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other way.

Through my afonifa'dear, harsh-mingling pass Begin, begin the glorious tack! The found of bells, clash'd swords, and clate'ring Descend at once and Itrip yon kings of power's brass.

ill painted mark? Loud-neighing horses, storms of vollied shot, Tell 'em they the nymph disgrace ; Shouts, groans, and words confounded all, heard, Power should wear a lovely face; but distinguish'd not.

And hideously to hide her charms is horrible and Well, I am up at last; and now I'm here,


{for place, Let me look round and see how things appear. Bid 'em, in empire's masquerade, elbow no more Oh! my glad soul...what prospcAs open there, But bravely dare put on plain truth, and scorn a My hope-enlironing heart to cheer?

borrow'd face. Now I am in my wish'd, my proper fphere; Are they difturbid !-- Is all the hive in arms? What is there in yon fair-ken'd world which hence See they buz in hostile swarms! we may not share?

But 'eis no matter, let 'em bring Oh, Heaven! what falfe appearance dwells below; Hoarded malice in their tting; How is man deceiv'd by show!

They cannot pierce, much less displume, the pi: Yon Viceroys (as they would be thought) of fate;

nions of thy wing. Yon poppet managers of state ;

What is that they seek to know? Those things which bid life-walling followers wait What commission we can fhow. For bubbles, which at jewel's price they rate ;

Tell me, Fancy, was it so? And puff and swell with empty pride---and call Conimillions say are sometimes formis which mien themselves the great.

to custom owe; Ye stars ! ---How humbly they all look this way, A shape of power which tyrants steal, and having As who would seem to say,--

itol'n, bestow. Great Sirs! permit us still to cheat the fools with Yet, to pleasc 'em, be they told, whom we play;

* From higher hands than theirs we hold ! They turn to us the cringing lide, and strut the From justice, truch, and reason say,

That great triumvirate of power !.-- which they

Pretend, and but pretend e' obey! Soul recline and take thy ease;

This our authority; and if these not suffice, Look about thee by degrees;

We can show 'em large supplies The prospect's wide enough to please. of vengeance, force, and liubborn will; our sweet Since the commanding top is thus attain'd,

auxiliaries. Use with care th' advantage gain'd.

Now they tremble, now they mourn, What wilt thou do that thus I feel thee (well?

Now with helpless rage they burn! In struggling silence loves design to dwell.

Well may they rave indeed to see their friends Or are thy views too vait to tell ? [well.

against 'em cura. Go on, form boldly, swift resolve and execute it Stay! and e'er we farther go, Send out fancy, the can fly;

Let our great meaning be aloud proclaim'd:
Nimbly wing'd, her own bel spy;

Our deeds Thall be as just as fam'd.
Every danger, ere drawn nigh,

Friends and enemies shall know
Th’air-footed Aniazon discerns, and scatters with Why we make war, and what we mean to do.

Herald vengeance! swisc asise !
Fancy then, proud goddess ! rise;

Shall with feel thy flinty heart!'
From earth extend thy stretching size,

And since by nature blind thou art,
And push thy active head through the discover'd Bury thy lifted hand in yonder skies,

And pluck two comets down to serve for eyes. Stamp, ambitious, with thy foot,

Dawb thy dismal face with blood ! And bid the threaten'd world look to't; And with extensive ftride, crossing the trembling For thou hast mighty work to do, and power


(thook robe, enough to do's.

Of fire-embroider'd smoke, throw on a windGrasp yon escaping earthquake, 'twould depart; And thoot the shadow over half the globe. Blow new vigour to its heart.

In thy right hand lift quiv'ring light'vings high! Take it and give the lazy globe a fhake;

Hardly held, and mad to fly!
And when scar'd nature's broad awake, From thy rais'd left let heaven's loud bol be
All her coy aid demand and take.

Break open ev'ry inmost part;

And roll th' alarming thunder round the world. Through all the glocny charms of matter dart; When wak'd attention pricks her frighted car, Ler in light to find out art;

And stalking apprehension pants with fear; And smile to see the blaze-lot nymph with fud- When all the farting nations upward look, den wonder fart.

