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But bow feverely with themselves proceed

(n) Well, on the whole, plain prose must be my The men, who write fuch verse as we can read?

fate :
Their own ftrict judges, not a word they spare, Wisdom (curse on it) will come foon or late.
That wants or force, or light, or weight, or care, There is a time when poets will grow dull :
Howe'er unwillingly it quits its place,

I'll e'en leave verses to the boys at school :
Nay theugh at Court (perhaps) it may find grace: To rules of poetry no more contin'd, -
Such they'll degrade ; and sometimes, in its stead, I'll karn to smooth and harmonise my mind,
() In downright charity revive the dead; Teach every thought within its bounds to roll,
Mark where a bold, expresive phrase appears, And keep the equal measure of the soul.
Bright through the rubbish of some hundred years;

(s) Soon as I enter at my country door, Command old words that long have llept, to wake, My mind resumes the thread it dropp'd before; Words, that wise Bacon, or brave Raleigh pake; Thoughts which at Hyde-park corner I forgot, Or bid the new be English, ages hence,

Meet and rejoin me, in the pensive grot. (For use will father what's begot by sense)

There all alone, and compliments apart, Pour the full tide of eloquence along,

I ask these sober questions of my heart. (crave, Serenely pure, and yet divinely ítrong,


(6) If, when the more you drink, the more you Rich with the treasures of each foreign tongue!

You tell the doctor; when the more you have, Prude the luxuriant, the uncouth refine,

The more you want, why not with equal ease But show no mercy to an empty line :

Confels as well your folly, as disease ? Then polish all, with so much life and ease, The heart refolves this matter in a trice, You think 'tis nature, and a knack to please : “ Men only feel the smart, but not the vice.” “ But ease in writing flows from art, not chance; (w) When golden angels cease to cure the evil, " Asthose move easiest who have learn'd to dance." You give all royal witchcraft to the devil :

(9) If such the plague and pains to write by rule, When servile chaplains cry, that birth and place Better í say I) be pleas'd, and play the fool; Indue a peer with honour, truth, and grace ; Call, if you will, bad rhyming a disease,

Look in that breast, most dirty Dean: be fair, It gives men happiness, or leaves them ease. Say, can you find out one such lodger there? There liv?d in primo Georgii (they record) Yet till, not heeding what your hcart can teach, A worthy member, no small fool, a lord;

You go to church to hear these flatterers preach. Who, though the house was up, delighted sate, Indeed, could wealth beflow or wit or merit, Heard, noted, answer'd, as in full debate : A grain of courage, or a spa of spirit, In all but this, a man of sober life,

The wiselt man might blush, I must agrec, Fond of his friend, and civil to his wife;

If D*** lov'd fixpence, more than he. Not quite a madman, though a pasty fell;

(v) If there be truth in law, and use can give And much too wife to walk into a well.

A property, that's yours on which you live.
Him, the damn’d doctors and his friends immur'd,
They bled, they cupp'd, they purg'd; in short;

they cur'd :
Whereat the gentleman began to Itare More; bonus fane vicinus, amabilis hofpes,
My friends! he cry'd, p-x take you for your care!

Comis in uxorem ? pofíet qui ignoscere fervis, That from a patriot of distinguish'd note,

Et ligno laeso non infanire lagenac :
Have bled and purg'd me to a simple vote,

Posle qui rupem, et puteum vitare patentem,
Hic ubi cognatorum opibus curisque reluctus,
Expulit elleboro morbum bilemque meraco,

Éc redii ad fese : Pol me occidiftis, amici,
Audebit quaecunque parum fplendoris habebunt, Non fervaftis, ait ; cui sic extorta voluptas,
Et sine pundere erunt, et honore indigna serentur, Et deniptus per vim mentis gratiflimus error.
Verba movere loco; quamvis invita recedant, (r) Nimirum sapere eft abjectis utile nugis,
Et versentur adhuc intra penetralia Vestae : Et tempeftivum pueris concedere ludum ;
(P) Obscurata diu populo bonus eruet, atque (s) Ac non verba sequi fidibus modulanda Latinis,
Pruferet in lucem-speciola vocabula rerum, Sed verae pume rosque modo que edifcere vitae.
Citae priscis memorata Catonibus atque Cethegis, Quocirca mecum loquor haec, tacitufque recordor :
Na!c ütus informis premit et deferta vetustas; (t) Si tibi nulla fitim finiret copia lymphae,

