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Like the lost Pleiad seen no more below. aspirate, according to the Arabesque guttoral.

[p. 144. St. 14. It means what there is as yet no precise paine Quæ septem dici sex tamen esse solent." Ovid. for in England, though the practice is as com

mon as in any tramontane country whatever. His name Giuseppe, call d more briefly, Beppo.

(p. 145. St. 15. Beppo lo the Joe of the Italian Joseph.

Raphael, who died in thy embrace, and vies. The Spaniards call the person a “Cortejo."

[p. 147. St. 46. (p. 146. St. 37. For the received accounts of the cause of RaCortejo" is pronounced “Corteho," with

an phael's death, see his Lives.



That e'er dy precious metal was held in.

(p. 199. St. 71. Brave men were living before Agamemnon.

This dress is Moorish, and the bracelets and [p. 153. St. 5.

bar are worn in the manner described. The **Vixere fortes ante Agamemnona." HORACE.

reader will perceive hereafter, that, as the

mother of Haidee was of Fez, her daughter Save thine "incomparable oil," Macassar!

wore the garb of the country.

(p. 154. St. 17. "Description des vertus incomparables de l'huile

A like gold bar, above her instep rollid. de Macassar."-See the advertisement.

[p. 199. St. 72.

The bar of gold above the instep is a mark They only add them all in an appendix.

of sovereign rank in the women of the families [p. 156. St. 41.

of the Deys, and is worn as such by their female Faet. There is, or was, such an edition, with

relatives. all the obnoxious epigrams of Martial placed by themselves at the end.

Her person it allow'd at large to run.

(p. 199. St. 73. The bard I quote from does not sing amiss.

This is no exaggeration; there were four

(p. 160. St. 88. women, whom ! remember to have seen, who Campbell's Gertrude of Wyoming; it is the possessed their hair in this profusion; of these, opening of Canto III.

three were English, the other was a Levantine.

Their hair was of that length and quantity, Is it for this that General Count O'Reilly,

that when let down, it almost entirely shaded Who took Algiers, declares I used him vílely? the person, 80 as nearly to render dress a su

(p. 165. St. 118. perfluity: Of these, only one had dark hair; the Donna Julia here made a mistake. Count

Oriental's had, perhaps, the lightest colour of O'Reilly did not take Algiers—but Algiers very

the four. nearly took him; he and his army and fleet Tretreated with great loss, and not much credit, Soft hour! which wakes the wish and melts the from before that city.


(p. 204. St. 108.

Era già l' ora che volge 'l disio, My days of love are over, me no more

A naviganti, e 'ntenerisce il cuore ;

(p. 171. St. 216. Lo di chi han detto a' dolci amici a dio; Me nec femina, nec puer

E che lo nuovo peregrin d'amore Jam, nec spes animi credula mutui,

Punge, se ode squilla di lontano, Nec certare juvat mero,

Che paja 'l giorno pianger che si muore." Nec vincire novis tempora floribus.

DANTE's Purgatory, C. 8. This last line is the first of Gray's Elegy,

taken by him without acknowledgment. NOTES TO CAN TO IU.

Some hands unseen strew'd flowers upon his tomb. Por none likes more to hear himself converse.

Ip. 204. St. 109. [p. 197. St. 45. See Suetonius for this fact. Rispose allor' Margatte, a dirtel tosto,

Jo non credo più al nero ch' all azzurro; Ma nell cappone, o lesso, o vuogli arrosto,

NOTES TO CANTO IV. E credo alcuna volta anco nel burro; Nella cervogia, e quando io n'ho nell mosto,

A vein had burst. (p. 209. Su 59. E molto più nell' espro che il mangurro;

This is no very uncommon effect of the vio. Ma sopra tutto nel buon vino ho sede, Jence of conflicting and different passions. The E credo che sia salvo chi gli crede.

Doge Francis Foscari, on his deposition, in 1457, Pulci, Morgante Maggiore, 18, 151. hearing the bell of St. Mark announce the elec(p. 223. Se

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(p. 229. & 14

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tion of his successor, “mourut subitement d'une A marble fountain echoes.

(p. 220. Stj. hémorrhagie causée par une veine qui éclata A common furniture.- I recollect being receivdans sa poitrine, (see Sismondi and Daru,) ed by Ali Pacha, in a room containing a bartle at the age of eighty years, when “Who would basin and fountain. have thought the old man had so much blood in him?" Before I was sixteen years of age,

The gate so splendid was in all ne feature I was witness to a melancholy instance of the same effect of mixed passions upon a young person; Features of a gate - - a ministerial metapbar; who, however, did not die in consequence, at "the feature upon which this question hinga. that time, but fell a victim some years afterwards See the “Fudge Family," or hear Castlereaçi to a seizure of the same kind, arising from causes intimately connected with agitation of mind.

