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the wills of various persons. I am also in a para ticular manner indebted to the kindness and atten, tion of the Rev. Mr. Davenport, vicar of Stratfordupon-Avon, who most obligingly made every inquiry in that town and the neighbourhood, which I suggested as likely to throw any light on the Life of Shakspeare.

I deliver my book to the world not without anxiety; conscious, however, that I have strenuously endeayoured to render it not unworthy the attention of the publick. If the researches which have been made for the illustration of our poet's works, and for the differtations which accompany the present edition, shall afford as much entertainment to others, as I have derived from them, I shall consider the time expended on it as well employed. Of the dangerous ground on which I tread, I am fully sensible. - Multa funt in his studiis (to use the words of a venerable fellow-labourer in the mines of Antiquity) cineri fuppofita doloso. Errata possint effe multa à memoria. Quis eniin in memoriæ thesauro omnia fimul fic complectatur, ut pro arbitratu suo possit expromere? Errata pofsint effe plura ab imperitia. Quis enim tam peritus, ut in cæco hoc antiquitatis mari, cum tempore colluctatus, scopulis non allidatur? Hæc tamen à te, humanissime lector, tua humanitas, mea industria, patriæ charitas, et SHAKSPEARI dignitas, mihi exorent, ut quid mei fit judicii, fine aliorum præjudicio libere proferam ; ut eâdem via qua alii in his studiis folent, infiftam; et ut erratis, fi ego agnoscam, tu ignofcas." Those who are the warmest admirers of our great poet, and inolt conversant with his writings, best know the difficulty of such a work, and will be most ready to pardon its defects; remembering, that in all arduous undertakings, it is. easier to conceive than to accomplish; that “ the will is infinite, and the execution confined; that the desire is boundless, and the act a slave to limit." MALONE.

o Camden.

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J. PLYMSELL, Printer, Leather Lane, Holborn, London.

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