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That they for hunger wolden do him dien:
Alas ! quod he, alas that I was wrought!
Thetwiih the teres feilen fro his eyen. 14740

His yonge fone, that three yere was of age,
Unto him faid, Fader, why do ye wepe?
Whan will the gailer bringen our potage?
Is thcr no morfei bred that ye do kepe?
I am fo hungry that I may not flepc. 14745

Now wolde God that I might flepen ever,
Than ihuld uot hunger in my wombe crepe;
Ther n'is no thing fauf bred that me were lever.

Thus day by day this childe began to eric,
Til in his fadres barme adoun it lay, '47.50

And faide, Farewel, fader, I mote die;
And kiit his fader, and dide the fame day.
And whan the woful fader did it fey
For wo his armes two he gan to bite,
And faide, Alas! Fortune, and wala wa! I47J5

Thy falfe whele my wo all may I wite.

His children wenden that for hunger it was
That he his armes gnowe, and not for wo,
And fayden, Fader, do not fo, alas!
But rather ete the flefli upon us two: 14 760

Our flelh thou yaf us, take our fkfti us fro,
And ete ynough. Right thus they to him feide,
And after that, within a day or two,
They laide hem in his lappe adoun and deide.

Himfelf difpeired eke for hunger ftarf. 1476/ Thus ended is this mighty Erl of Pife: From high eftat Fortune away him carf. Of this tragédie it ought ynough fuffice; AVho fo wol here it in a longer wife Redeth the grete poete of Itaille 14770

That highte Dante, for he can it devife iro point to point; not о word wol he faille. 14 771

♦. 14765,6.2 Thefe two verfes in the editt. have been trenfr pofcd, to the confefion of the fenfe ai well as of the meut.

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