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Liberation of Raleigh-occurrences during his imprison. .

ment.-His expedition to Guiana.--Return,-imprison.

ment,-death.-King's antipathy to young, Raleigh.-

· Declaration by authority of the motives for putting Ra.

leigh to death.---Proof that he was sacrificed to Spain.-




Disaffection of the parliament.–Usher appointed to preach

before the commons,-his conference with James.-Con.

duct of Laud.- King's speech against monopolies.-Case

of attorney Yelverton.-King's speech respecting the

affairs of the Palatine.-Supplies delayed.-Parliament

adjourned.---Opposition lords—earls of Essex and Ox.

ford,-earl of Southampton-his imprisonment.-Lord

Say and Sele,-earl of Warwick,--lord Spencer.-In.

sulting conduct of the earl of Arundel ; his office of earl.

marshal. Competitors for the post of chancellor.--Sir

Lionel Cranfield.—Dean Williams keeper of the seals.

-Liberation of the earl of Northumberland,—of the

earl and countess of Somerset. --Williams made bishop

of Lincoln.-Circumstances of Laud's appointment to

the see of St. David's.-Archbishop-Abhot kills a man

by chance,-proceedings respecting bm-Account of

bishop Andrews; Latini elegy, on his death by Milton.. 224



Parliament assembled.--Speech of the lord-keeper.—Lord

Digby's account of his negotiations.-Petition and re.

monstrance of the commons.—The king's letter to the

speaker.-Reply of the commons.--The king's rejoinder.

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