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Eut every wif beware of hire beheft; II?4Í

On Dorigene remembreth at the left.

Thus can a fquier don a gentil dede

As wel ач can a knight, withouten drede.

She thanketh him upon hire knees bare,
And home unto hire hufbond is me fare, 118 j О

And told him ail as ye han herd me faydj
And, trulteth me, he was fo wel apayd
That it were impoilible me to write.

What ftmld I lenger of this ca* endite?
Arviragus and Dorigene his wif n8j¿

In foveraine bliffe leden forth hir lif,
Never eft ne'was ther anger hem betwene;
He cherifhed hire as though fbe.were a quene,
And She was to him trewe for evermore.
Oi thife two folk ye get of me no more. 1186»

Aurelius, that his coft hath all forlorne,
Curfeth the time that ever he was borne.
Alas ! quod he, alas that I behight
Of pured gold a thoufand pound of wight
Unto this philofophre! how fhal I do? 11865

I fee no more but that I am fordo.
Min heritage mote I nedes fell,
And ben a beggar here I n'ill not dwell,
And fhamen all my kinrede in this place,
But I of him may geten better grace: 11873

But natheles I wol of him aflay
At certain daies yere by yere to pay,
And thanke him of his grete curtefîe.
My trouthe wol I kepe, I wol not lie.

With herte fore he goth unto his cofre, 11875
And broughte gold unto this philofophre,
The value of five hundred pound I geffe,
And him befecheth of his gentilleffe
To graunt him daies of the remenaunt,
And fayde; Maifter, I dare wel make avaunt 118 Co
T fallied never of my trouthe as yet;
For fikerly my dette mal be quit
Towardesyou, how fo that ever I fare
To gon a begging in my kirtle bare:
But wold ye vouchen fauf upon feurtee 11885

Two yere or three for to refpiten me,
Than were I wel, for elles mote I fell
Min heritage; ther is no more to tell.

This philofophre fobrely anfwerd,
And faied thus, whan he thife wordes herd; 118oe
Have I not holden covenant to thee?

Yes, certes, wel and tfewely, quod he. Haft thou not had thy lady as thee liketh?

No, no, quod he, and forwefully he fiketh. What was thecaufe? tell me if thou can. 11895

Aurelius his tale anon began, And told him all as ye han herd before; It nedeth not reherfe it any more. He fayd, Arviragus of gentilleffe Had lever die in forwe and in diftreffe 1IQCQ Than tbat his «if were of hire tromhc fib. As though (he wolde fayn, Lo, I Nature, H94J

The forwe of Dotigene he told him als,

How loth hire was to ben a wicked wif,

And that fhc lever had loft that day hire lif;

And that her trooth fhe fwore thurgh innocence;

She never erfthadde herd fpeke of apparence: IIoc6

That made me han of hire fo gret pitee,

And right ax freely as he lent hire to me

As freely fent 1 hire to him again.

This is all and fom ; ther n'is no more to fain. 11910

The philofophre anfwerd ; Leve brother, E verich of you did gentilly to other: Thoo'art a fqnier, and he is a knight, But God forbede, for his blisful might, But if a elerk coud don a gentil dede 1151;

As wel as any of you, it is no drede.

Sire, I rel-ie thee thy thoufand pound,
As thou right now were erope out of the ground,
Ne never er now ne hadueft knowen me:
For, Sire, I wolnottakea peny of thee 11920

For all my eraft, ne nought for my travaille:
Thou haft ypaied wel for my vitaille.
U is ynough, and farewel, have good day.
And toke his hors, and forth he goth his way.

Lordings, this queftion wold I axen now, 11925
Which was the mofte free, as thlnketh you?
Now telleth me or that ye further wende.
I can no more, my Tale is at an ende.
^ . 1191Ö. irkkh -ХШ Ibe mùjcfra] The fame queftion ¡1

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Thus can I forme and peint a creature,

Whan that me lift : who can me contrefete?

Pigmalion ? not though he ay forge and bete,

Or grave, or peinte ; for 1 dare wel fain

Apelles, Xeuxis, fhulden werche in vain I '»JO

Other to grave, or peinte, or forge, or bete,

If they prcfumed me to coutrefete:

For he that is the former principal

Hath malted me his vicaire general

To forme and peinten erthly creatures 110 ( с

Right as me lift ; and eche thing in my cure is

Under the mone that may wane and waxe;

And for my werk right nothing wol I axe :.

My lord and 1 ben ful of on accord;

I made hire to the worfhip of my lord, 1196a

So do I all min other creatures,

What colour that they han or what figures.

Thus lernet h me that Nature wolde fay.

This maid of age iwelf yere was and tway In which that Nature hadde in ¡che délit; 1196.} For right as (he can peint a lily whit And red arofe, right with fwiche peinture She peinted hath this noble creature Er fhe was borne upon hire limmes free, Wheras by right fwiche colours fhulden be; II970 And Phebus died hath hire trtffes grete Like to the ftremes of his burned hete.

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