ciciscet nova, quae genitor produxerit usus : Narrares medicis: quod quanto plura parasti, Vehemens et liquidus, puroque fimillimus amni, Tanto plura cupis, nulline faterier audes ? Fundet opes, Latiumque beabit divite lingua : (u) Si vulnus tibi monstrata radice vel herba Luxuriantia compescet : nimis afpera sano Non fieret levius, fugeres radice vel herba Levabit cultu, virtute carentia tollet :

Proficiente nihil curarier : audieras, cui Laudentis speciem dabit, torquebitur, ut qui Rem Dî donarint, ille decedere pravam Nunc Satyrum, nunc agrestem Cyclopa movetur. Stultitiam ; et, cum fis nihilo fapientior, ex quo (9) Praetulerim fcriptor delirus inersque videri, Plenior es, tamen uteris monitoribus îsdem? Dum mea delectent mala me, vel denique fallant, At fi divitiae prudentem reddere poffent, Quam fapere, et ringi. Fuit haud ignobilis argis, Si cupidum timidumque minus te: nempe ruberes, Qui se credebat miros audire tragoedos,

Viveret in terris, te fi quis avarior uno. In vacuo laetus fessor plauforque theatro : (v) Si propriuni est, quod quis libra mercatus et Cactera qui vitae servaret muna recto

acre eft,


Deligheful Abs-court, if its fields afford

There are who have not-and thank heaven there
Tveir fruits to you, confesses you its lord :
All(x)Worldly's hens, nay, partridge, sold to town, Who, if they have not, think not worth their care.
His venison too, a guinea makes your own: (6) Talk what you will of taste, my friend,
He bought at thousands, what with better wit

you'll find
You purchase as you want, and bit by bit ; Two of a face, as soon as of a mind.
Now, or long since, what difference will be found? Why, of two brothers, rich and reftless one
You pay a penny, and he paid a pound.

Ploughs, burns, manures, and toils from sun to sun ; (3) Heathcote himself, and such large-acred men, The other flights, for women, sports, and wines, Lords of fat E'sham, or of Lincoln-fen,

All Townshend's turnips, andall Grosvenor's mines: Buy every stick of wood that lends them heat ; Why one like Bu— with pay and scorn content, Buy every pullet they afford to eat.

Bows and votes on, in court and parliament; Yet these are wights, who fondly call their own One, driven by trong benevolence of foul, Half that the devil o'erlooks from Lincoln-town. Shall fly, like Oglethorpe, from pole to pole : The laws of God, as well as of the land,

Is known alone to that Directing Power,
Abhor a perperuity should stand :

Who forms the genius in the natal hour;
Estates have wings, and hang in fortune's power That God of Nature, who, within us ftill,
(2) Loose on the point of every wavering hour, Inclines our action, not constrains our will;
Ready, by force, or of your own accord,

Various of temper, as of face or frame,
By sale, at least by death, to change their lord. Each individual; his great end the same.
Man and for ever? wretch! what wouldet chou (c) Yes, Sir, how small soever be my heap,

A part I will enjoy, as well as keep. Heir urges heir, like wave impelling wave. My heir may figh, and think it want of grace All valt poffefsions (just the same the case A man so poor would live without a place : Whether vou call them villa, park, or chase) But sure no statute in his favour says, Alas, my Bathurst! what will they avail? How free, or frugal, I shall pass my days : Join Cotswood's hills to Saperton's fair dale, I, who at some times spend, at others spare, Let rising granaries and temples here,

Divided between carelessness and care. There mingled farms and pyramids appcar, 'Tis one thing madly to disperse my store ; Link towns to towns with avenues of oak, Another, not to heed to treasure more : Enclofe whole downs in walls, 'tis all a joke! Glad, like a boy, to snatch the first good day, Inexorable Death fhall level all,

And pleas'd, if sordid want be far away. And trees, and stones, and farms, and farmer fall. ( What is 't to mc (a passenger God wot)

(a) Gold, silver, ivory, vases fculptur'd high, Whether my vessel be first-rate or not? Paint, marble, gems, and robes of Persian dye, The thip itself may make a better figure;

But I that fail, am neither less por bigger :
I neither Irut with every favouring breath,

Nor Atrive with all the tempelt in my teeth.
Quaedam (li credis consuleis) mancipat usus: In power, wit, figure, virtue, fortune, plac'd
Qui te pascit ager, tuus eft ; et villicus Orbî, Behind the foremost, and before the last.
Cum segetes occat tibi mox frumenta daturus,
Te dominum sentit.