By convulsive horror fhook,
Seize her quickly, bind her fast,

Borrow the northern wind's big voice, and then Distant elle behind her caft; (past. Three times pronounce O yes! and thus address A thousand crazy turnings first must tediously be

the sons of men :
Doubly arm'd, and seated thus,

Hlear, ye people! far and wide ;
Who is now a match for us?

Reason's force will now be try'd :.

her eye.

Tremble, ye tyrants ! at the near defence 'Tis worth our wonder, Fancy, since we are Of long oppress'd and helpless icinocence.

Postels'd at once of the whole realı of war, There is the wretch, who, decp entrench'd in state, Whence those prodigious magazines fhou!] Impiously defies his fate;


(bring. ind dares be wicked without bounds because im Which nations, ill-ally'd, do thus against us mensely grea: ?

At times exported hence, ac first they went Him lee injur'd virtue show,

Like naval stores froin Christendom, to Barbary And we proclaim ourselves his foc.

rovers sent ; Fortanate usurpers quake!

(take, And hoarded long, to be at last ill spent, ct the forc'd thrones, whose seats uncall d ye Come now against their niother's bosom bent, Beneath your pond'rous ruin shake ;

Since it is thus we'll diff'rent arms prepare ! 7 let 'em swell to throw you out; or wih your

Our terrors thall new unknown habits wear; fortunes break

(wealth. And like our cause, our weapons too thall huge apine disguis'd in law, oppression arm'd with advantage bear:

Rock-hearted cruely, and (cornful pride,, Nature our confederate sound,
Hear and tremble when ye know,

And Protcus'art our caprive bound; e the great healess bring th' unhappy-health, What force can earth againle us bring which these id draw the thorn froni virtuc's bleeding fide.

thall not confound! Sap-engrofling weeds which but for mischief Hear, thou tall forest, from thy loos'ning root grow i

Hither thy piny offspring shoot : y plunder'd excellence, ye Laves: the valt ar And thou, proud host of gloom-arreling oak, rears you owe,

Through whose close ranks the day's light horse we pronounce ourselves your mortal fue.

ne'er broke, Wisdom, knowledge, justice, art,

With reverend awe confess the mighty call! Peace, meekness, truth, and fandity of heart; Nod consene---and groaping full! (join Discourag'd induitry, unfriended grief, Now fwitt together ruih again, once more closer Charity, gentleness, and to be brief,

With animated, fympathetic twine ! h weeping virtue that deserves and has not Embrace at once, and now in form with concave found relief,

beauty shine! March and join us; we are friends.

Descend complete, and piough the food in navalWhat though your numbers are but few?

bodied line ! Our mufter's well-weigh'd strength attends ; Scorn the help of canvass wingx ! Where show is wanting fubitance makes Art hall lend self-moving springs ! amends,

Your active forms fall never need aicend the hue , your allies, can lend you arms-and give you morous wind; courage too.

Self-oard with {poky fins your furrowing keels

Shall dash the billows back with living wheels; They come from ev'ry part, they, gathering, fly;

And Itriking swiftly every mark defign'd, +4, trembling, backward cast a doubtful eye, mnib'd at the hostile (warms which cound 'em

Sweep on through winds and vides averse, and

Icave the gales behind. thad'wing lic! Safety from filent caves arise :

Mountain, open thy hot breast, thy iron fine wa cryftal pillar from heaven's palace break,

strain! And cope it down to our allies,

Blued at every nit'rous vein! "Twill a glitt'ring cauruway niake.

Yawn horrible, and with convulsive pains hey are past, encamp 'em on th' ascent ; Burit thy flame-lab'ring head, and Mooc thy mie. ich out the bright divisions line by line;

neral b:ains »ld our milky enfigns to the wind;

Take 'em, art, and mix 'em well! v the battalions down in just excent;

Thou canst the dark proportions tell! bid the iron face of battle thine.

Let death the bitter kernel be, and forge thou hat's ebis! the raih audacious foe,

thick the thell! Far from fear, and mad with pride,

Kindle a fire like lighe'ving blue ! orns to wait a threaten'd blow,

Aod has its deadful work is may unerring do, And this way turns invafion's tiile :

Breathe a living spirit throngh, will not stay it seems to be a second time And give the steadiy con pouad fighe, and force defy'd.

(page, and swiftpelosoo! -cy weigh, they fail, they spread from ev'ry Tade this new gigantic mould; Numbers following numbers ita:t.

