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This plate represents a well regulated play-ground, with all the necessary apparatus.

It will be seen that there are two rotatory swings, one for the boys, the other for the girls. The girls are represented vaulting over a rope, which they sometimes do, as also do the boys. The boys are represented swinging in the usual way, without the vaulting rope.

It will be seen that some of the children are represented as engaged in erecting their various buildings ; some are building solid oblong pillars, others are busy erecting squares, others pentagons, others hexagons, and so on, as they may feel inclined. The play-ground is flagged, and a little cart is represented, to enable the children to take the wood bricks away, and place them in their proper places, as on no account are they to be left out, when the children are done with them. The fruit trees are represented round the wall; and above all, it should be observed, that the teachers are both represented as being with the children in the play-ground. This is absolutely essential, to prevent accidents, to attend to the moral and physical training, and, above all, to see that the children acquire habits of honesty and kindness to each other. It will also be seen that there is not a single child in the plate represented as being idle; they are all either doing, or watching others doing, which is invariably the case, unless he is indisposed or asleep. The pupils being supplied with the necessary articles for amusement, the teacher must not fail to remember that the choice is always left to the children. If they play at what they choose they are free beings, and manifest their characters; but if they are forced to play at what they do not wish, they do not manifest their characters, but are cramped and are slaves, and hence their faculties are not developed. both ways.

It must also be remembered, that the children are to be taught to swing

In the plate the children are represented as going with the right hand upwards ; but to strengthen the left side of the body, the left hand should be above, and the children's faces turned the opposite way from that represented in the picture.




This exhibits the children at their spelling and reading lessons, with single seats round the sides of the school-room, and a row of children up each side of the gallery and along the top, which thus allows the same room as if the gallery were not erected. Double seats round the sides are found pot to answer, as it creates disorder, and the children on the upper seat dirt the children on the lower. The little girls are on one side of the room; the little boys on the other. The girls are represented at their lessons, superintended by the mistress; the others sit quietly at the side until it comes to their turn. The boys are represented coming up to the reading lessons three at a time, each three children escorted by the monitor. The monitors' little stools are represented by the sides of the lesson-posts. The little girls are seated on theirs, teaching the children. By reference to the boys' side, it will be seen that segments of circles are represented, which consist of flattened brass or iron let into the floor, and screwed down, and so placed that the children all see the lesson. The segment of a circle is so placed that it will allow standing room for five children, and all can see well, which is the number that come at a time to each post when going through the object lessons; but in the alphabetical, spelling, and reading lessons, which are a drier study, they never should come up more than three at a time. The lesson-posts are represented as being fixed into the floor by sockets, which is a far better plan than having feet to them, as they are always perpendicular, and in their proper place, and are not subject to be knocked down. They are not however fixtures, but can be removed when done with, a small plate of iron falling over the hole, and they are hung up opposite, to be again used when wanted, which leaves the area of the room vacant. The entire school is divided into classes, and each monitor knows the

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