vision”), four by Matthew Arnold, four by T. E. Brown (“Collected Poems,” 1900), one by Francis Lucas (“Sketches of Rural Life”), and one by Christina Rossetti. They have allowed me nine prose extracts from “ Marius the Epicurean” by Walter Pater, five from “ John Inglesant ” by J. H. Shorthouse, four from The More Abundant Life" by Phillips Brooks, and one from “ A Little Pilgrim in the Unseen" by Mrs. Oliphant; also a poem from The Greater Glory" by Maarten Maartens.

Messrs. Longman have kindly obtained and confirmed to me the consent of Col. Higginson, of the trustees of William Morris, of Mr. William Scott Palmer, and of Father Tyrrell ; and have allowed me the use of copyright poems by Jean Ingelow (Complete Edition, 1902).

Messrs. Murray very kindly confirm the consent of Mr. A. C. Benson for passages from “ The Thread of Gold,” of Mr. Haldane, of the Rev. W. R. Inge, and of Mrs. Moberley; and allow me four selections from Professor Jowett's “Commentary on the Epistle to the Thessalonians.”

Messrs. Methuen have allowed me to use selections from the “Spiritual Guide” of Molinos (Library of Devotion); and confirmed the kind permission of Mr. Rudyard Kipling for two poems, and of the Rev. W. R.

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Inge, Sir Oliver Lodge, and Miss Grace Warrack for prose selections.

I have to thank Messrs. J. M. Dent & Co. for confirming the permissions given by Mr. Gilbert Chesterton, Mr. William Canton, and the Rev. P. H. Wicksteed; and for allowing me to include three of the Hymns of Prudentius translated by R. Martin Pope.

Mr. John Lane I have to thank for confirming the permission of A. E." for poems from Homeward Songs by the Way," and of Mr. A. C. Benson for two from "Lyrics"; also for one poem by William Watson.

Messrs. Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co. have allowed me three poems from Pearls of the Faith” by Sir Edwin Arnold, five parts of poems by Mrs. Hamilton King, and a selection from James Hinton's “Mystery of Pain.” Mr. Fisher Unwin has kindly allowed me three poems by A. Mary F. Robinson, and part of a poem by George Santayana ; and has confirmed the permission of Mr. W. B. Yeats for four poems.

Messrs. Chatto & Windus have given me two poems from Volume II. of the Poetical Works of Dr. George MacDonald; also a poem from “Underwoods” and one from “Songs of Travel,and a prose selection from Æs Triplex(“Virginibus Puerisque") by Robert Louis Stevenson. Messrs. Archibald Constable & Co. have allowed me three poems or portions of poems by George Meredith, and have confirmed Mrs. Max Müller's kind permission. I have to thank Messrs. James Maclehose & Sons for nine passages from Principal Caird's Gifford Lectures, and for five from The Evolution of Religion” by Dr. Edward Caird (late Master of Balliol College) ; and The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge for nine of Christina Rossetti's “ Verses; also for confirming Miss Waring's permission for hymns.

The Walter Scott Publishing Company have allowed me a poem by W. E. Henley, and another by R. Wilton from “Ballades and Rondeaus” (Canterbury


Poets, Is. edition). (The two poems by George MacDonald, and the Rondel by Arthur Symons are contained in the same book.)

I have to thank Messrs. George Allen & Sons for six selections from Maeterlinck’s “ Treasure of the Humble”; Messrs. Allenson for poems from Carmina Crucis" and prose from “Colloquia Crucisby Dora Greenwell; Messrs. George Bell & Sons for extracts from a copyright edition of Long's Marcus Aurelius ; Messrs. Burns & Oates for two poems by Faber ; Mr. Bertram Dobell for a poem by Thomas Traherne ; Messrs. Headley Brothers for confirming the permission of Professor Rufus Jones ; Messrs. Hodder & Stoughton for fourteen selections from Dr. George Adam Smith's “ Book of Isaiah”; Messrs. Hurst & Blackett for a few words from “Sir Gibbie,” by George MacDonald ; Mr. Thomas Law for a passage from “ The Guiding Hand of God,” by Rendel Harris ; Messrs. Sampson, Low & Co. for ten extracts from Hitherto,by A. D. T. Whitney; Mr. Elkin Matthews for four poems by W. B. Yeats ("The Wind among the Reeds"); Messrs. Nisbet & Co. for selections from “Hymns of Tersteegen, Suso and Others,translated by Frances Bevan ; Sir I. Pitman & Sons for a poem by S. Williams; Messrs. Smith, Elder & Co. for confirming Mr. A. C. Benson's kind permission for a passage from The Upton Letters"; and Mr. Elliott Stock for six selections from J. W. Farquhar's “Gospel of Divine Humanity."

Among American Publishers my chief thanks are given to Messrs. Houghton, Mifflin & Co., who have allowed me a poem by Alice Cary, two by Helen Gray Cone, one by Charles Henry Crandall, one by William Dean Howells, one by Ellen Mackay Hutchinson, two by Caroline Atherton Mason, one by T. W. Parsons, one by Edna Dean Proctor, two by E. Rowland Sill, two by Edith Matilda Thomas, and two by Adeline D. Train Whitney.

To Messrs. Little, Brown & Co. I owe four poems by


Susan Coolidge, two by Helen Hunt Jackson, and three by Louise Chandler Moulton. To Messrs. C. Putnam's Sons, a poem by D. C. Dandridge, and two by Walt Whitman. To Messrs. Charles Scribner's Sons, four poems by Sidney Lanier (ed. 1884), and one by Julia C. R. Dorr, which appeared in their magazine (Poems; copyright, 1879, 1885, 1892).

Messrs. D. Appleton & Co. have kindly allowed me three quotations from Professor Royce's “Studies of Good and Evil”; and Messrs. Harper & Brothers, part of a poem by Horatio Nelson Powers ; they also confirm the kind consent of Mrs. Margaret Deland.

I have to take as kindly given the consent of Mr. Richard Burton, Miss K. E. Conway, and Mr. E. T. Campagnac, as I have not been able to hear from them. The Century Company has given me permission to include part of Mr. Burton's “ Ultimate Nation,” which was published in their magazine,—but I should have liked to be certain of his own approval.

In one or two other instances I have not known how to obtain the consent of authors, and in such cases I must ask them, if they should see this book, to forgive my inclusion of their words, and to receive my

thanks. I must ask kind indulgence if through inadvertence I have omitted any acknowledgment that may still be due.

I wish here to express my warm thanks to the Rev. W. Garrett Horder for the valuable help he has given me about American copyrights, and also to acknowledge my debt to his delightful Treasury of American Sacred Song," from which many of the American poems are taken.

Lastly, I should like to acknowledge the willing help which I have received in various ways and degrees from the members of my own family.

E. W. YATTENDON, August 1908.

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