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5 The Lord is loving unto every Church; give thy, grace, we beman; and his mercy is over all his seech thee, to thy servant, to works. Verse 9.

whom the charge of this congre6 All thy works praise thee, Ogation is now committed ; and so Lord; and thy Saints give thanks replenish him with the truth of unto thee. Verse 10.

thy doctrine, and endue him with 7 The Lord doth build up Je-innocency of life, that he may rusalem; and gather together the faithfully serve before thee, to the outcasts of Israel. Psalm cxlvii. glory of thy great name, and the verse 2.

benefit of thy holy Church, through 8. He healeth those that are Jesus Christ, our only Mediator broken in heart; and giveth medi- and Redeemer. Amen. cine to heal their sickness. Verse 3. 9 The Lord's delight is in them O HOLY Jesus, who hast pur

chased to thyself an universal that fear him, and put their trust Church, and hast promised to be in his mercy. Verse 11.

with the ministers of Apostolic 10 Praise the Lord, O Jerusa- Succession to the end of the world; lem; praise thy God, o Zion. be graciously pleased to bless the Verse 12. 11 For he hath made fast the is now appointed to offer the sa

ministry and service of him, who bars of thy gates; and hath bless-crifices of prayer and praise to thee ed thy children within thee. Verse in this house, which is called by 13. 12 He maketh peace in thy bor- inouth, and the meditation of his

2.6 sot thy name. May the words of his ders; and filleth thee with flour heart be always acceptable in thy of wheat. Verse 14. 13 He is our God, even the God sight, O Lord, our strength and

our Redeemer. Amen. the Lord by whom we escape O fier of the Faithful, visit

, we

GOD, , death. Psalm lxviii. verse 20.

14 O God, wonderful art thou pray thee, this congregation with in thy holy places, even the God thy, love and favour; enlighten ;

their minds more and more with and power unto his people. Bless-the light of the everlasting Gospel; ed be God. Verse 35.

graft in their hearts a love of the Glory be to the Father, and to truth; increase in them true rethe Son, and to the Holy Ghost ; ligion; nourish

them with all goodAs it was in the beginning, is ness; and of thy great mercy keep now, and ever shall be, world them in the same, o blessed Spiwithout end.

rit, whom with the Father and the Min. The law was given by Son together we worship and gloMoses.

rify as one God, world without
Peop. But grace and truth end. Amen.
came by Jesus Christ.

Benediction. 3
Min. Peop. Who is God NHE God of peace, who
over all, blessed for evermore. brought again from the dead

storm is our Lord Jesus Christ, the great soom

Shepherd of the sheep, through
OST gracious God, the giver the blood of the everlasting Cove-

of all good and perfect gifts, nant, make you perfect in every who, of thy wise providence hast good work to do his will, working appointed divers orders in thy! in you that which is well pleasing

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Let us pray.164 16

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OFFICE OF INSTITUTION. in his sight, through Jesus Christ; the foundation of the Apostles and to whom be glory for ever and Prophets, Jesus Christ himself beever. Amen.

ing the Chief Corner Stone; grant
1 Then sball the instituted Minister kneel at the that, by the operation of the Holy
Altar to present his supplication for himself—in
this form :

Ghost, all Christians may be so
LORD my God! I am not joined together in unity of spirit,

worthy that thou shouldest and in the bond of peace, that they
come under my roof; yet thou may be an Holy Temple accept-
hast honoured thy servant with able unto thee. And especially,
appointing him to stand in thy to this congregation present, give
House, and to serve at thy Holy the abundance of thy grace; that
Altar. To thee and to thy ser- with one heart, they may desire
vice I devote myself, soul, body, the prosperity of thy holy Apos-
and spirit with all their powers tolic Church, and with one mouth,
and faculties. Fill my memory may profess the faith once deliver-
with the words of thy law; en-ed to the Saints. Defend them
lighten my understanding with the from the sins of heresy and schism;
illumination of the Holy Ghost ;" let not the foot of pride come
and may all the wishes and desires nigh to hurt them, nor the hand of
of my will centre in what thou the ungodly to cast them down."
hast commanded. And, to make And grant that the course of this
me instrumental in promoting the world may be so peaceably order-
salvation of the people now com-ed by thy Governance, that thy
mitted to my charge, grant that I Church may joyfully serve thee
may faithfully administer thy holy in all godly quietness; that so they
Sacraments, and by my life and may walk in the ways of truth
doctrine set forth thy true and live- and peace, and at last be number-
ly word. Be ever with me in the ed with thy Saints in glory ever--
performance of all the duties of lasting, through thy merits, Obless-
my ministry ; in prayer, to quick-ed Jesus, thou gracious Bishop and
en my devotion; - in praises, to Shepherd of our souls, who art,
heighten my love and gratitude; with the Father and the Holy
and in preaching, to give a readi- Ghost, one God, world without
ness of thought and expression end. Amen.
suitable to the clearness and ex- 1 Then shall follow the Sermon : and after that the
cellency of thy Holy Word. Grant instituted Minister shall proceed to the Commu-
this for the sake of Jesus Christ

nion Service, and to administer the holy Euchar.

ist to his Congregation : and after the Benedicthy Son our Saviour.

tion, (which he shall always pronounce) the The instituted Minister, standing up, shall say,

Wardens, Vestry, and others shall salute and The Lord be with you.

welcome him, bidding him God speed. Ans. And with thy spirit.

