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To the Right Honourable Befly Countess of

Rochford, daughter of the late Earl Ri. ibed to Mrs. Brett, once Countess of

when with Child,

638 acclesfield,

624 : : : :

To the excellent Miranda, Confort of Aaron ace,

Hill, Esq. on reading her Poems,

ib. Verses to a Young Lady,

ib. The Gentleman. Addressed to John Joliffe, Erg.

ib. es occafioned by the Right Honourable

Character of the Rev. James Foster, e Lady Viscountess Tyrconnel's reco

ib. The Poets's Dependance on a Statesman,

625 ry at Bath,

An Epistle to Damon and Delia, pistle to the Right Honourable Sir Ro

To Mrs. M

626 It Walpole,

HM, sent with Mr.
Pope's Works,

On the Recovery of a Lady of Quality from
the Small-Pox,

641 On her Majesty's Birth-Day, 1731-2, 628 The Friend. An Epille to Aaron Hill; I. On her Majesty's Birth-Day, 1732-3, 629 Efq.

ib, II. On her Majesty's Birth-Day, 1734-5, ib. An Epistle to Mr. John Dyer, Author of V. On her Majesty's Birth-Day, 1735-6, 630 Grognor-Hill,

647 1.On her Majesty's Birth-Day, 1736-7, 631 Verses occasioned by the Vice-Principal of "J. For the First of March, 1737-8. Sa

St. Mary-Hall, Oxford, being presented d-to the Memory of her late Majelly, by the Honourable Mrs. Knight, to the nbly addressed to his Majelty, ib. Living of Godsfield in Essex,

ib. ublic Spirit, in regard to Public Works; Fulvia. A Poem,

ib. Epinle to his Royal Highness Fre. Epitaph on a Young Lady,

643 rick Prince of Wales,

632 The Genius of Liberty. A Poem. OccaAr. John Dyer, a Painter, advising him

fioned by the departure of the Prince and draw a certain Noble and Illustrious

Princess of Orange. Written in the Year rson, occasioned by seeing his Picture


iba the celebrated Clio, 635 E Græco Ruf,

644 es sent to Aaron Hill, Esq. with the The Employment of Beauty. A Poem. ragedy of Sir Thomas Overbury, ib. Addreñed to Mrs. Bridget Jones, a Young ogue spoken at the revival of Shak

Widow Lady of Llanelly, Caermartheneare's King Henry the Sixth, ib. shire,

iba - Animalcule, a Tale. Occasioned by his Sent to Mrs. Jones with the Wanderer ; alrace the Duke of Rutland's receiving the

luding to an Episode where a Young Man 5 nall-Pox by Innoculation,

ib. turns Hermit, for the loss of his Wife Mrs. Elizabeth Haywood, on her Novel,

Olympia, Jled, “ The Raila Resolve,” 636 On False Historians. A Satire,

ib. Apology-to Brillante, for having long A Character,

646 mitted Writing her in Verse, ib. Epitaph on Mrs. Jones,

ib, Epistle to Mrs. Oldfield, of the Thcatre Valentine's Day. A Poem. Addressed to Loyal, 637 a Young Widow Lady,

647 ses occafioned by reading Mr. Aaron To John Powell, Esq. Barrister at Law, 648 lill's Poem, called, “ Gideon," ib. I London and Bristol Delineated,



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Page 1

Page I Author's Life,


Paraphrase on the Third Chapter of Habak-

ib. The Muse's Expoftulation with a Lady, ib. MISCELLANEOUS POEMS,

An Epigram, occafioned by some Verses on Clio, 661 a Monument in Westminster Abbey,


ib. Mr. Pope,

ib. To Mrs. L-, playing on a Bass Viol, ng by a Needle,

ib. | The Change. To the Lovely Cause of it, e Snuffers, ib. i A Song,

ib. a Satirical Young Lady, 662 Another,

ib, the excellent Daughters of a deceased Hint from some Old Verses on a Stone in Lady, ib. Stepney Church-Wall,




