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See ! Aames, condens'd now vary her attire; With noiseless gloom the plains are delng'd o'er : Her face, a broad circumference of fire.

See:- from the north, what freaming nieteors Dark firs seem kindled in nocturnal blaze;

pour Through ranks of pines, her broken luftre plays, Beneath Bootes Springs the radiant train, Here glarcs, there brown-projccting hade be And quiver through the axle of his wain, fows,

O'er altars thus, impainted, we behold
And, glitrering, sports upon the spangled snows. Half-circling glories shoot in rays of gold.

Now silver turn her beams !---yon den they gain; Cross æther swift elance the vivid fires !
The big, rous'd lion shakes his brindled main. As swift again each pointed flame retires !
Fierce, fleet, gaunt monsters, all prepar'd for gore, In Fancy's eye encountering armies glare,
Rend woods, vales, rocks, with wide resounding And fanguine enligns wave unfurl'd in air!

Hence the weak vulgar deem in pending fate,
O dire presage ! ---But fear not thana, my friend, A monarch ruin'd, or unpeopled state.
Our steps the guardians of the just attend.

Thus comers, dreadful visitants! arise Homeward I'll wait thee on--and now survey, To them wild omens! science to the wise! How men and spirits chase the night away!

These mark the comer to the sun incline, Yon nymphs and swains in amorous mirth ad While deep-red flames around its centre shine! vance ;

While its fierce rear a winding trail displays, To breathing music moves the circling dance. And lights all æther with the sweepy blaze! Here the bold youth in deeds adventurous glow, Or when, compell’d, it flies the torrid zone, Skimming in rapid Beds the crackling soow. And thoots by worlds unnumber'd and unknown; Not when Tydides won the funeral race,

By worlds, whose people, all aghalt with fear, Shot his light car along in swifter pace.

May view that minister of vengeance near! Here the glaz'd way with iron feet they dare,

Till now,

the transient glow, remote and lost, And glide, well-pois'd, like Mercuries in air. Decays, and darkens 'mid involving frost! There crowds, with table cread, and level'd eye, Or when it, funward, drinks rich beams again, List, and dismiss the quoits, that whirling fly. And burns imperious on th’ ætherial plaiu! With force superior, not with skill fo true, The learn'd-one, curious, eyes it from afar, The ponderous disk from Roman sinews flew. Sparkling through night, a new illustrious star! Where neighbouring hills some cloudy sheet The moon, descending, saw us now pursue sustain,

The various talk :---the city near in view ! Freez'd o'er the nether vale a pensile plain,

Here from still-life (he cries) avere thy fighe, Cross the roof'u hollow rolls the maily round, And mark what deeds adorn, or fame the night! The crack'd ice rattles, and the rocks relound! But, heedful, each immodeft prospect fly; Censures, disputes, and laughs, alternate, rise ; Where decency forbids inquiry's eye. And deafening clangor thunders up the skies, Man, were not man, without love's wanton fire, Thus, amid crowded images, lerene,

But reason's glory is to quell delire. From hour to hour we pass'd, from scene to Scene: What are thy fruits, O luit? Short blessings bought Fast wore the night. Full long we pac'd our way : With long remorie, the feed of bitter thought; Vain fteps! the city yet far dillant lay.

Perhaps some babe to dire diseases born, (mourn; While thus the hermit, ere my wonder spoke, Doom'd for another's crimes, through life, to Methoughe, with new amulemunt, filence broke : Or murder'd, to preserve a mother's fame; Yon ambcr-hued cascade, which fleecy flies Or cast obscure; the child of want and thanie! Through rocks, and frays along the crackless Falle pride! What vices on our conduct tteal, Ikies,

From the world's eye one frailty to conceal! To frolic fairies marks the mazy ring;

Ye cruel mothers !--Sost! those words commands Forth to the dance from little cells they spring, So near Mall cruelty, and mother fiand? Measur'd to pipe or harp!—and vexe they stand, Can the dove's bofom (uakey venom draw ? Marthal'd beneath the moon, a radiant band ! Can its foot sharpen, like the vulture's claw? In froit-work now delight the sportive kind : Can the fond goat, or tender, fleecy dan Now court wild fancy in the whistling wind. Howl like the wolf, to tear the kid or lamb ?