When the Bishop of the Diocese is present at the

institution of a Minister, he shall make to him the Let us pray.

address prescribed in this Office in the form of a in assigned the Instituting Minister as he may choose.

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Y the Bishops, the Clergy, and the Laity of the Protestant Episcopal

, day of October, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty-nine

This translation of the Whole Book of Psalms into Metre, with Hymns, is set forth, and allowed to be sung in all Congregations of the said Church, before and after Morning and Evening Prayer, and also before and after Sermons, at the discretion of the Minister.

And it shall be the duty of every Minister of any Church, either by standing directions or from time to time, to appoint the Portions of Psalms which are to be sung.

And further, it shall be the duty of every Minister, with such assistance as he can obtain from persons skilled in music, to give order concerning the Tunes to be sung, at any time, in his Church: And, especially, it shali be his duty to suppress all light and unseemly music, and all indecency and irreverence in the performance; by which vain and ungodly persons profane the service of the Sanctuary.



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Thy threatening sceptre thou shalt shake, row blest is he, who ne'er consents

" and crush them every where ; ill advice to walk,

“ As massy bars of iron break Nor stands in sinners' ways, nor sits

" the potter's brittle ware.” where men profanely talk ;

10 Learn then, ye princes; and give ear, 2 But makes the perfect law of God

ye judges of the earth ; his business and delight ;

11' Worship the Lord with holy fear; Devoutly reads therein by day,

rejoice with awful mirth. and meditates by night.

12 Appease the Son with due respect, 3 Like some fair tree, which, fed by streams, Lest he revenge the bold neglect,

your timely homage pay: with timely fruit does bend, He still shall flourish, and success

incensed by your delay. all his designs attend.

13 If but in part his anger rise, 4 Ungodly men, and their attempts,

who can endure the flame? no lasting root shall find;

Then blest are they, whose hope relies Untimely blasted and dispersed

on his most holy name. like chaff before the wind.

PSALM 3. 6 Their guilt shall strike the wicked dumb

row many, Lord, of late are grown before their Judge's face: No formal bypocrite shall then

And as their numbers hourly rise, among the saints have place.

so does their rage increase. 6 For God approves the just man's ways;

2 Insulting, they my soul upbraid, to happiness they tend:

and him whom I adore ; But sinners, and the paths they tread,

“ The God in whom he trusts,” say they, shall both in ruip end.

11 shall rescue him no more.” PSALM 2.

3 “ But thou, O Lord, art my defence; TITH restless and ungovern'd rage,

on thee my hopes rely ; why do the heathen storm ?

Thou art my glory, and shall yet Why in such rash attempts engage,

lift up my head on high. as they can ne'er perform?

4 Since whensoe'er, in like distress, 2 The great in council and in might

to God I made my prayer, their various forces bring;

He heard me from his holy hill; Against the Lord they all unite,

why should I now despair ? and his anointed King.

6 Guarded by him, I laid me down 3 “ Must we submit to their commands ?"

my sweet repose to take ; presumptuously they say:

For I through him securely sleep, " No, let us break their slavish bands,

througtı him ia safety wake. " and cast their chains away."

6 No force nor fury of my foes 4 But God, who sits enthroned on high,

my courage shall confound, and sees how they combine,

Were they as many hosts as merr, Does their conspiring strength defy,

that have beset me round. and mocks their vain design.

7 Arise, and save me, O my God, 6 Thick clouds of wrath divine shall break

who oft hast own'd my cause, on bis rebellious foes ;

And scatter'd oft these foes to me, And thus will be in thunder speak

and to thy righteous laws. to all that dare oppose :

8 Salvation to the Lord belongs ; 6 " Though madly you dispute my will,

he only can defend: " the King that I ordain,

His blessings he extends to all “ Whose throne is fix'd on Sion's hill,

that on his power depend. “ shall there securely reign.”

PSALM 4. 7 Attend, 0 earth, whilst I declare O Lord, thom art my righteous Judge,

God's uncontrollid decree : « Thou art my Son; this day, my heir,

Thou still redeem'st me from distress; “ have I begotten thee.

have mercy, Lord, and hear. 8“ Ask, and receive thy full demands;

| 2 How long will ye, O sons of men, " thine shall the heathen be ;

to blot my fame devise ? The utmost limits of the lands

How long your vain designs pursue, “ sball be possess'd by thee.

and spread malicious lies >

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