And by it form such cubes as may befit cir navics hide the sea through which they The mass which their impregnate wombs mult sweep;

hold! d th'o'er-labour'd wind grown fick al heart, Ram their greedy throats with it ; Eer the flagging canvass feems to creep; And teach new thunders to oue-mouch the old ! groans behind, oppress'd with weight so Hold, it not suffices yet! Itrong,

Not one advantage shall the proud foe boalti puling turms, with checks half-purtt, scarce 'Tis not enougla chat victory we get, push it low along.

Unless the gain is ours with nothing lo!!!


Bid yon" aërial substance shed its down; And graceful troops that edge the guarded shore! Spin it thick, and weave it strong!

And from behind to close us up between, Draw out the force-repelling texture long !

A huge half moon of naval (trength, And with it fence each vessel round, like some

Stretch'd in gay and pompous

length, well bulwark'd town;

Advances on us flow and well akur'd : Now we are proof against their gacher'd pride, These cangot of the number be, who late such lol Be all their batteries on us hourly try'd!

endur'd! Breathless and dead their fruitless force shall Mark the impatient hafte of those behind! our soft'ned Gde.

As if o'erjoy'd an enemy to find;

Their wanton ftreamers lafh the lazy wind, Embark, ye well-appointed few, embark !

And like their genius hov'sing in the air ! Put out, and meet the number-trusting foe!

See that glorious something there! Their circling fleet has made the day look

Which does a form unusual seem to bear; dark,


Moving awful; looking kind; And seenis in fable dress’d to mourn the coming Now glides before to light 'em on; now cheers Ruth against 'em-gore 'em through!

'em up behind. Bear 'em down bencath the sea !

In shape a lion fierce, and frong it seems, As weeds before the furrowing plough torn up But like some figure fancy-form'd that fills sneg and buried be!

active dreams; If while onward ye pursuc,

Ao eagle's talons and keen bill it dreadful feez: On either side they fank ye too ; (throats,

to bear; At once clear all your thunder's dreadful An eagle's broad and shad'wy wings dires : And roar destruction out in passant notes !

through the air ! 'Tis done; and gloriously the banith'd day, Which late their gloomy Squadrons chas'd

Qbserve what's he, who folemnly severe, away,

With grave and awful sense of majesty, Restor’dtriumphant shines with ten-fold light:

Hemmd with reverence does appear! Their curling ruin shines to heaven, and makes

Whose eye lo piercing seems to be ! the sun more bright!

Whofe forehead wears beneficence to temper See, see, mark well this scene-recording fame! The hissing occan toils with vain desire,

Who marches stately down yon hill to set; To quench' with spouting waves the batt'ling

But not to see with fear! flame;

To look and judge what we may be ! But scorch'd with clinging heat, and mad

Ye powers, where are we? How did in with shame,

steer? Does every way at once in blazing tides retire,

I know the hero; now he draws more near And flying frights th' astonish'd world with floods

How came we blindly thus to touch a share! of liquid fire.


• Thus hottilely a land explore, Pride-swoll'n oppression now hot vengeance

Where heaven does only bleflings store? Their falling flags blush deep in blood !

Where wailing sorrow shall be heard no DST. And hide their shame within the flood !

Nor virtue e'er in vain the help of power Their masts curn downward, and th' uplifted

plore! keels

Away! heave anchor! we've no business & Float reverse with wave-wash'd reels! (gay, Yet stay! divinely led, I err th’uomeant good : And all th’extended strength but now fu proudly

blame ! Like snow-top'd"fields o'er-run by fire, melts all at Inspir'd at once I fee and own ’owas heaven's once away.


Hail, immortal son of fame! Whither shall we now proceed?

Take thefe legions, they are thine! Turn your heads to yon white fhore ;

With theirs thy navy shall reliftless join; Follow fortune still with speed,

And virtue's squadrons led by thee, oferir Ye who would engage her more !

whole furface shine. it matters 'nothing what we now have done ; Root out oppression wherefoe'er the grows Or vidt'rymust bewell pursued, or she is never won. Let stubborn tyranny fall dead beneath thy pero 3: Hai what means yon op'ning scene?

rous blows ! The warlike land is gilded o'er

And over all the wide-watch'd world leave With glitt'ring arms in distant marches seen,

cence no focs.

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Amo 1794

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