Though on more thorough-bred or fairer fazer But sold by the impresario at no' high rate.

(p. 225. SN (p. 211. St. 80.

There is perhaps nothing more distincta est This is a fact. A few years ago a man engaged birth than the hand : it is almost the oak la a company for some foreign theatre, embarked of blood which aristocracy can generate. them at an Italian port, and, carrying them to Algiers, sold them all. One of the women, returned from her captivity, I heard sing, by

Save Solyman, the glory of their lise a strange coincidence, in Rossini's opera of „L’Italiana in Algeri," "at Venice, in the begin in his essay on Empire," hints that selama

It may not be unworthy of remark, that Bera ning of 1817.

was the last of his line; on what authority: 1 From all the pope makes yearly 'twould perplex

know not. These are his words: “The entre To find three perfect pipes of the third ser.

tion of Mustapha was so fatal to Solyman: lat,

(p. 212. St. 86. as the succession of the Turks from Salysa. It is strange that it should be the Pope and until this day, is suspected to be untrue, and the Sultan who are the chief encouragers of this of strange blood; for that Solymus the Secret branch of trade – women being prohibited as was thought to be supposititious." But Bacaa, e singers at St. Peter's, and not deemed trust- bis historical authorities, is often inaccurate. I worthy as guardians of the haram.

could give half a dozen instances frea

apophthegms only. While weeds and ordure rankle round the base. Being in the humour of criticism, I shall

(p. 214. St. 103. ceed, after having ventured upon the slipse The pillar which records the battle of Ravenna Bacon, to touch on one or two as triting in the is about two miles from the city, on the opposite edition of the British poets, by the jastly side of the river to the road towards "Forli. brated Campbell.-But' I do this in good wil Gaston de Foix, who gained the battle, was kills and trust it will be so taken.-If anything and ed in it; there fell on both sides twenty thousand add to my opinion of the talents and true feel men. The present state of the pillar and its site ing of that gentleman, it would be his classica is described in the text.

honest, and triumphant defence of Pope, aças
the vulgar cant of the day, and its estan


The inadvertencies to which I allnde are:

Firstly, in speaking of Anstey, when be at The ocean stream.

[p. 215. St. 3. cuses of having taken “his leading charact:ups This expression of Homer has been much cri- from Smollett." Anstey's Bath Guide was pad ticised. li hardly answers to our Atlantic ideas lished in 1766. Smollett's Humphry (linket me of the ocean, but is sufficiently applicable to the only work of Smollett's from wbich Tabu Hellespont, and the Bosphorus, with tho Ægean could have been taken) was written doring intersected with islands.

Smollett's last residence at Leghorn, in 1771

Argal," if there has been any borrowing, 1s. The Giant's Grave. [p. 215. St. 5. stey must be the creditor, and not the deber.! “ The Giant's Grave" is a height on

the refer Mr. Campbell to his own data in his tives Adriatic shore of the Bosphorus, much frequented of Smollett and Anstey. by holiday parties : like Harrow and Highgate. Secondly, Mr. Campbell says in the life of

Cow per that “he knows not io wboa Compe? And running out as fast as I was able.

alludes in these lines:

[p. 218. .St. 33. The assassination alluded to took place on the Built

God a church, and laugh'd his word to scena

Nor he who, for the bane of thousands bort. eighth of December, 1820, in the streets of R-, not a hundred paces from the residence of the The Calvinist meant Voltaire, and the earth writer. The circunstances were as described. of Ferney, with its inscription, * Deo eres

Voltaire. Kill d by five bullets from an old gun-barrel. Thirdly, in the life of Burns, Mr. C. qua

[p. 218. St. 34. Shakespeare thus,There was found close by him an old gunbarrel, sawn half off: it had just been discharged,

To gild refined gold, to paint the rose, and was still warm.

Or add fresh perfume to the violet.

This version by no means improves the orig Prepared for supper wüh a glass of rum. nal, which is as follows:

(p. 220. St. 53. In Turkey nothing is inore common than for

To gild refined gold, to paint the lily, • the Mussilmans to take several glasses of strong

To ihrow a perfume on the violet, spirits by way of appetizer. I have seen them take as many as six of raki before dinner, and swear that they dined the better for it; i'tried rect, he should also be accuraap when he ac****

A great poet quoting another should be cut the experiment, but was like the Scotchman, who a Parnassian brother of Glat dangerous charp were admirable whets, ate six of them, and excepting inoney) than the the sights of a coober complaiurd that he was no hungrier Than when they are always sure to be reclaimed but he begun."

