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Wuose labours have proved highly successful in diffusing more widely a knowledge of the Holy Scriptures, and a belief of their divine authority, by the publication of a Treatise *, from which the Student in Theology may not only derive a general acquaintance

with the subject, but be greatly benefited in extending his inquiries to the collateral

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* The Elements of Christian Theology,

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During the progress of the Work through the press, the public have been called upon to lament the loss of the distinguished Prelate whose name appears in the Dedication.

Christianity and Mohammedanism constitute, at this day, the two great rival religions of the universe ?, when viewed in connection

* The inhabitants of the world may be supposed to amount, at the present time, to about 800,000,000, of whom we may suppose

The Christians to be 200,000,000
The Jews..



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branches of that invaluable science; this attempt to refute a system of wide-extended Anti-Christian error, is

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