Hymns of Praise, Prayer, and Devout Meditation

J. Snow, 1856 - 219 páginas

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Página 185 - O, when His wisdom can mistake, His might decay, His love forsake. Then may His children cease to sing, The Lord Omnipotent is King.
Página 76 - Bread of heaven, on thee we feed, For thy flesh is meat indeed: Ever let our souls be fed With this true and living bread. 2 Vine of heaven, thy blood supplies This blest cup of sacrifice: Lord, thy wounds our healing give; To thy cross we look and live. 3 Day by day with strength supplied, Through the life of him who died; Lord of life, O let us be Rooted, grafted, built on thee!
Página 70 - TTOW shall I follow Him I serve ? -*--'- How shall I copy Him I love? Nor from those blessed footsteps swerve, Which lead me to His seat above...
Página 71 - To faint, to grieve, to die for me ! Thou earnest not Thyself to please ; And, dear as earthly comforts be, Shall I not love Thee more than these...
Página 125 - DAY by day the manna fell : 0 to learn this lesson well ! Still by constant mercy fed, Give me, Lord, my daily bread. 2 "Day by day," the promise reads, Daily strength for daily needs ; Cast foreboding fears away, Take the manna of to-day.
Página 44 - We hear Thy voice, when thunders roll Through the wide fields of air: The waves obey Thy dread control ; Yet still Thou art not there. Where shall I find Him, O my soul, Who yet is everywhere?
Página 153 - WHEN I can trust my all with God, In trial's fearful hour, — Bow all resigned beneath his rod, And bless his sparing power ;A joy springs up amid distress, — A fountain in the wilderness. 2 Oh 1 to be brought to Jesus...
Página xv - THE heavens declare his glory, Their Maker's skill the skies : Each day repeats the story, And night to night replies. Their silent proclamation Throughout the earth is heard ; The record of creation, The page of nature's word. 2 There, from his bright pavilion, Like eastern bridegroom clad,.
Página 74 - T is not that I did choose thee, For, Lord ! that could not be ; This heart would still refuse thee ; But thou hast chosen me ; — Hast, from the sin that stained me, Washed me and set me free, And to this end ordained me, That I should live to thee.
Página 184 - The Lord Omnipotent is King. 2 The Lord is King ! Who then shall dare Resist His will, distrust His care, Or murmur at His wise decrees, Or doubt His royal promises?

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