The Poetical Works of David Gray

J. Maclehose, 1874 - 212 páginas

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Página 199 - Faint beatings in the calyx of the rose. Bewildered reader ! pass without a sigh, In a proud sorrow ! There is life with God, In other kingdom of a sweeter air; In Eden every flower is blown: tAmen.
Página 212 - Among the rocks He went, and still looked up to sun and cloud, And listened to the wind ; and, as before, Performed all kinds of labour for his sheep, And for the land his small inheritance.
Página 82 - Is wrapped in damp. In mire of village way The hedge-row leaves are stamped, and, all forgot, The broodless nest sits visible in the thorn. Autumn, among her drooping marigolds, Weeps all her garnered sheaves, and empty folds, And dripping orchards, — plundered and forlorn. The season is a dead one, and I die ! No more, no more for me the spring shall make...
Página 118 - So high in thoughts as I. You left a kiss Upon these lips then, which I mean to keep From you for ever; I did hear you talk, Far above singing. After you were gone, I grew acquainted with my heart, and searched What stirred it so: alas, I found it love!
Página 64 - If it must be; if it must be, O God! That I die young, and make no further moans; That, underneath the unrespective sod, In unescutcheoned privacy, my bones Shall crumble soon, — then give me strength to bear The last convulsive throe of too sweet breath! I tremble from the edge of life, to dare The dark and fatal leap, having no faith, No glorious yearning for the Apocalypse; But, like a child that in the night-time cries For light, I cry; forgetting the eclipse Of knowledge and our human destinies....
Página 6 - A winter day! the feather-silent snow Thickens the air with strange delight, and lays A fairy carpet on the barren lea. No sun, yet all around that inward light Which is in purity, — a soft moonshine, The silvery dimness of a happy dream. How beautiful! afar on moorland ways, Bosomed by mountains, darkened by huge glens, (Where the lone altar raised by Druid hands Stands like a mournful phantom), hidden clouds Let fall soft beauty, till each green fir branch Is plumed and tassel' d, till each heather...
Página 93 - Thou of purer eyes than to behold Uncleanness! sift my soul, removing all Strange thoughts, imaginings fantastical, Iniquitous allurements manifold. Make it a spiritual ark; abode Severely sacred, perfumed, sanctified, Wherein the Prince of Purities may abide — The holy and eternal Spirit of God. The gross, adhesive loathsomeness of sin, Give me to see. Yet, O far more, far more, That beautiful purity which the saints adore In a consummate Paradise within The Veil, — O Lord, upon my soul bestow,...
Página 182 - The soul to adoration. First I heard A low, thick lubric gurgle, soft as love, Yet sad as memory, through the silence poured Like starlight. But the mood intenser grows, Precipitate rapture quickens, move on move Lucidly linked together, till the close.
Página 83 - God ! make free This barren, shackled earth, so deadly cold, — Breathe gently forth Thy spring, till winter flies In rude amazement, fearful and yet bold, While she performs her customed charities. I weigh the loaded hours till life is bare — O Godl for one clear day, a snowdrop, and sweet air!
Página 7 - A glory in the hushed air, in the soul A palpitating wonder hushed in awe. Softly — with delicate softness — as the light Quickens in the undawned east ; and silently — With definite silence < — as the stealing dawn Dapples the floating clouds, slow fall, slow fall, With indecisive motion eddying down, The white-winged flakes, — calm as the sleep of sound, Dim as a dream.

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