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Said I not wel? I cannot fpcke in terme; 11s4$

But wel I wot thou doft rnin herte to erme,

That I have almoft caught a cardiaele:

By corpas Domini hut I have trfaele.

Or elles a draught of rhoifl and corny ale,

Or but I here auoo a mery Tale, I22JO

Myn herte is loll for pitee of this maid.

Thou bsl amy. thou Pardoner. he faid,

Tel us fom mjrth of japes right anon.

It fhai be dorj, quoe l he. by Seint Ronton.
But firft (quod he) here at this ale-flake 12255

I wnl both driuke and biten on a cake.
But right anon thife gentiles gan to erie;

Nay, let him tell us of no ribaudrie:
Tell us fom moral thing, that we mow lere
Som wit, and thanne wot we gladly here. 12260
I graunte ywis, quod he ; but I mail thinke
Upon fom honeft thing while that I drinke.

>. 12x45. Said I not wel 2 AH the beft mff. agree in giving this phrafe to the Holt in this place. It muft remind us of the fimilar phrafe, Sai-i I welt which oecurs fo frequently in the mouth of Shakefpeare's Hoft of the Carter, and may be diffielent, with the other c¡ re umita ne es of general refemblance, to malee us believe that Shakefpeare when he drew that character had not forgotten his Chaucer.

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Lo»DiNGS,quodhe,in chirche whan I prcche

I peine me to have an hautein fpcche,

ЛпН ring it out as round as goth a bell, 12165

For I can all by rote that I tell.

My teme is alway on, and ever was,

Radix malorum cupiditas.

lirft I pronounce whennes that I come,
And than my bulles (hew 1 all and fome: 12270
Our liege iordes fele on my patente
That fhew I firft, my body to warrente,
That no man be fo bold, ne predi ne clerk,
Me to difturbe of Criftes holy weik:
And after that than tell 1 forth my tales. I227Í

Bulles of popes and of cardinales,
Of patriarkçs and bifhoppes, I Ihewe,
And in Latin 1 fpeke a wordes fewe
To faffron with my predication.
And for to ftere men to devotion: 12280

The Pardonem Tate] A company of riotoursconfpirc to kill
Death, who killeth them one after another. speiht.

■*-. 11179. To/ajfron} So inf. A. and cd. Си. г, I have preferred it to the common reading, favor, as more expreffivç, and lefs likely to have been a plufs. Satfron was uicd to give

colour as well аъ flavour. The next lines are thus rcid in

nuf. С. I, -iji. 1,1, HA.;

In every village and in every toun
Thii 1. my teme, and Ihal, and ever was,
Rajix malorum tjt cupiditai.
'I han fhew I forth, Ore.

And perhaps I ought to have followed them,

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Than fliew I forth my longe criftal (tones,
Ycrainmed ful of cloute» and of hones;
Relikes they ben, as wenen they echon.

Than have I in latón a fhulder bone
Which that was of an holy lewes ihepe. Г aa8j

Good men, fay I, take of my wordes kepe: If that this bone be waflie in any well, If cow, or calf, or fhepe, or oxe, fwell That any worm hath ete, or worm yftonge, Take water of that well and wafh his tonge, IM JO And it is hole anon: and furthermore, Of pockes and of fcab, and every fore, Shal every fhepe be hole that of this well Drinktth a draught : take bepe ofthat I tell.

If that the good man that the beflesoweth 1M0J
Wol every weke, er that the cok him croweth,
Fading ydrinken of this well a draught,
As thilke holy Jew our eldres taught,
His beftes and his flore flial multiplie:
And. Sires, alfo it helcth jaloufie; U30*

For though a man be falle in jalous rage,
Let rnaken with this water his potage.
And nevtr fhat he more his wif miftrift.
Though he the foth of hire defaute will,
Al had me taken precfles two or three. 11335

Here is a mitaine eke that ye may fee:

He that his hand wol put in this mitaiuc

He ihai have multiplying of his prainc,

■fr. 12157. fjßingydrinlen} The prepoiitive particle.? hu been added for the fake of the metre.

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