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2. manner in which the sails

catch the wind, v. 184.
3. point of percussion, v. 185.
in the windmill, v. 185, 186.
whether vehicles can be impelled by,

v. 187.
powers of, s. 144, 145.
prognostics of, v. 145, 187–194.

natural divination depends on the

nature of the subject, v. 187.
from the appearance of the sun, Y.

187, 188.
from the moon, v. 189, 190.
from the stars, v. 190.
from thunder and lightning, v. 190,

from the lights Castor and Pollux,

v. 191.


of winds which spring from the

earth, v. 160—162.
of winds from above, v. 162, 163.

generated in two ways, v. 160.
phenomena which precede, v.

162, 163.
of winds generated in the lower air,
v. 163, 164.

their origin explained, ib.
accidental generations of, v. 141, 165.

by compression, as in valleys and in

streets, v. 165.
in ventilation, ib.
after storms, ib.
by repercussion from hills and head-

lands, ib.
extraordinary and sudden, v. 141, 166.

storms, typhoons, whirlwinds, ib.

the Sirocco, ib.
by what things excited and appeased, v.

v. 141, 142, 167–172.
confused account given by the an-

cients, v. 167.
the motions of the heavenly bodies,

v. 141, 167, 168.
heat and cold, v. 168–170.
vapours and exhalations, v. 170, 171.
melting of snows, v. 170.
icebergs, ib.
heather-burning, v. 171.
five causes by which winds are

calmed, ib.
limits of, v. 142, 143, 172, 173.

height of, v. 172.
latitude of, ib.

duration of, v. 173.
succession of, v. 143, 173, 174.

when the wind shifts according to

the motion of the sun, v. 173.
how influenced by rain, ib.
how it influences the weather, v.


whether there is a cycle of winds, ib.
motions of, v. 143, 144, 174-179.

first impulse of, v. 174, 175.
direction and verticity of, v. 175,

nurseries of, ib.
longitude of, v. 177.
comparative rapidity of, in bringing

up storms, ib.
undulations of, ib.
concurrent contrary motions, v. 178.
in the sails of a ship, v. 179—185.

sails and rigging of a ship de.

scribed, v. 179-181.
the setting of the sails, v. 181,

from what points of the com-

pass winds are available, v.

182, 183.
speed of sailing vessels, v. 183.
three fountains of impulse, v.

1. quantity of wind, v. 183.

from the clouds, v. 191, 192.
from flame, v. 192.
from murmuring sounds, v. 192,

from eddies in the air and surface of

the sea, v. 193.
from glittering foam, ib.
from the conduct of animals, v. 193,

from plants, v. 194.

from the sound of bells, ib.
imitations of, v. 145, 194—196.

bellows and fans, v. 195.
fatulency in bodies of animals, ib.
in distillation, ib.
explosive power of gunpowder, ib.

of some metals, v. 196.
sounds of, ii. 411.
inheritance of the, v. 40, 41.
proposed history of, iv, 265.
recapitulation of rules relating to the

winds, v. 196—198. See North,

South, East, and West Winds. Venti.
Windmill, explanation of the motion of, F.

185, 186.
Bacon's theory of, ii. 6.
Bacon's experiments relating to, not clever,

iii. 512.
Window of Momus, v. 59.
Wine, doctrines of Scripture compared to, iïi.

of knowledge, iv. 109.
its mixture with water, iv. 415, 416.
Greek, prepared with sulphur and alam,

ii. 593.
for the spirits, receipt for, iii. 827.
against melancholy, a receipt for, üi. 827,


history of, proposed, iv. 269.
Wisdom of transmission, iv. 448.

superior to eloquence, iv. 454.

two kinds of, v. 53.
Witches, their confessions to be mistrusted,

being the effect of imagination, ii.

often preferred to physicians, iii. 372.
ointments, ü, 664.

Witchcraft defined, iii. 490.

the height of idolatry, ib.
not to be excluded from history, iv. 296.
may be by the operation of evil spirits, ii.

658. See Maleficiating.
Witnesses against arguments, antitheses for

and against, iv. 491.
Wits, want of combination of, hitherto, iii.

226, 231.
impediments to, in every form of society,

iji. 252.
the greatest, whether found in hot or

cold climates, iv. 462.
Wolf, his guts a charm against colic, ii. 664.

his head will scare away vermin, ib.
tradition respecting,

Wonder is nothing else but contemplation

broken off and losing itself, ii, 218.

the child of Rarity, iv. 171.
Wood shining in the dark, ij. 456, 457, 541.

infusions of divers woods commended to

give firmness to the blood, v. 290.
Woodbines, ij. 316.
Woodseare, ii. 498.
Wool, condensation of moisture by, v. 387.

salamander's, ii. 591.
Words, their influence in misleading the un-

derstanding, iii. 396 ; iv. 61, 62.
definition of, necessary, iii. 397.
images of cogitation, iii. 399; iv. 439.

Xenophon, his eminence as a general and Xenophon-continued.
scholar, iii. 269.

commends the Persian children's nurture,
his answer to Falinus, iii. 313 ; i, 478.

ii. 458.
his conduct of the retreat of the Ten imperator, literatus, i. 428.
Thousand, iii. 313.

ad Falinum, i. 478, 479.
his observation regarding the affections, militaris virtutis et literariæ exemplum,
iii. 443.

i. 478.

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Yawning excited by imitation, ii. 439.

danger of picking the ear during, ii. 553.
Yeomen of England, v. 82.
Young men, policy an unfit study for, iii. 440.
Youth, education of, not derogatory, iii. 276.

importance of culture of the mind in, iii.

renewal of, v. 400.

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how far to be trusted, iii. 457, 458.
the footsteps of reason, iv. 441.
why Greeks used compounds, Romans

not, iv. 442.
peculiarities of Hebrew, ib.
accidents of, ib.

measure of, produced poesy, iv. 443.
Works of power and wisdom, difference be-

tween, displayed in the creation, ii. 296.
World, whether the image of God, iv. 341.

man the image of, ib.
Worship, the external body of religion, iii.

Wounds healed by applying raw hide, ii.

swellings reduced by applying cold me-

tallic bodies, ii. 626.
made with brass, heal more easily than

those with iron, why, ii. 595.
how to cure, by anointing the weapon

which made them, ii. 670.
Wrath, a soft answer turneth away, v. 37.
Writing, two parts of, iii. 397,

by the ordinary alphabet, iv. 444.

by cipher, iv. 444–447.
characters of, iii. 397.
order of entry, iii, 398.
the chief of the aids to memory, iv.



antitheses for and against, iv. 473.
and age, differences between, v. 318

in body, v. 318, 319.

in mind, v. 319, 320.
of the world, i. 94, 459.

Zeno, his controversies with the Epicureans

concerning the nature of good, iii. 422.
Zephyrus in Europâ humectans et almus, cur,

iii. 54 ; v. 27.
cum motu cceli concertat, v. 28.
qualitates ei peculiares, v. 33–36. See

West Wind.

Zodiac, pole of it and of the world the same,

iv. 348.
Zoroaster, his Persian Magic, i. 542.
Zwinger, his Theatrum Vitæ Humanæ quoted,

ii, 95.




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