Hark! the funeral bell's deep-founding toll, Yes, there are mothers---There I sear’d his aim, To bliss, from misery, calls fome righteous soul! And, conscious, trembled at the coming name; Just freed from life, lise (wift-ascending fire, Then, with a ligh, his issuing words oppos's! Glorious it mounts, and gleams from yonder spire! Straight with a falling tear the speech he clos’d: Light clasps its wings -it views, with pitying That tenderness, which ties of blood deny, fight,

Nature repaid me from a stranger's eye. The friendly mourner pay the pious rite;

Pale grew my cheeksi..-But now to general views The plume' high wroughr, thac blackening nods Our converse turns, which thus my friend renews. in air ;

Yon mansion, made by beaming tapers gay, The slow-pac'd weeping pomp; the solemn prayer; Drowns the dim night, and counterfeits the day, The decent tomb; the verse, that sorrow gives, From lumin'd windows glancing on the eye, Where, to remembrance (wett, fair virtue lives. Around, athwart, the frilking shadows fly.

Now to mid-heaven the whiten'd moon inclines, There midnight riot spreads illufive joys, Auj shades contract, mark'd out in care lines; And fortune, health, and dearer time deltroys.


Soon death's dark agent to luxuriant ease, From dark deception clcar drawn truth display
Shall wake sharp warnings in some fierce disease. As from black chaos rose resplendent day!
O man! thy fabric's like a well-fornid state ; Awake compaflion, and bid terror rise!
Thy thoughts, firit rank’d, were sure delign'd the Bid humble sorrows ftrike superior eyes!
great ;

So pamper'd power, unconscious of distress, Pasions plebians are, which fadion raise;

May fee, be mov'd, and, being mov'd, redrese Wine, like pour'doil, excites the raging blaze : Ye traitors, tyrants, fcar his stinging lay! Then giddy anarchy's rude triumphs rise: Ye powers unlov'd, uppity'd in decay! Then lovereign reason from her empire flies : But know, to you (weer-blossom'd fame he bring, That ruler once depos',, wisdom and wit, Ye heroes, patriots, and paternal kings! To noise and folly, place and power submit;

O Thou, who form'd, who rais'd the pet's Like a srail bark ihy weakcn'd mind is cost, Unsteerd, unbalanc'd, till its wealth is loft. (Voice of thy will!) unerring force impart!

The miser-spirit eyes the spendthrift heir, If wailing worth can generous warmth excitet And mourns, too late, effects of sordid care. If verse can gild inftrudion with delight, His treasures fly to cloy cach fawning lave; Inspire his honeft muse with orient flame, Yet grudge a stone to dignify his grave.

To rife, to dare, to reach the noblest aim! For this, low-thoughted craft his life employ'd; But, O my friend! mysterious is our fate! For this, though wealthy, he no wealth enjoy'd ; How mean his forrcpne, though his mind elate! For this, he grip'd the poor, and alms deny'd, Æneas-like he passes through the crowd. Unfriended liv'd and unlamented died.

Unfought, upseen beneath misfortune's cloud: Yet smile, griev'd frade! when that unprospe Or seen with light regard : Unprais’d his name: rous store

His after-honour, and our after-thanie. Falt-lesens, when gay hours return no more ; The doom'd desert, to avarice stands confefs'd; Smile at thy heir, beholding, in his fall,

Her eyes averted are, and steel'd her brcaft. Men once oblig'd, like him, ungrateful all! Envy asquint the future wonder eyes: Then thought-inspiring woe his heart shall mend, Bold insult, pointing, hoots him as he flies; And prove his only wise, unflattering friend. While coward censure, fkill'd in darker ways, Folly exhibits thus unmanly sport,

Hints fure detraction in dissembled praise! While plotting mischief keeps reserv'd her court. Hunger, thirst, nakedness, there grievous fall! LO! from that mount, in blafting sulphur broke, Unjuft derifion too!---that tongue of gall: Stream fames voluminous, enwrapp'd with smuke! Slow comes relief, with no mild charnis endued, In chariot-shape they whirl up yonder tower, Uler'd by pride, and by reproach pursued. Lean on its brow, and like deftru&ion lower! Forc': pity meets him with a cold respect, From the black depth, a fiery legion springs; Unkind as scorn, ungenerous as neglect. Each bold, bad spectre claps her sounding wings : Yet, suffering worth! thy fortitude will shine And straight beneath a fummon'd, traiterous band, Thy foes are virtue's, and her friends are thine! On horror bent, in dark convention stand : Patience is thine, and peace thy days Qall crose; From each fiend's mouth a ruddy vapour flows, Thy treasure prudence, and thy claim renowo: Glides through the roof, and o'er the council glows: Myriads, unborn, snall mourn thy hapless fate, The villains, close beneath th' infection pent, And myriads grow, by thy example, great! Feel, all-poilers’d, their rising galls ferment;

Hark! from the watch-tower rolls the true And burn with faction, hate, and vengeful ire,

pet's sound, For rapine, blood, and devaftation dire!

