The London Magazine, Or, Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer, Volumen25

R. Baldwin, 1756

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Página 233 - YET once more, O ye laurels, and once more, Ye myrtles brown, with ivy never sere, I come to pluck your berries harsh and crude, And with forced fingers rude Shatter your leaves before the mellowing year.
Página 224 - Confidants in general are like crazy firelocks, which are no sooner charged and cocked, than the spring gives way, and the report immediately follows. Happy to have been thought worthy the confidence of one friend, they are impatient to manifest their importance to another ; till between them, and their friend, and their friend's friend, the whole matter is presently known to all our friends round the Wrekin.
Página 482 - ... that go three feet to our one, and therefore have the choice how they will engage us, or if they will at all; and will never let us close them, as their sole view is the disabling our ships, in which they have but too well succeeded, though we obliged them to bear up.
Página 294 - Friend, quoth the Satyr, what intends " That blowing on thy fingers ends ? " It is to warm them thus I blow, " For they are froze as cold as fnow. " And fo inclement has it been " I'm like a cake of ice within.
Página 24 - ... they are fit only to be inhabitants of Lubberland, where, as the child's geography informs us, men lie upon their backs with their mouths open, and it rains fat pigs, ready roafted.
Página 222 - ... large, and required more hands to keep it in order than we could afford to hire, we laboured daily in it ourselves, and drew health from our necessities.
Página 233 - And all their echoes mourn. The willows and the hazel copses green Shall now no more be seen Fanning their joyous leaves to thy soft lays. As killing as the canker to the rose...
Página 224 - Thus the whole exchange may be thrown into a buz to-morrow by what was whispered in the middle of Marlborough Downs this morning, and in a week's time the streets may ring with the intrigue of a woman of fashion, bellowed out from the foul mouths of the hawkers, though at present it is known to no creature living, but her gallant and her waiting-maid.
Página 68 - God faid unto them, be fruitful and multiply, and repleniih the earth, and fubdue it : and have dominion over the fifh of the fea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the eSrth.
Página 222 - ... were invited to abroad. The charges that attended this new manner of living were much too great for the income we possessed ; insomuch that we found ourselves in a very short time more necessitous than ever.

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