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Grand Chapter of the State of New-York, convened in the

City of Albany, Feb. 7, 5817. RESOLVED. UNANIMOUSLY, That this Grand Chapter recommend to the public in general, and more especially to all Masonic Brethren, The System of Free-Masonry," about to be published by companion SALEM Town, Grand Chaplain. The subjects of that work, having been exhibited before the members of this Grand Chapter, in a series of addresses, we do recommend it as a most valuable production, on Speculative Masonry, and believe it will be of great importance to the institution in general, and interesting to every friend of truth, of sound principles and benevolent feelings.


Grand Secretary of the Grand Chapter. We, the undersigned, having heard companion SALEM Town's Masonic Addresses, which, by the special request of the Grand Chapter, he has reduced to a regular system, do most cordially recommend iu to all our brethren and companions, as a most valuable production, and in our opin, ion, calculated to advance the general interest of the Ma. sonic Institution, and open a field for irciividual improvement in Masonic knowledge, more than any work which to our knowledge has appeared to the pablic. We there. fore feel the highest confidence in recommending it to the perusal of every Mason, entertaining no doubt, but his mind will be thereby replenished with many new and interesting ideas, calculated to shew the great importance of the institution.

M. E. EZRA AMES, Grand High Priest.

E. JOSEPH Exos, Jun. Grand King.
E. Joan Brusa, Grand Scribe.

E. Isaac HEMPSTED, Grand Treasurer.
M. E. SAMUEL EDMONDS, P. D. G. H. Priest,

E. Elisha GILBERT, Past Grund King.
E. Asa Fitch, Past Grand K
E. Chris. C. Yates, Past Grand Treasurer.

GRANVILLE, March 2, 1817. I have examined companion SALEM Town's Addresses to the Grand Chapter of New-York, and for extent of Masonic research, purity of moral, correctness of Masonic principle, and fervency of piety, I consider them unequalled, and therefore most cordially recommend them to the perusal and patronage of the lovers of Masonry and human happiness. They develope the origin, principles and use of the institution, and redeem the sacred order at once from the ignorance, spleen and mistaken dread of a too censorious world. They enlighten the dark, teach the novice, confirm the weak, and add grace and beauty to what the discerning eye has ever deemed beautiful.

Z. R. SHIPHERD, Past Dep. Grand H. Priest. Recommendation of the Honorable and Most Excellent Com

panion DE WITT CLINTON, General Grand High Priest of the General Grand Chapter of the United States of America, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the State of New-York, &c. &c.

Having perused some chapters of a manuscript, entitled “ A System of Speculative Masonry," by companion SALEN Town, of Washington County, highly approving the general outlines of this work, and being satisfied of its accurate and able illustrations of the benign principles of FreeMasonry, I have no hesitation in recommending it to the patronage of the fraternity. Dated at Albany, 20th March 5817.





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