(x) das nummos; accipis uvam,
Pullos, ova, cadum, temeti': nempe modo isto (6) Cur alter fratrum cessare, et ludere, et ungi
Paulatim mercaris agrum, fortaffe trecentis, Praeferat Herodis palmetis pinguibus; alter
Aut etiam supra, nummorum millibus emtum. Dives et importunus, ad umbram lucis ab oriu
Quid refert, vivas numerato nuper, an olim? Silvestrem flammis et ferro mitiget agrum :

(2) Emtor Aricini quondam, Veientis et arvi, Scit Genius, natale comes qui temperat aftrum : Emtum coenat olus, quamvis aliter putat ; emtis Naturae Deus bumane, mortalis in unum Sub no&emi gelidam lignis calefa&tat alienum. Quodque caput, vulta mutabilis, albus, et ater. Sed vocat usque suum, qua populus ad fita certis (c) Utar, et ex modico, quantum res poscet, Limitibus dicina refigit jurgia: tanquam (z) Sit proprium cuiquam, pun&o quod mobilis Tollam : nec metuam, quid de me judicet haeres, horae,

(prema, Quod non plura dacis invenerit. et tamen idem Nunc prece, nunc pretio, nunc vi, nunc forte su- Scire volam, quantum fimplex hilarisque nepoti Permutet dominos, et cedat in altera jura. Discrepet, et quantum difcordet parcus avaro.

Sic, quia perpetuus nulli datur usus, et haeres Distat enim, spargas tua prodigus, an neque sumHacredem alterius, velut unda supervenit undam:

tum. Quid vici prosunt, aut horrea ? quidve Calabris Invitus facias, nec plura parare labores; Saltibus adje&i Lucani; fi merit Orcus

Ac potius, puer ut feftis Quinquatribus olim, Grandia cum parvis, non exorabilis auro? Exiguo gratoque fruaris tempore raptim. (utrum (c) Gemmas, marmor, ebur, Tyrrhena figilla, (s) Pauperics immunda domûs procul ablit: ego, tabellas,

Nave ferar magna an parva, ferar unus et idem. Argentum, veltes Gactulo murice tin&as, Non agimur (umidis velis Aquilone secundo : Sunt qui non habcant; et qui non curat habere. Non tamen adversis actatem ducimus Auftris,


(2)' But why all this of avarice? I have none." | Has age but melted the rough parts away, i wilh you joy, Sir, of a tyrant gone;

As winter fruits grow mild ere they decay? But does no other lord it at this hour,

Or will you think, my friend, your business done, As wild and mad? the avarice of power? When, of a hundred thorns, you pull out one? Does neither rage inflame, nor fear appall ! (6) Learn to live well, or fairly make your will; Not the black fear of death, that faddens all ? You've play'd, and lov'd, and cat, and drank your With terrors round, can reason hold her throne,

fill : Despise the known, nor trouble at th' unknown Walk fober off; before a sprightlicr age Sarvey both worlds, intrepid and entire,

Comes tittering on, and shoves you from the stage: lo spite of witches, devils, dreams, and fire ? Leave such to trifle with more grace and ease, Pleas'd to look forward, pleas'd to look behind, Whom folly pleases, and whose follies please. And count each birth-day with a graceful mind? Has life no fourness, drawn so near its end; Canst thou endure a foe, forgive a friend? Somnia, terrores magicos, miracula, fagas,

Nodurnos lemures, portentaque Thessala rides

Natales grate numeras? ignofcis amicis ? Viribus, ingenio, specie, virtute, loco, re,

Lenior et melior fis accedente senecta? Extremi primorum, extremis usque priores. Quid te extrema levat fpinis de pluribus una 6) Non es avarus : abi. quid ? caetera jam sie (6) Vivere si re&e nescis, decede peritia mul ifto

Lulisti fatis, edifti fatis, atque bibifti: Cum vitio fugere? caret cibi pe&is inani Tempus abire tibi eft : ne potum largius aequo Ambitione? caret mertis formidine et ira? Rideat, et pulset lasciva decentias actas.



