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It was a bright and cheerful afternoon,
Towards the end of the sunny month of June,
When the north wind congregates in crowds
The floating mountains of the silver clouds
From the horizon and the stainless sky
Opens beyond them like eternity.
All things rejoiced beneath the sun; the weeds,
The river, and the corn-fields, and the reeds;
The willow leaves that glanced in the light breeze,
And the firm foliage of the larger trees.

It was a winter such as when birds die
In the deep forests; and the fishes lie
Stiffened in the translucent ice, which makes
Even the mud and slime of the warm lakes
A wrinkled clod as hard as brick; and when,
Among their children, comfortable men
Gather about great fires, and yet feel cold :
Alas then for the homeless beggar old !

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1 pizde si eleve r. Savas of rze:

on me game art scicare Of whose rreica. Time, siis piastre Deze spare Dezuma se sade erste;

But every greet vis dizz

Assesso; sikere Tse wreaths of stocs e, y adobe

Lie wiata lares O'egova mocided soon,

Seened ocły not to move and 50% Because the crystal szlence of the at

Weigted on their e; ere as the Power divine Which then lulled all things, brooded upon mire,


Then gentle winds arose

With many a mingled close
Of wild Æolian sound and mountain-odour keen ;

And where the Baian ocean

Welters with airlike motion,
Within, above, around its bowers of starry green,
Moving the sea-flowers in those purple caves
Even as the ever stormless atmosphere

Floats o'er the Elysian realm,
It bore me like an Angel, o'er the waves
Of sunlight, whose swift pinnace of dewy air

No storm can overwhelm;
I sailed, where ever flows
Under the calm Serene
A spirit of deep emotion
From the unknown graves

Of the dead kings of Melody.
Shadowy Aornos darkened o'er the helm
The horizontal æther; heaven stript bare
Its depths over Elysium, where the prow
Made the invisible water white as snow;
From that Typhæan mount, Inarime
There streamed a sunlight vapour, like the standard

Of some ætherial host;
Whilst from all the coast,

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is in the wat's though; ad mere Te wreaths of stony myrtle, ivy and pine,

Like winter leaves o'ergrown by molded snow,

Seened only not to move and grow
Because the crystal silence of the air

Weighed on their life ; even as the Power divine
Which then lulled all things, brooded upon mine.

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