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this last work of his feelings on this that followed. Before Carlo closed side of the great chasm which sepa- his casement, where he lingered, lost rates us from the strange, the obscure, in sweet and bitter thoughts, till the - and the terrible beyond, he knew not; moon went down, heavy gusts an. but the twilight at length put a stopnounced a storm; streaks of distant to his task, and he sat in that half lightning tinged the clouds in the west, waking, half sleep, which so often and the faint yet incessant roar of the succeeds violent emotion. He was thunder, told him that the tempest was aroused by a voice singing a little busy among the crests of the Vosges

. Styrian air under his casement. There But it was probably to be his last was something in the sound which so night, and, to prepare his mind to act touchingly contrasted with his forlorn decorously on his last day, he threw condition, that for the first time he himself upon the mattress and tried burst into tears. But he was to be to sleep touched still more keenly. The song But he had that on his spirit which ceased, and he heard another voice banishes sleep; and his memory traced speaking to the minstrel. He knew nothing but the brilliant loveliness of it at the instant-he would have known Carolina, and heard nothing but the it at the extremity of the earth. It silver tones of her voice. was the voice of Carolina Cobentzel. The storm had, by this time, crossed

There are some conceptions which the Rhine, and was rolling over the are absolutely indescribable by lan- forest country. The bellowings of the guage. They crowd the mind with blast were tremendous; and the lightsensations of which it is itself unable nings showed every corner of his dunto distinguish either the effect or the geon with fearful distinctness. Yet in zii

The mind seems for the mo- one of the pauses he conceived that ment transported from the frame, into other sounds reached his ear: he listen- 250 a new state of being: all is rapturous, ed; there evidently were feet moving on tender, wild ; yet all is confused. the roof of the tower. As his eye Carlo, for the time, forgot his cell, his turned to the casement, he now saw a misfortunes, the strange fatality which heavy rope swinging across it, and in turned every thing for him into evil. another moment a figure of a man, He was again free, again in the pur- visible by a flash. He was totally suit of glory, again listening to the without resource,

To force open the exquisite accents of Carolina's story. grating was as impossible as to burst He saw, in all the darkness of his rude the door. But nothing could be plainer and melancholy den, the matchless than that the enemy were in league features of a countenance which was with some traitors in the garrison; and to him like a spell. She was his world; it occurred to him, that some of the all the rest was nothing.

workmen employed in repairing the This delirium, the delightful illu. fortifications might have come to their sion of the heart awaking the fancy, at labours before daylight. But, on length subsided, and he began to think touching his repeater, its little bell that all was a dream; but the voices struck three. This was too early for commenced again. The moon had risen honest employment, and he listened over the forest in her glory, and he again. The rope descended, and he heard one of Schiller's noble hymns to observed that a large open barrel was The Night, sung to the accompani. attached to it. His ear, sharpened by ment of a tasteful and practised hand. suspicion, too, heard low voices at the The harp had scarcely ceased its foot of the tower. He now glanced at chords, when a note from his casement the forest, and a glimpse of the light

: was sent floating on the air. Whether ning showed him a compact body of it was ever to reach its address was

troops fixed closely under a cluster of doubtful; but it contained his “dying the superb elms, which lined the road request” to know by what chance the to the gate of the fortress. The rope only being for whom the earth was began to move upwards again, and still dear to bim had come within the from the slowness of its motion it fortress ; and his hope that “she, at evidently bore a heavy burden. All least, would judge him incapable of these circumstances conspired to prove dishonour."

that some treachery was on foot, and The serenity of the evening was a

that the troops whom he had seen faithless representative of the night were intended to take the garrison by



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Belies it surprise. There was evidently no his head with his hands, that he might

time to be lost. The door of the shut out the horrid sounds of the as

tower was bolted and barred, and all sault, if possible. As he bowed his itu, bens hope of arousing the fortress in that burning forehead to the ground, it mit quarter vain: it was beyond calculation struck upon something that glittered

that, if they were suffered to make in the lightning: it was the knife their way good to the tower, they must which had carved his melancholy be masters of the bastion below, which meal, and which, from having fallen gave them direct entrance into the under the table, had been forgotten by body of the place. The fortress was the old grenadier, whose orders were evidently unprepared for this midnight to leave nothing that had an edge assault; not a sound was heard, not a within reach of his prisoner. Carlo sentinel challenged. A French bat. caught it up with an involuntary extalion, once let in, would evidently clamation of joy. He sprang to the take the whole garrison in their beds. casement, the rope was again slowly

