The Ingoldsby lyrics, by Thomas Ingoldsby, ed. by his son [R.H.D. Barham].


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Página 294 - Birde as it perch'd upon a bier ; That joyous smile was gone, And the face was white and wan, As the downe upon the swan Doth appear, As I laye a-thynkynge...
Página 99 - And he look'd confoundedly flurried, As he bolted away without paying his shot, And the Landlady after him hurried. We saw him again at dead of night, When home from the Club returning ; We twigg'd the Doctor beneath the light Of the gas-lamp brilliantly burning.
Página 294 - As I laye a-thynkynge, a-thynkynge, a-thynkynge, Sweetly sang the Birde as she sat upon the briar; There came a lovely Childe, And his face was meek and mild, Yet joyously he smiled On his sire; As I laye a-thynkynge, a Cherub mote admire.
Página 201 - Five guineas more, confound it !— I wish they'd call'd it Nebuchadnezzar, Or thrown it in the Thames, and drown'd it. What have we next ? A civil Dun, " John Brown would take it as a favour"— Another, and a surlier one, " I can't put up with sich behaviour." " Bill so long standing," — " quite tired out,"— " Must sit down to insist on payment...
Página 186 - King Rufus is cross when he comes to reflect, That, as King, he's been treated with gross disrespect ; So he pens a short note to a holy physician, And gives him a rather unholy commission, Viz., to mix up some arsenic and ale in a cup, Which the chances are Tyrrell may find and drink up.
Página 44 - GREAT BIRKBECK, king of chips and glue, Who paper oft does blot in town, From the Mechanics' Institution, comes to prate of wedge and screw, Lever and axle at the University we've Got in town. LORD...
Página 293 - And a steed with broken rein Ran free. As I laye a-thynkynge, most pitiful to see. As I laye a-thynkynge, a-thynkynge, a-thynkynge, Merrie sang the Birde as she sat upon the boughe ; A lovely Mayde came bye, And a gentil youth...
Página 163 - What land and sea," Says I to he, " Together ! why Dick, why how can that be ? " And my comical son, Who is fond of fun, I thought would have split his sides at the pun. So we rows to shore, And knocks at the door — When William, a man I've seen often before, Makes answer and says, " Master's gone in a chaise Call'da homnibus, drawn by a couple of bays.
Página 17 - Georgiana: Our heart's empress then; see, 'tis grown all askew; And it's not without grief we perforce entertain a Conviction, it now looks much more like a Q. This should be the great D too, that once stood for Dobbin, Her lov'd patronymic — ah!
Página 244 - Th' enfranchised spirit soars at last ! And now I gaze with tearless eye On what to view was agony. That panting heart is tranquil now, And heavenly calm that ruffled brow. And those pale lips which feebly strove To force one parting smile of love. Retain it yet — soft, placid, mild, As when it graced my living child.

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