" Quid vetat et nosmet Lucilli scripta legentes
" Quaerere, num illius, num rerum dura'negårit
“ Versiculos natura magis factos, et euntes
" Mollius?”



Sense, past through him, no longer is the same ;

For food digested takes another name. Yks; thank my stars! as early as I knew I pass o'er all those confessors and martyrs, This town, I had the sense to hate it too : Who live like S-it-n, or who die like Chartres, Yet here, as ev’n in hell, there must be still Out-cant old Esdras, or out-drink his heir, One giant-vice, so excellently ill,

Out-usure Jews, or Irishmen out-swear; That all belide, one pities, nor abhors;

Wicked as pages, who in early years As who knows Sappho, smiles at other whores. Ad fins which Prisca's confeffor scarce hears. I grant that poetry's a crying fin;

Ev'n those I pardon, for whose finful fake It brought (no doubt th' excise and army in : Schoolmen new tenements in hell must make; Catch'd like the plague, or love, the Lord knows Of whose strange crimes no canonift can tell But that the cure is itar ving, all allow. [how in what commandment's large contents they dwell. Yet like the papist's, is the poet's state.

One, one man only breeds my juft offence; Poor and disarm'd, and hardly worth your hate ! Whom crimes gave wealth, and wealth gave im

Here a lean bard, whose wit could never give pudence: Himself a dinner, makes an actor live :

Time, that at laft matures a clap to pox, The thief condemn'd, in law already dead, Whose gentle progress makes a calf an ox, So prompts, and faves a rogue who cannot rcad. And brings all natural events to pass, Thus as the pipes of some carv'd organ move, Hath made him an attorney of an ass. The gilded puppets dance and mount above. No young divine, new-benefic'd, can be Heav'd by the breath th' inspiring bellows blow : More pert, more proud, more positive, than he. 'Th' inspiring bellows lie and pant below. What further could I wish the fop to do,

One fings the fair: but songs no longer move; But turn a wir, and scribble verses too? No rat is rhym'd to death, nor maid to love : Pierce the soft labyrinth of a lady's ear In love's, in nature's spite, the fiege they hold, With rhymes of this per cent., and that per year? And scorn the flesh, the devil, and all but gold. Or court a wife, spread out his wily parts,

These write to lords, some mean reward to get, Like nets or line-twigs, for rich widows hearts; As needy beggars sing at doors for meat. Call himself barrister to every wench, Those write because all write, and so have still And woo in language of the pleas and bench? Excuse for writing, and for writing ill.

Language, which Boreas might to Auster hold Wretched indeed! but far more wretched yet More rough than forty Germans when they Is he who makes his meal on others wit :

scold. 'Tis chang'd, no doubt, from what it was before; Curs'd be the wretch, so venal and so vain : His rank digestion makes it wit no more : Palery and proud, as drabs in Drury-lane.

'Tis such a bounty as was never known,
If Peter deigns to help you to your own :

What thanks, what praise, if Peter but fapplies !
And what a solemn face, if he denies !

Well, if it be my time to quit the stage,

, as when prisoners shake the head and swear Adieu to all the follies of the age ! 'Twas only furetiship that brought them there. . I dié in charity with fool and knave, His office kceps your parchment fates entire, Secure of peace at least beyond the grave. He farves with cold to fave them from the fire; I've had my purgatory here betimes, For you he walks the treets through rain or duft, And paid for all my satires, all my rhymes. For not in chariots Peter puts his trust;

The poet's hell, its tortures, fiends, and flames, For you he sweats and labours at the laws, To this were trifles, toys, and empty names. Takes God to witness he affects your cause,

With foolish pride my heart was never fir'de And lies to every lord in every thing,