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Page |
On Clio's Birth-Day,

664 Epitaph on the Tomb of Henry Jernegan,
To a Lady, defiring her Letters might not Esq.
be exposed,

665 The Happy Man, Epitaph on Sir Isaac Newton,

ib, The Power of Royal Pity. Verses made for To Mr. Dyer, on his attempting Clio's Pic a Young Gentleman in Despair, and fent

ib. to Queen Carolinc, by N. Capar, Whitehall Stairs,

ib. The Wedding-Day, To the same,

ib. The Dream, A Song

666 The Northern Star, Writ on a Blank Leaf of an Obscenc Poem, ib. The Picture of Love, To Mrs.T-t,

ib. Advice to the Poets, A Song,

ib. The Impartial, The Roconailiation,

ib. The Lover's Complaint, On the Birth Day of Miss

667 | The Statesman, The Glove,

ib. Solitude, Ronald and Dorna; by a Highlander to his On Mr. Cowley's introducing Pindarie Miftress. From a literal Translation of

Verse, the Original,

668 The Miracle at Cana. Translated from Ab&rad from Pfalm cxiv.

ib. Crashaw, The Singing Bird,

ib. Arria and Pætus. From Martial, A Song,

ib. On the Death of Prince George of DesMy Soul's last Sight, to the Divine Lotha


ib. The Discovery,
To Mr. James Thomson, on his asking my To Liberia, with a Squirrel,

Advice to what Patron he thould Address To my dear and ever honoured Mother, in
his Poem, called Winter,

669 apswer to some Verses which the fent me A Song,

ib. about Spirits, from Malmesbury Abbey, Verses writ for, and sent to a Widow Gen A Dialoguc between Damon and Philemon, tlewoman, on occasion of her Son's Me.

concerning the Preference of a Town Life lancholy, upon their Losses and Disap to a Country Lisc, pointments in Life,

ib. A Dialogue between Damon and Philemon, St. Matthew, Chap. VI. Part of the Ser

concerning the Preference of Riches to mon on the Mount,

670 Poverty, To the Lovely Miss H -e, on her Descent

To a Lady, defiring to know what Lok from the first Saxon Kings of our Illand, ib. was like, At Sotting Day A Song,

ib. Plain Truth, Epilogue for a Lady who acted Eudocia in Celinda in the Snow, che Siege of Damascus, represented at the To Celinda, in Excuse for looking on her at Duke of Bedford's at Wooburn,

671 Church, Palling a Lady in the Park without seeing Good-Friday,

ib. The Disparity. From a Hint of Sir Henry To the Lady that Laughs at Dying in Me Wotton, taphor,

ib. | Belinda's Grave, Modesty,

672 | The Royal Sepulchre,
To a Lady who sent back the Top of a May-Day,

Sweet-Briar Branch, and retained the. Moses's Song of Thanksgiving on the over-
Worst End of it,

ib. throw of Pharaoh in the Red Sea,
To the Lady who sends me all her Good David's Elegy for the Death of Saul and Jo-

ib. nathan, Writ upon a Pane of Glass in Westminster

To a Lady, on calling me Jealow, House, under the Names of his Four Chil Alone in an Inn at Southampton, April 25. dren,


1737, Bellaria at her Spinet,

ib. | The Shipwreck, Celia in the Garden,

673 The French Prophets, The Recollected Complainer,

ib. Clio to Amintor, The Resignation,

ib. Amintor's Answer, Copies for Children to learn to Write, ib. To Miranda, after Marriage, with Mr. Advice to the Virgins to guard against Flat

Lock's Treatise on Education, tery,

ib. Epitaph on a Young Lady who died unmar. Lesbia's Lamentation on the Death of her

Sparrow. Altered from Mr. Cartwright, 674 Augusta's Complaint to her Thames,
The Messenger,

ib. To the unknown Author of the beautiful The GẦat,

ib. New Piece, called Pemela, The Kiss through a Window,

ib. On Corioni's firf attempt in l'octry.

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