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Fearons and the Trollopes, or even the Halls and the Hamiltons. All these, and a multitude of others of similar pretensions from the continent of Europe, who have published their observations upon the United States, while they have pointed out, of course, what they regarded as objectionable, -appear to have received, on the whole, a favorable impression of the general aspect of society. But no sooner do the Chesterfields of Holborn and St. Giles,—the British Talleyrands of the sentry-box and ward-room,-set foot upon our soil, than it changes at once to a wild and barren waste, the abode of nothing but rudeness, ignorance and barbarism. Let us hope, that after a while, and under happier auspices, some pilgrim from the mother country may arrive among us, with a view sufficiently expansive to take in the wonders of improvement that are here in progress,—with a heart sufficiently English to rejoice in the achievements of Englishmen, without inquiring the degrees of latitude and longitude, or the year of grace in which they were performed,---and with a pen powerful enough to do justice to the subject. He might offer to his countrymen, as the result of his observations, a work more interesting and instructive than the celebrated Germany of Madame de Staël. Some approach to this was looked for at the hands of our author, as a person of established literary reputation. How miserably the expectation has been baulked, our readers have seen. The failure, though on many accounts much to be regretted, is a far more serious misfortune to him than to us. Another better qualified knight-errant will achieve the adventure, and carry off the prize. Perbaps we may finally owe to the graceful genius of some English De Staël the justice, which the men of the mother country have hitherto denied us, and which the daughter of Necker was the first to render to our kinsmen of Germany. In the mean time, we are doing very well,—have the world before us---and can afford to wait. When Cardinal Fleury was Prime Minister of France, at the age of eighty-five, a young nobleman requested something of him, which his Eminence, being at the momenta little out of humor, was not inclined to grant. Sir,' said the Cardinal, ' you shall never obtain what you want during my life time.' Monseigneur, replied the other, j'attendrai. 'I will wait, my Lord.'


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