Nor the vain itch t'admire, or be admir'd; Like a king's favourite-or like a king,

I hop'd for no commiffion from his Grace; These are the talents that adorn them all, I bought no benefice, I begg'd no place : From wicked Waters ev'n to godly

Had no new verses, nor new suit to show; Not more of Simony beneath black gowns, Yet went to court !—the devil would have it for Not more of baftardy in heirs to crowns. But, as the fool that in reforming days In shillings and in pence at first they deal; Would go to mass in jelt (as ktory says) And fleal fo little, few.perceive they steal; Could not but think, to pay his fine was odd, Till, like the sea, they compass all the land, Since 'twas no formid design of serving God; From Scots to Wight, from Mount to Dover strand: So was I punith'd, as if full as proud, And when rank widows purchase luscious nights, As prone to ill, as negligent of good, Or when a duke to Janssen punts at White's, As deep in debt, without a thought to pay, Or city txeir in mortgage melts away;

As vain, as idle, and as false, as they Satan himself feels far lefs joy than they.

Who live at court, for going once that way! Precemeal they win this acre first, then that, Scarce was I enter'd, when, beholdthere came Glean on, and gather up the whole estate. A thing which Adam had been pos'd to namc; Then Itrongly fencing ill-got wealth by law, Noah had refus'd it lodging in his ark, Indentures, covenants, articles they draw,

Where all the race of reptiles might embark : Large as the fields themselves, and larger far A verier monster, than on Afric's shore Than civil codes, with all their glofses, are; The sun e'er got, or Alimy Nilus bore, So vast, our new divines, we must confess, Or Sloan or Woodward's wondrous shelves contain, Are fathers of the church for writing less. Nay, all that lying travellers can feign. But let them write for you, each rogue impairs The watch would hardly let him pass at noon, The deeds, and dextroudy omits, les beires : At night would swear him droppidout of the moon. No commentator can snore flily pass

One, whom the mob, when next we find or make Over a learn'd, unintelligible place :

A popish plot, shall for a Jesuit cake, Or, in quotation, shrewd divines leave out (doubt. And the wife justice starting from his chair Those words that would against them clear the Cry, By your prielthood tell me what you are?..

So Luther thought the pater-nofter long, Such was the wight: th' apparel on his back, When doom'd to say his beads and even-fong ; Though coarse, was reverend, and though bare, But baving call his cowl, and left those laws,

was black : Adds to Christ's prayer, the power and glory clause. The suit, if by the fashion one might guess,

The lands are bought; but where are to be found Was selyet in the youth of good Queen Bels, Those ancient woods, that snaded all the ground? But mere tuff-taffety what now remain'd; We fee no new-built palaces aspire,

So tinae, that changes all things, had ordain'd! No kitchens emulate the vellai fire. (yore Our sons shall see it leisurely decay, Where are those troops of poor, that throng'd of First turn plain rash, then vanishi quite away. The good old landlord's hospicable door?

This thing has travellid, and speaks language. Well, I could wish, that still in lordly domes

too, Some beats were kill'd, though aot wbule heca. And knows what's fit for every state to do; combs;

Of whose best phrase and courtly accent join'd, That both extremes were banish'd from their walls, He forms one tongue, exotic and refin'd, Carthufiso falts, and fulsome bachanals;

l'alkers I've learn'd to bear; Morteux I knew, And al, mankind might that just mean observe, Henley himself I've heard, and Budgel too. la which none e'er could furieit, none could starve. The Doctor's wormwood style, the hash of There as good works, 'eis true, we all allow,

tongues Bat oh! these works are not in fashion now: A pedant niakes, the form of Gunson's lungs, Like rich old wardrobes, things extremely rare, The whole artillery of the terms of war, Extremely fine, but what no man will wear. . And (all those plagues in one) the bawling bar;

Thus much I've said, I trust, without offence; These I could bear; but not a rogue so civil, Let no court sycophant pervert my sense,

Whose tongue will compliment you to the devil. Ner dy informer watch these words to draw A tongue, that can cheat widows, cancel (cores, Within the reach of treason, or the law. Make Scots speak treason, cozen subtles whosco,

VOL. vill,

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