Sweet through till night, proclaiming fasctyroen.

" But justice marks their ways: he waves in air, Yon shade illustrious quits the realms of rett, The sword, high-threatening, like a comer's glare. To aid some orphan of its race diftreft,

While here dark villany herself deceives, Safe winds him through the fubterraneous way, There ftudious honesty our view relieves.

That mines yon manfion, grown with ruin gray, A fecole taper, from yon lonesome room,

And marks the wealthy, unfufpected ground, Scattering thin rays, just glimmers through the Where, green with ruft, long-buried coins, 2 głoom.

bound. There firs the fapient bard in museful mood, This plaintive ghoft, from earth when newly icde And glows impallion'd for his country's good! Saw those, the living trufted, wrong the dead; All the bright spirits of the juf combin'd,

He saw, by fraud abus'd, the lifelels hand Inform, refine, and prompt his towering mind! Sign the false deed that alienates his land; He takes the gisted quill from hands divine, Heard, on his fame, injurious censure thrown, Around his temples rays refulgent shine!

And mourn'd the beggar'd orphan's bitter groga, Now rapt! now more than man!»- see him climb, Commission'd now the falschood he reveals, To view this speck of earth from worlds fublime! To justice soon th' enabled heir appeals ; I see him now o'er nature's works preside! Soon, by his wealth, are costly pleas maintained, How clear the vision and the scene how wide! And, by discover'd truth, lolt right regain d. Let fome a name by adulation raise,

But' why (fome may inquire) why kind fucceld, Os scandal, meaner than a venal praise !

Since myftic heaven gives mifery oft to blefs? My muse (he cries) a vobler prospect view! Though milery leads to happiness and trotti, Through fancy's wilds fotie moral's point pursue! Unequal to the load, thus languid youth,



Unftrengthen'd virtue scarce his bosom fir’d, Again the calls !—I dare no longer itay!
And fearsul from his growing wants retir'd. A kind farewell-Olympia, I obey.
Oh, let not censure, if (untry'd by grief,

He turn'd, no longer in my light remain'd; If, amidt woe, untempted by relief,)

The mountain he, 1 fase the city gain'd.
He stoop'd reluctant to low arts of shame,
Which then, ev'n then he scorn'd, and blush'd to

Heaven sees, and makes th'imperfect worth its care,
And cheers the trembling heart, unforn'd to bear, still o'er my mind wild fancy holds her sway,
Now rising fortune elevates his mind,
He shines unclouded, and adorns mankind.

Still on ftrange visionary land I [tray.

Now scenes crowd thick ! now indistinct appear! So in some engine, that denies a vent,

Swift glide the montis, and turn the varying If unrespiring is some creature pent, It fickens, droops, and pants, and galps for breath, Near the bull's horn light's rising monarch draws; Sad o'er the fight swim shadowy milts of death ;

Now on its back the Pleiades he chaws! Is then kind air pours powerful in again,

From vernal heat pale winter forc'd to fly, New heats, new pulses quicken every vein; Northward retires, yet turns a watery eye; From the clear'd, lified, life-rekindled eye,

Then with an anguish breath nips infant blooms, Dispers'd, the dark and dampy vapours fly. (risc, Deprives unfolding spring of rich perfumes,

From trembling combs the ghosts of greatness Shakes the flow-circling blood of human race, And o'er their bodies hang with wistful eyes; Or discontented Italk, and mix their howls

And in sharp, livid looks contracts the face.

Now o'er Norwegian hills he strides away : With howling wolves, their screams with scream.

Such slippery paths ambition's steps betray. ing owls. The interval 'twixt night and morn is nigh,

Turcing, with lighs, far spiral firs he, fees,

Which bow obedient to the southern breeze : Winter more nitrous chills the shadow'd sky. Springs with soft heats no more give borders green, Like fame's, obfcur'd amid the whitening clouds ;

Now from yon Zemblan rock his crest he shrouds, Nor smoking breathe along the whiten'd scene;

Thence his lost empire is with tears deplor'd: While steamy currents, sweet in prospect, charm

Such tyrants fhed o'er liberty relor'd. Like veins blue-winding in a fair one's arm.