All feelings but those of soldiership moving upwards, and, by the tardiness were forgotten in this crisis, and he of its motion, it evidently carried a felt his frame breathless, from the heavier burden than before. On anxiety to discover some means of glancing down he saw two shakos asarousing the devoted governor and cending. He thrust his arm out to its

his people. He recollected that a full length, between the bars, and was made

sentinel had been stationed during made a cut at the rope. He heard a The te

the day at the foot of his stair, and cry, but the blow had been ineffectual; to him he cried out, with all the ex. the windlass still creaked above. He ertion of a remarkably sonorous voice. made a second blow, and one half of But the storm was too loud for him, the rope instantly flew up, the other or the sentinel was stupified with his went down with its cargo, and a crash pipe, which morning, noon, and night, and a yell told him the

fate of the unalike finds in the yellow-haired lips of lucky experimentalists. He next heard this most smoke-dried of all nations. the sentinel on the adjoining bastion

No man who has not experienced challenge and fire. The relief which some such dilemma, can have an ade- he experienced in that moment, was quate conception of the fever to which like waking from the pressure of some anxiety may be wrought. Carlo ut- overwhelming disease. He breathed terly forgot how indifferent all this, freely once more: he knew that the and the world along with it, might be garrison was, at least, awake. The to him within the next twenty-four patrol of the night soon came hurrying hours : he even forgot how much along the ramparts: his door was unbetter his chance of existence might locked, and the officer ordered his

be, by falling into the hands of a apartment to be examined. Their ored $ French battalion than of a German first alarm was thus directed to him. judge - advocate. Every thing was

Every thing was self, and his supposed dexterity in forgotten but that the fortress was on making his escape from justice. This the point of being surprised, and that difficulty settled, the patrol were about Carolina Cobentzel was among its to move forward when Carlo told the inmates, and exposed to the horrors officer what he had seen. But the of such scenes. Still

, what was to be gallant captain, a sullen coxcomb, and done? He felt along the walls of his angry at being called from the comapartment, as if he could have opened forts of his guard-house only to be some fissure in them, and struggled drenched to the skin, turned a coninto the open air. He again struck temptuous glance upon him: all would violently on the door. It was as have been lost but for the coming up massive as iron, and as inexorable. of the old adjutant, who halted the paHe rushed, for the tenth time, to the trol until he heard the story. His grating. Every instant was now big presence at the interviews of the gowith fate. He saw the troops below vernor with Carlo had given him an emerging from their shelter, and evi- opinion of the prisoner's sagacity, dently preparing to take advantage of which was not to be shaken by the the work of their comrades above. He scowl of a half-sleepy captain, only flung himself in utter exhaustion, and eager to get back to his bottle. The with a pang like an icebolt through adjutant was a soldier, and had heard his heart, upon the floor, and covered of French contrivances before. He No. ccxcv, VOL. XLVII,

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returned into the chamber-saw for the unlucky hero who had made his himself the movement of shakos and solitary way by the windlass to the roof the glitter of bayonets under the trees of the tower, and had been scared was satisfied that it was no affair to from his position by the tremendous be dreamed over, and despatched the tintimarre which Carlo had raised. A intelligence to the governor's quarters. German bayonet was already at his But Carlo had by this time come out breast, and bis history would have upon the rampart, and he heard been shortened but for his throwing sounds which convinced him that some himself, as if by instinct, at the knees portion of the enemy had already of the only one of the party, who ade their way within the place. would have thought of turning his life

“ I must make the rounds within to any purpose. It struck the quick fifteen minutes, and report to the go- thought of the young son of Italy that vernor," said the adjutant, with mili. he might lay a trap for the cunning of tary precision.

the enemy in turn ; and he ordered «i Give me but five of those minutes, the prisoner to follow him. He was and as many of the guard, and I shall promptly obeyed, and the whole party ascertain the point,” said Carlo, almost proceeded to the sallyport. Carlo with a look of supplication.

had now obtained over his German “ Well, then, I shall go with you,” comrades that sort of ascendancy and the model of discipline strode one which, in awkward times, is so readily ward.

conceded to whoever will take the The German finances are never in perilous part of the affair upon himthe most brilliant order, and if the hon- self. The view beyond the moat was est Margraves and Serene Highnesses certainly the reverse of satisfactory; have enough for the routine of their for the occasional flashes, which still little courts, the most monotonous burst from the clouds as they swept little specimens of live machinery on along, almost touching the ground, the globe--an allowance sufficient to showed a deep mass of caps and bayo keep up an orchestra-for every Ger- nets already in the glacis, and evidently

