Trifles: Viz. The Toy-shop. The King and the Miller of Mansfield. The Blind Beggar of Bethnal-Green. Rex & Pontifex. The Chronicle of the Kings of England. The Art of Preaching, in Imitation of Horace's Art of Poetry. The Right of Mankind, to Do what They Will, Asserted. With Several Others, Not More Considerable

At Tully's Head in Pall-mall, 1745 - 350 páginas

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Página 294 - Deliver me, O my God, out of the hand of the wicked, out of the hand of the unrighteous and cruel man.
Página 42 - Ay, now, I am convinced, you are a courtier; here is a little bribe for to-day, and a large promise for to-morrow, both in a breath ; here, take it again, and take this along with it.
Página 42 - I came down with him to hunt in this forest, and the chase leading us to-day a great way from home, I am benighted in this wood, and have lost my way. Miller. This does not sound well ; if you have been a hunting, pray where is your horse 7 King.
Página 308 - You will now execute his vengeance on the heathen ; you will bind their kings in chains, and their nobles in fetters of iron.
Página 184 - This is not that, and therefore, that not this. Oppos'd to him, but much the greater dunce, Is he who throws all knowledge off at once. The first for every trifle will contend; But this has no opinions to defend.
Página 39 - When seated on his throne, and surrounded with nobles and flatterers, perhaps he may think so ; but when lost in a wood, alas ! what is he but a common man ? His wisdom knows not which is north and which is south ; his power a beggar's dog would bark at; and his greatness the beggar would not bow to.
Página 252 - Amurath the first was slain, and Edward the first of England was wounded, was put down and rooted out by common consent of the Mahometan princes. The Anabaptists, it is true, come nearest.
Página 59 - Sir, you muft mend a bad fupper with a glafs of good ale: — Here's King Harry's health. King. With all my heart. Come, Richard, here's King Harry's health: I hope you are courtier enough to pledge me, are not you? Dick. Yes, yes, Sir: I'll drink the king's health with all my heart. Mar. Come, Sir, my humble fervice to you, and much good may do ye with your poor fupper; I vvifh it had been better.
Página 42 - I speak truth now, I assure you ; and to convince you of it, if you...
Página 43 - I can ; or if you will accept of such poor entertainment as a miller can give, you shall be welcome to stay all night, and in the morning I will go with you myself. King. And cannot you go with me to-night ? Miller. I would not go with you to-night if you were the king himself.

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