Beneath his eye (that throws malignant light Now Deep to fancy parts with half his power

Ten times the measur'd round of mortal light) And broken lumbers drag the restless hour.

A waite, pale glimmering, like a moon, chat
The murder'd seems alive, and ghastly glares,
Aud in dire dreams the conscious murderer scares, | A wild expanse of frozen sea contains.
Shows the yet-spouting wound, th' ensanguin'd It cracks: -vast floating mountains beat the shore:

Far off he hears those icy ruins roar,
The walls yet-smoking with the spatter'd gore; And from the hideous crash distracted flies,
Or shrieks to dozing justice, and reveals

Like one, who feels his dying infant's cries.
The deed, which fraudful art from day conceals;

Near, and more near the rushing torrents found, The delve obscene, where no suspicion prics,

And one great rift runs through the vast profound, Where the distigur'd corse unshrouded lies;

Swift as a shooting meteor; groaning loud, The fure, the striking proof, fo Arong maintain’d, Like deep-roll'd thunder through a rending cloud. Pale guilt starts felf.convited, when arraign'd.

The late dark pole now feels unsetting day; These spirits treason of its power divcft, In hurricanes of wrath he whirls his way; And turn the peril from the patriot's breast.

O’er many a polar Alp to frost he goes, Those solemn thought inspire, or bright descend

O’ercrackling valesimbrown'd with melting (nows: To snatch in vision (weet the dying friend.

Here bears ftalk tenants of the barren space, But we deceive the gloom, the matin bell

Few men, unsocial those !-a barbarous race! Summons to prayer:- Now breaks th’ enchanter's

At length the cave appears! the race is run:

How he recounts the conquests lost and won, And now-But yon fair spirit's form survey!

And taleful in th' embrace of frost remains, fis the Olympia beckons me away!

Barr'd from our climes, and bound in icy chains. hafte!-I fly!-adieu :—and when you see

Meanwhile the sun his beams on Cancer throws, The youth who bleeds with fondness, think on me:

Which now beneath his warmest influence glows. Tell him my tale, and be his pain carest;

From glowing Cancer fallen, the king of day, By love I tortur'd was, by love I'm blest.

Red through the kindling Lion shoots his ray. When worshipp'd woman we entranc'd behold,

The tawny harvest pays the earlier plough, We praise the Maker in his faireft mould;

And mellowing fruitage loads the bending bough, I'he pride of nature, harmony combin'd,

'Tis day-spring. Now green labyrinths I (requent. And light immortal to the soul refin'd!

Where wisdom oft retires to meet content. Depriv'd of charming women, soon we miss

The mounting lark her warbling anthem lends, The prize of friendship, and the life of bliss !

From note to note the ravish'd fuul ascends ; Stillthrough the shades Olympia dawning breaks! As thus it would the patriarch's ladder climi. What bloo:n, what brighincis Justers o'er her By some good angel led to worlds sublime: chceks!

Q? wij



ter'd prey.

Oft (legends say) the snake with waken'd ire, Spread on yon rock the fea-calf I furyej : Like envy rears in many a scaly spire ;

Bask'd in the sun, his skin reflects the day. Then fongsters droop, then yield their vital gore, He sees yon tower-like ship the waves divide, And innocence and music are no more.

And flips again beneath the glassy tide. Mild rides the morn in orient beauty drest, The watery herbs, and shrubs, and vines, and An azure mantle, and a purple vest.


(thower. Which, blown by gales, her gemmy feet display, Rear their bent heads, o'ercharg'd with nightly Her amber eresses negligently gay.

Hail, glorious sun! to whose attractive fires, Collected now her rosy hand they fill,

The weaken'd, vegetative life aspires ! And, gently wrung, the pearly dews distil. The juices, wrought by thy dire&ive force, The songful zephyrs, and the laughing hours, Through plants, and trees, perform their genial Breathe sweet; and strow her opening way with courfe, flowers.

Extend in foot, with bark unyielding bind The chattering swallows leave their nested care, The hearted trunk; or weave the branching rild; Each promising return with plenteous fare. Expand in leaves, in flowery blossoms fhoot, So the fond swain, who to the market hies, Bleed in rich gums, and swell in ripen'd froit. Stills, with big hopes, his infant's tender cries, From Thee, bright, universal Power: began

Yonder two turtles, o'er their callow brood, Infina in brute, and generous love in man. Hang hovering, ere they seek their guiltless food. Talk'd I of love...-Yon swain, with amorom Fondly they bill. Now to their morning care,

air, Like our first parents, part the amorous pair : Soft swells his pipe, to charm the rural fair. But ah! --a pair no more! -With spreading wings, She milks the flocks; then, listening as he plays From the high-founding cliff a vulture springs; Steals, in the running brook, a conscious gaze. Steady he fails along th'aerial gray,

The trout, that deep, in winter, ocz'd remais, Swoops down, and bears yon timorous dove away. Up-Springs, and fynward turns its crimson staitis, Start we, who worse than vultures, Nimrods find, The tenants of the warren, vainly chas'd; Men meditating prey on human kind?