— man in existence is either a blower of waiting only for the first opportunity the trombone, or longs to be a blower of to push across. The adjutant preit; and if the revenue can be stretch. pared to draw up his little patrol, and ed out so far as to include the sus. give them a grand discharge. He tenance of a pack of wild-boar hounds was dragged back by his companion, and hunters, and a cellar of hock to Fly to the governor's quarters," wash down the dust of the summer's whispered Carlo, “ and leave me to day sun, all the longings of sovereignty manage in your absence. Awake the are satisfied. It is not to be a matter old general, and tell him that, if we of astonishment, therefore, that the are not the most unlucky dogs on German frontier has never offered earth, we shall have a handsome exhi. more resistance to a French invasion, bition for the morning's parade. I than the twigs of a hamper of apples pledge myself for a battalion at the would do to the assaults of a legion of least.” hungry schoolboys. To patch fortifi- The adjutant flew; it was the first cations was the last employment to time that glory had cast a single ray which the kreutzers and rixdollars were on his dreary course of a quarter ever regarded as applicable; and there of a century: the prospect of prowere more breaches than gates in every motion made him a new man, and fortress from the Netherlands to Hun- if it had been but daylight, the whole gary. Erlach-Glaringen had shared garrison would have been in amazeonly the common fate, and nothing ment at the rapidity with which he but the Gallic love of stratagem had threaded the streets, rushed over the tempted them to the circuitous trouble bodies of sleeping aids-de-camp and of bribing some knave of the garrison, orderlies in the governor's house, and when their chance would have been stood at the bedside of the great funca better by a dash in noonday.

tionary bimself, to tell him, as Hector's But we have no time for detail. ghost told the Trojan hero, that he This night was not destined to add to had better abandon dreaming for a the laurels of the grande nation. The while, and think of beating the patrol, in winding its way among the enemy. ruins and repairs of the works, found The heavy tramp of the garrison


was no sooner heard, than Sebastiani distinguished; and that he had added determined to try Italian dexterity to all his other malepractices the heinagainst French craft. With a pistolat ousness of daring to mystify Majorthe ear of his prisoner, he marched General von Sharlheim, even to the him to the edge of the moat, and order point of putting an Austrian fortress, ed him to give the signal concerted governor and all, into the hands of

with his countrymen, and let down the the republicans. ** drawbridge. The French instantly The conclusion was ruinous to the

plunged forward, rushed over the unfortunate refugé, but consolatory to bridge, and, entering the open sally. the honour of the mustachioed heroes of port, were in the fortress. But then the governor's staff. There of course

the condition of things was suddenly could be no hesitation in adopting it'; di changed. As they poured, in the and it must be owned that the idea re(* confusion of a crowd, from the gate, ceived some plausibility from the cir

they saw the garrison drawn up before cumstance, that the French leader of the 15 them. A heavy volley from a cres- night's misadventure happened to be 10 cent of a thousand muskets was their the identical colonel whom Carlo had LY first salutation. Their attempt to taken prisoner on the skirts of Jourdan's

answer this by the scattered fire of army. The colonel had found it easy

men stumbling in the dark over all to make his escape in the bustle of 26 kinds of obstacles, only brought on the campaign, had returned to his & them the flanking fire of a couple of general, was now chef-de. brigade, I six-pounders. The whole affair was and was conveying, with all possible tai palpably a coup manqué, and happy speed, a detachment to take possesco was he who could first get within the sion of the defiles of the forest towards uni arch that led back again. But this the Rhine. His quick eye had in

was instantly choked up by the fugi- formed him of the dilapidated state of u tives--the rest had no chance for the fortress as he passed; every Ger

their lives but by throwing down their man fortress had a little band of

muskets, which they did with all pos- French deserters among its garrison, intisible unanimity.

frequently sent for the express purpose; The business was over just as the and the colonel, with the rapid calculaamb first pale streaks of dawn gave light tion of his country, thought that a coup

enough to show the grey coats and de-main, by their help, would at once sallow visages of the Frenchmen; they be the easiest thing in the world, make were marched to the custody of the the prettiest despatch in the Parisian casemates, where they and their dis- journals, and make him a general ofdivi. asters were hid from the light of day, sion. A quarter of an hour was to put

and where, in less than five minutes, him in possession of the place, half an Bat they were, to a man, making their hour to write his despatch, an hour to

soup, smoking their cigars, scoffing at make his toilet and receive the ladies of - "la Fortune," and promising their the garrison to a dejeuner ; and then

yellow-whiskered guard that Jour- he was to march and complete his

dan, or Moreau, or somebody or other, commission. mit would capture the fortress, carry off But this was not to be; and the colonel

the garrison, and let the imprisoned taken prisoner with his best battalion, braves forth again to a course of the rest making their way full speed glory!

