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Página 8 - The growth of community and junior colleges is a significant development of our educational system in this century and is probably the next logical step in filling in and rounding out our educational system.
Página 1 - The inescapable fact about the future of education beyond the high school is that in 1956 almost twice as many children will be born in the United States as were born in 1936. Already more people than ever before are attending the Nation's colleges, universities, and other post-high school educational institutions, yet the impact of the greatly increased birth rates of the past 15 years will shortly strike, and will be felt with mounting intensity each year as far into the future as we can foresee....
Página 10 - ... resources afford. (Page 5) The profession of college teaching must be recognized and rewarded equally with other professions in order to attract and retain qualified individuals. Talented young people often will not select teaching because they have found it does not provide the economic advantages of other professions. Teachers are leaving the profession for better paid jobs in numbers so large as to justify the most serious concern. Immediate steps must be taken to reverse this trend. The Committee...
Página 4 - ¡zed by four attributes: Quantity . . . there must be a sufficient number of institutions and qualified faculty persons to provide for all qualified students . . . Quality ... the quality of opportunity offered must be good ... we must find ways of meeting the pressure of numbers without jeopardizing the quality of present educational opportunities...
Página 4 - ... every individual, regardless of race, creed, color, or national origin shall have the opportunity to develop his or her best self, to continue appropriate education up to his or her personal point of optimum development.
Página 10 - Many more able and qualified teachers will be needed than present efforts can provide." 5. "There must be promptly formulated an explicit, considered policy as to the role of the Federal Government in education beyond the high school.
Página 5 - Colleges and universities alone will enroll from 3 to 5 million additional students by 1970, possibly more. An additional quarter of a million teachers will be required, by the most conservative estimates. The costs will increase steadily as the numbers of students and teachers grow and as salaries are raised to levels comparable to those of other professions. At the same time, a study of the current American manpower situation clearly points up two closely related facts. First, of our Nation's most...
Página 8 - The individual must be encouraged to continue, throughout his or her lifetime, to seek broad liberal education as well as specialized vocational training. In the last analysis, the measure of success of an educational system is the extent to which it kindles in the individual a continuing desire and sense of responsibility for self-development and enlarged understandings.

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