Now lur'd to ambient fields for green repaft, Wild beasts to gloomy dens repace their way, Scek their small vaulted labyrinths in vain;* Where their couch'd young demand the flaugh. Entangling pets betray the skipping train;

(fly, Red massacres through their republic fly, Rooks, from their nodding nels, black-swarming and heaps on heaps by ruth!els fpaniels die. And, in hoarse uproar, tell the fowler nigh. The fisher, who the lonely beech has ftrar'd, Now, in his tabernacle rous'd, the sun

And all the live-long night his net-work spread, Is warn'd the blue ætherial teep to run.

Drags in, and bears the loaded fnare away; While on his couch of fioating jasper laid, Where flounce, deceiv'd, th'expiring finny pres. From his bright eye sleep calls the dewy inade. Near Neptune's teniple (Neptune's now E! The crystal dome transparent pillars raise,

more), Whence, beam'd fron sapphires, living azure Whose statue plants a trident on the shore, plays:

In sportive rings the generous dolphins wind, The liquid floor, in-wrought with pearls divine, And


and think the image humán-kind: Where all his labours in mosaic shine.

Dear, pleasing friendfhip!--- See! the pile con. His coronet, a cloud of silver-white;

mands His robe with unconsuming crimson bright, The vale, and grim at fuperftition lands! Varied with gems, all heaven's collected store ! Time's hand there leaves its print of mossy green, While his loole locks descend, a golden shower.' With hollows, carv'd for snakes, and birds obscene. If to his steps compar'd, we tardy find

O Gibbs, whose art the solemn fane can raise, The Grecian racers, who outstrip the wind, Where God delights to dwell, and man to praise; Fleet to the glowing race behold him Nart! When moulder'd thus the column falls away, His quickening eyes a quivering radiance dart, Like some great prince majestic in decay; And, while this lait nocturnal flag is furl'd, When ignorance and scorn the ground shall cread

, Swife into life and motion look the world.

Where wisdom tutor'd, and devotion pray'd; The sun-flower now averts her blooming check Where all thy pompous work our wonder daina; From west, to view his eastern luftre break. What

; but the mure alone, preserve thy name? What gay, creative, power his presence brings ! The sun shines, broken, through yon arch that Hills, lawns, lakes, villages !- the face of things,

rears All right beneath succeflive shadows miss’d, This once round fabric, half depriv'd by years, Instant begins in colours to exist :

Which rose a stately colonnade, and crown'd But absent these from sons of riot keep,

Encircling pillars now unfaithful found; Loft in impure, unmeditating fleep.

In fragments, there the fall of those forebode, T' unlock his fence, the new-risen fwain prepares, Which, nodding, jutt up-heave their crunibling And ere forth-driven recounts his fleecy cares;

load: When, lo! an ambush'd wolf, with hunger bold, High, on yon column, which has batter'd lood, Springs at the prey, and fierce invades the fold! Like some ftripp'd oak, the grandeur of the woude But by the pastor pot in vain debed,

The stork inhabits her aerial neft ; Like our arch foc by some celelial guide. By her are liberty and peace careft;

She flies the realms that own despotic kings, My hermit friend ! 'Tis he.--All hail! (he cries)
And only spreads o'er free born Itares her wings. I see, and would alleviate, thy surprise.
The roof is now the daw's, or raven's haunt, The vanilh'd meteor was heaven's message meant,
And loathsome toads in the dark entrance pant; To warn thee hence : I knew the high intent.
Dr snakes, that lurk to snap the heedless fly, Hear then! in this sequefter'd cave retir’d,
And fated bird, that oft comes fluttering by. Departed saints converse with men inspir'd.
An aquedu& across yon vale is laid,

