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Thus ended ben thife homicides two,
And eke the falfe eropoifoner alfo.
O curfedneffe of alle curfedneffe!
O traitours homicide! o wickedneffe! 12830

0 glotonie, luxurie, and hafardrie!
Thou blafphemour of Crift with vilanie
And othes grete of ufage and of pride!
Alas! mankinde, how may it betide

That to thyCreatour, which that thee wrought,12835
And with his precious herte-blood thee bought,
Thou art fo falfe and fo unkind ? alas!

Now, good men, God foryeve you your trefpas,
And ware you fro the finne of avarice.
Min holy pardon may you all warice, 12840

So that ye offre nobles or ftarlinges,
Or elles filver broches, fpones, ringes.
Boweth your hed under this holy bulle.
Cometh up, ye wives, and offreth of your wolle;
Your names l entre here in my roll anon; 12845
Into the bliffc of heven fhul ye gon:

I you affoile by min high powere,

You that wiln offre, as elene and eke as elere

As ye were borne. Lo, Sires, thus I preche;

And Jefu Crift, that is our foules leche, l28jo

So graunte you his pardon to receive,

For that is belt, I wol you not deceive.

But, Sirei, o wofd forgate I in my Tale; I have relues and pardon in my male

As faire as any man in Englelond, I i%¡¡

Which were me yeven by the Popes bond.

If any of you wol of devotion 'i

Offren, and han min abfolution, . ". ..

Cometh forth anon, and kneleth here adoun,

And mekely receiveth my pardoun; 1286c

Or elles taketh pardon as ye wende,

Al newe and frefhe at every tounes ende,

So that ye offren alway newe and newe

Nobles or pens which that ben good and trewe.

It is an honour to everich that is here 12865

That ye moun have a fuffilant Pardonere .

To affoilen you in contree as ye ride

For aventures which that moun betide.

Paraventure ther may falle on or two

Doun of his hors, and breke his necke at wo. 12870

Loke, which a feurtee is it to you alle

That I am in yourfelawfhip yfaile, s

That may affoile you both more and laffe,

Whan that the foule fhal fro the body paffe.

I rede that our H oil c fhal beginne, I г %JS

For he is moil envoluped in liniie.

Come forth, Sire Hofte, and offre firft anon,

And thou fhalt kiffe the relikes everich on,

Ye for a grote : unbokel anon thy purfe.

Nay, nay, quod he ; than have I Criftes ciirfe. be, quod he; it fhal not be, fo the ich. 12881 Thou woldeft make me kiffe thin olde brech,

And fwere it were a relike of a feint,

Though it were with thy foundement depeint i

But hyííte erois which that Seint Heleine fond

I wolderhad thin coilons in min hond 11Ü86

Inilede öf relikes or of feintiiarie.

Let cut hem of, I wol thee help hem carie:

They fhul be fhrined in an hogges tord.

This Pardoner anfwered not a word; 12%i)0

So wroth he was no worde ne wolde he far.

Now,quod our Hofte, I wol no lenger play With thee, ne with non other angry man.

But right anon the worthy knight began, (Whan that he faw that all the peple lough) U895 No more of this, for it is right ynough. Sire Pardoner,'be mery and glad of chere; And ye, Sire Hofte, that ben to me fo dere, I pray you that ye kiffe the Pardoner; And, Pardoner, I pray thee draw thee ner, I2oco And as we diden let us laugh and piay. Anon they kiffed, and riden forth hir way.

'ir liS8;. Scim rfehitie] Sir John Mandeville, c. vil. p. 03; "And nyghethat swder is a place tindre erthe, 42degrees of "depeneffi¡, where the holy eroys was founden be the wytt of "Seynte Rlyn:. undir a roche, where the Jewel had hidde itj "and that was the veray croys allayed; for they founden 3 "ero¡fes, on of oure Lord, and % of the 2 tlieves: and Seynte s' Elyne proved hem on a ded body. that aros from dethe to "lyve, wlian that it was leyd on it that oure Lord dyed on." See alfo с ii. p. 17

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We leven all in the gret God, quod he:

He woMe fowen fom difficultee,

Or fpringen cockle in our dene corne;

And therforeHofte, I warne thee beforne

Myjoly body fhala'Paletelle, 12925

And I fhal elinken you fo mery a belle

That I fhal waken all this compagnie;

But it /liai not ben of philofophie,

Ne of phyfike, ne termes queinte of lawe:

Theris but litel Latin in my mawe. 12930


A Marchant whilom dwelled at Seint Denife

That riche wa», for which men held him wife:

A wit he had of excellent heautee,

And compaignable and revelous was fhe,

giving of this Prologue to the Shipman. In mlT. С. and Л. this paffjge is given to tlie Sompnour, but not by way of Prologue to bis Tale. In C. it is followed by The Wife of Bathes Prologue, and in D.hy the Prologue which in this edit. is prefixed to The

Squieres Tale. When t!icfediverfities are considered, and

alfo that the whole pafi'age is wanting in the five beft mfl'. it may perhaps аррcsr not improbable that thefe twenty eight lines, though compofed by Chaucer, had not been inferted by him in the body of his Work, that they were therefore omitted in the tirft copies, and were afterwards injudicioufly prefixed to The Squieres Tale when the true Prologue of that Tale, as printed above, was become unfuitable, by reafonof the Tate itfelf bring removed out of its proper place.

$'' 12923. Springen cоcМeЗ This feems to allude to toiler as derived fromJojiuîjj j but Du Cangey in v. Lollardus, rather fuppoies that Lollard was a word of German original, fignifying tyujtiator, a mumbter of prayers. See alio Kilian. in v. Lolaerd.

The Sbipmatmes Tale] A marehant of St. Qenuc is cou lined

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