The Complete Works of Samuel Rowlands, 1598-1628: Now First Collected ...

Hunterian Club, 1880

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Página 18 - It may, by metaphor, apply itself Unto the general disposition ; As when some one peculiar quality Doth so possess a man, that it doth draw All his affects, his spirits, and his powers, In their conductions, all to run one way, This may be truly said to be a humour.
Página 82 - Loue, or at least will bee, with one of these three: or say you deale but with two, The Widdow and the Mayde; because the Wife is another mans commoditie: is it not a prettie thing, to carry Wife, Mayde, and Widdow in your pocket, when you may as it were conferre and heare them talke togither when you will? nay more...
Página 34 - Law. Ned. Bro. Catch, and Blacke Robins Kindnesse. With the conceits of Doctor Pinch-backe a notable Makeshift. Ten times more pleasant then any thing yet published of this matter.
Página 51 - To pitch the barre, or to shoote off a gunne : To play at loggets, nine holes, or ten pinnes, To trie it out at foot-ball by the shinnes ; At Ticktacke...
Página 39 - ... One of the damned crew that Hues by drinke, And by Tobacco's stillified stinke, Met with a Countrie man that dwelt at Hull Thought he this peasant's fit to be my Gull. His first salute like to the French-mans wipe; Wordes of encounter, please you take a pipe? The Countrie-man amazed at this rable, Knewe not his minde yet would be conformable. Well in a petty Ale-house they ensconce His Gull must learne to drinke Tobacco once. Indeede his purpose was to make a iest, How with Tobacco he the peasant...
Página 54 - And this he fpeakes, being fingle-penny lind. " For when his purfe is fwolne but fix-pence bigge, " Why then he fweares, — Now by the Lorde I thinke, " All beere in Europe is not worth a figge ; " A cuppe of clarret is the only drinke. " And thus his praife from beer to wine doth goe, " Even as his purfe in pence dothe ebbe and fiowe.
Página 17 - ... attaining those vertues which belong to our proper life, and are most conuersant in our affections, thus I proue : first and formost [683-91] he chooseth those things that are comodious vnto him, and shunneth the contrarie : He knoweth what is good for his diet, and seeketh about for it. At the sight of a whip he runneth away like a theef from a hue and crie. Neither is he an idle fellow that liues like a trencher Flie vpon the sweat of other mens browes, but hath naturallie a trade to get his...
Página 35 - What feather'd fowle is this that doth approach, As if it were an Estridge in a Coach? Three yards of feather round about her hat, And in her hand a bable like to that ! As full of Birdes attire as Owle or Goose, And like unto her gowne her selfe seemes loose. Cri ye mercie, Ladie Lewdnes! are you there? Light feather'd stufle befits you best to weare.
Página 41 - Bunch would not have done amisse, that she should not mixe lime with her Ale, to make it mightie, or cozen the Queenes liege people of their drink, by fubbing them off with these slender wasted black pots and Cannes, that will hold little more than a Soring.