'Tis sacred ground; nor can thy mind endure,
Its channel through a ruin'd arch betray'd; Yet unprepar'd, an intercourse so pure.
Whirld down a lteep, it flies with torrent force, Quick let us hence.---And now extend thy views
Flashes, and roars, and piows a devious course. O'er yonder lawn; there find the heaven-bora
Attracted mists a golden cloud commence,

muse! While through high-colour'd air (trike rays intense. Or seek her, where she trusts her tuneful tale Betwixt two points, which yon steep mountains To the mid, filent wood, or vocal vale; [fhades, show,

Where trees half check the light with trembling Lies a mild bay, to which kind breezes flow. Close in deep glooms, or open clear in glades; Beneath a grotto, arch'd for calm retreat,

Or where surrounding vistas far descend,
Leads lengthening in the rock-- Be this my seat. The landscape varied at each leffening end;
Heat never enters here; but coolness reigns She, only the can mortal thought refine,
O'er zephyrs, and distilling, watery veins.

And raise thy voice to visitants divine.
Secluded now I trace th' instructive page,
And live o'er scenes of many a backward age;
Through days, months, years, through time's
whole course I run,

And present stand where time itself hegun.

Ye mighty dead, of just, diftinguish'd same, We left the cave. Be fear (said I) defy'd! Your thoughts, (ye bright infructors!) here I Virtue (for thou art virtue) is my guide. claim.

By time-worn steps a steep ascent we gain, Here ancient knowledge opens nature's Springs; Whose summit yields a prospect o'er the plain. Here truths hiftoric give the hearts of kings. There, bench'd with turf, an oak our seat extends, Hence contemplation learns white hours to find, Whose top a verdant, branch'd pavilion bends. And labours virtue on th' attentive mind :

Vilas, with leaves, diversify the scene, O lov'd retreat! thy joys content bellow,

Some pale, fome brown, and some of lively green. Nor guilt, nor shame, nor sharp repentance know. Now, from the full-grown day a beamy shower What the fifth Charles long aim'd in power to see, Gleams on the lake, and gilds each glossy flower. That happiness he found reserv'd in thee. [weeps, Gay insects sparkle in the genial blaze,

Now let me change the page-Here Tully, Various as light, and countless as its rays: While in death's icy arms his Tullia Neeps, They dance on every Atream, and pictur'd play, His daughter dear!--Retir'd I see him mourn, Till, by the watery racer, snatch'd away. By all the frenzy now of anguish torn.

Now, from yon range of rocks, Itrong rays rem Wild his complaine ! Nor sweeter sorrow's (trains,

bound, Wheo Singer for Alexis lost complains.

Doubling the day on flowery plains around : Each friend condoles, expostulates, reproves; King-cups beneath far-striking colours glance, More than a father raving Tully loves;

Bright as th' ctherial glows the green expanse. Or Sallust censures thus ! -Unhecding blame, Gems of the field !--the topaz charms the fight, He schemes a temple to his Tullia's name. Like these, effulging yellow streams of light. Thus o'er my hermit once did grief prevail, From the same rocks, fall rills with foften'd force, Thus rose Olympia's tomb, his moving tale, Meet in yon mead, and well a river's fource. The fighs, tears, frantic ftarts, that banish rest, Through her clear channel shine her finny shoals, And all the bursting sorrows of his breast. O'er lands, like gold, the liquid crystal rolls.

But hark! a sudden power actunes the air! Dimm'd in yon coarser moor, her charms decay, Th'enchanting sound enamour'd breezes bear; And thape, through ruftling reeds, a ruffled way. Now low, now high, they link, or lift the song, Near willows short and buthy shadows throw : Which the cave echoes sweet, and sweet the creeks Now lost, me feems through nether trads to flow; prolong.

Yet, at yon point, winds out in silver Itate, I listen’d, gaz'd, when, wondrons to behold! Like virtue from a labyrinth of fate. [run From ocean tteam'd, a vapour gathering rollid: In lengthening rows, prone from the mountains, A blue, round spot on the mid-roof it came, The flocks :---their fleeces glistening in the sun; Spread broad, and redden'd into dazzling flame. Her ftreams they feek, and, 'twixt her neighbourFull orb'd it fhone, and dimm'd the swimming ing trees, sight,

Recline in various attitudes of ease. While doubling obje&is danc'd with darkling light. Where the herds sip, the little scaly fry, Amaz'd I ftood! --amaz'd I still remain!

Swift from the shore, in scattering myriads fly. What earthly power this wonder can explain ? Each livery'd cloud, that sound th' horizon Gradual, at length, the luftre dies away :

glows, Bly cyes refor'd, a mortal form survey.

Shifts in odd scenes, likc earth, from whenco it rose.

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