through the mountains, and his expeBut where was Carlo ? Nowhere dition shattered to fragments, was still to be found. Bastion, tower, and the man of Paris. “ Cependant,” was even moat, were searched for him, in his remark to his circle of officers, vain. “ Les absens ont toujours tort” « puisque nous sommes ici, je tacherai is a maxim true in ' most parts of the de m'amuser cause des autres.” No world, but universally true on the advice could be more instinctively Continent. After a hunt of a day or taken; every man twirled his finger, two for him in the forest, it was quietly turned a pirouette, and determined to settled that he was unquestionably be happy on the spot. playing some of those tricks which had The history of Carlo's disappearance fallen under the cognizance of the is brief. In the confusion of the mornArchduke ; that his story of the ing he had been trampled down by tower was nothing but a new instance the flying enemy, and Aung into the of that invention

for which he was so moat; it had fortunately been filled by

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the tempest, and he thus escaped tleness and his melancholy, told him finishing his career in the undisturbed that the new arrival was merely an slough of half a century. Swimming officer with despatches; and placed across, he found himself completely him in a chamber from which he might beyond the reach of the governor and see without being seen.

Britand, no his drum-head court-martial. And it His alarms were soon quieted. The must be acknowledged that his first stranger was the adjutant, with vexa- maids o feeling was one of no slight comfort tion in every feature of his wiry visage,

sie keeping from the reflection. His share in the and weariness in every limb of his intriumph of the fortress was still far flexible frame. He had arrived in a from being a valid plea; for from post-carriage, of whose freight he the point where he had climbed, formed the smallest portion ; the rest the action within the walls seemed being a heap of bandboxes and portto be going on with unabated fury. manteaus, worthy of the establishment All that he could see was smoke, and of an electress or an opera-dancer. all that he could hear was discharges The adjutant's exclamations and inter. of cannon and small arms. But a few jections as he looked on those paste. minutes settled the question, and a board associates of his travels, and the

3 07 cho crowd of the French jumping into the sulkiness with which he answered. The water, covered the surface of the ditch, every question put to him by the land.

war fate ti and began scrambling up the counter- lord, for the usual roadside purpose



zo go WI. scarp. There was now no place for the hearing all the news, showed palpably

3 or the sole of his foot, and he fled along with enough, that, whether diplomacy or

mahaller the mass of fugitives. The forest discipline were the object, the travel.

xholy RC was their common shelter for the dayler was more than usually out of hu

Timby of and night following ; and Carlo more than once debated the propriety of Carlo, though conscious of the peril that did forgetting Europe and its follies, old of discovery, was on the point of and young, and travelling to the breaking in upon the vexed official, to antipodes.

hear the slightest tidings of the for. But the fortress contained a magnet tress; but the arrival of a second towards which his feelings vibrated; stranger taught him prudence, and he and in that fever of anxiety to which continued unobserved to inspect the suspense may be wrought where the state of affairs in the grand salon of imagination and the heart are at once the little inn. concerned, he lingered within the fo. Nothing could be more opportune rest, at one time ready to brave death than this arrival. It was an officer and throw himself at the feet of his who had left Erlach but a few hours enslaver, and at another upbraiding before. himself for the indecision which held He had evidently come in great him still in those unprofitable chains. haste, from the tired state of his horses, Every night that fell on his uneasy and the eagerness with which he flung pillow found him making the magna. off cloak and sabre. The tardy style nimous resolve that it should be the in which supper generally makes its last of his sojourning in Germany; appearance in a native inn, gave occaevery morning found him climbing sion to a good deal of that military some height from which he might have eloquence which is the reverse of a distant view of the brown ramparts courtly; and nothing could be more and gilded steeples of that spot which undeniable, even when the supper ar. enshrined the goddess of his idola. rived at last, than that they both sat try.

down to it in exceedingly ill temper One evening, as he was taking his with the times. tasteless meal in a little inn of the • Pleasant work this, Walstein," Westerthal, he was startled by the said the adjutant, “ to be sent, en sound of a horse tramp, and a loud courier, to Vienna for a frolic of the voice at the door. Life was irksome old governor.

His capture of those to him, but to give it up to the tender French scamperers has made him mercies of a discipline-loving com- half a Frenchman already, and I mandant was not among his purposes ; was to enjoy the fruits of it. Can and his first intention was to rush into you conceive the object of my mis the woods. But his landlord, who had sion?” already taken some interest in his gen- * Not I," answered Walstein, “ um

to be ist al trol

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