Ivery hard, having been the leader, to be dont

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ounced as the debtor, as in the case of Anstey Bid Ireland's Londonderry's Marquess show ersus Smollett.

His parts of speech.

(p. 268. St. 49. As there is “honour amongst thieves, let This was written long before the suicide of ere be some amongst poets, and give each his that person. de ;- none can afford to give it more than Mr. ampbell himself, who, with a high reputation Your "fortune" was in a fair way "to swell or originality, and a fame which cannot be A man," as Giles says. (p. 269. St. 63. haken, is the only poet of the times (except “His Fortune swells him, it is rank, he's ogers) who can be reproached (and in him it is married."-Sir Giles Overrcach. MASSINGBB. udeed a reproach) with having written too little.


Would scarcely join again the "reformadoes." AU sounds it pierceth, Allah! Allah! Hu!"

[p. 273. St. 13. (p. 251. St. 8. "Allah! Hu!" is properly the war - cry of the Bradwardine, in Waverley, is authority for

“Reformers," or rather "Reformed." The Baron Tussulmans, and they dwell long on the last the word. llable, which gives it a very wild and peculiar tTect.

The endless soot bestows a tint far deeper

Than can be hid by altering his shirt. Carnage" (80 Wordsworth tells you) is God's daughter [p. 251. St. 9.

[p. 273. St. 15. “But thy *) most dreaded instrument

Query suit 2-Printer's Devil. In working out a pure intent,

Balgounie's Brig's black wall. [p. 273. St. 18 Is man array'd for mutual slaughter;

The brig of Don, near the “auld toun" of Yea, Carnage is thy daughter!" WORDSWORTH's Thanksgiving Ode. Aberdeen, with its one arch and its black deep

salmon stream below, is in my memory as yesterVes printed Grove, although his name was Grose. day. I still remember, though perhaps I may

inisquote, the awful proverb which made me

[p. 252. St. 18. A fact ; see the Waterloo Gazettes. I recolleci pause to cross it, and yet lean over it with a emarking at the time to a friend :-“There is the inother's side. The saying as recollected by

childish delight, being an only son, at least by ame! a man is killed, his name is Grose, and hey print it Grove." 'I was at college with the since I was nine years of age :

ine was this-but I have never heard or seen it eceased, who was a very amiable and clever van, and his society in great request for his “Brig of Balgounie, black'n your wa'; vit, gaiety, and "chansons à boire."

Wi' a wife's ae son and a mear's ac foal,

Doun ye shall fa'!" T'is pity "that such meanings should pave Hell.

(p. 252. St. 25.

Oh, for a forty-parson-power to chaut The Portuguese proverb says that “Hell is

Thy praise, Hypocrisy ! [p. 275. St. 34. saved with good intentions."

A metaphor taken from the “forty-horse-power"

of a steam-engine. That mad wag, the Reverend NOTES TO CANTO IX.

S. S., sitting by a brother-clergymnan at dinner,

observed afterwards that his dull neighbour had Humanity would rise, and thunder Nay!

a "twelve-parson-power" of conversation.

(p. 263. St. 1. Query, Ney ?_PRINTER's Devil.

To strip the Sarons of their hydes, like tanners.

[p. 275. St. 36. And send the sentinel before your gate

“Hyde." - I believe a hyde of land to be a A slice or two from your luxurious meals. legitimate word, and as such subject to the tax

(p. 264. St. 6. of a quibble. "I at this time got a post, being sick for fatigue, with four others. - We were sent to break bis- Was given to her favourite, and now bore his. cuit, and make a mess for Lord Wellington's

[p. 276. St. 49. hounds. I was very hungry, and thought it a The Empress went to the Crimea, accompanied good job at the time, as we got our own fill by the Emperor Joseph, in the year-I forget while we broke the biscuit ,- a thing I had not which. (It was 1787.) Fot for some days. When thus engaged, the Prodigal Son was never once out of my mind; Which gave her dukes the graceless name of and I sighed, as I fed the dogs, over my humble


(p. 277. St. 58. situation and my ruined hopes." - Journal of a In the Empress Anne's time, Biren, her favourSoldier of the 71st Regi. during the War in Spain. ite, assumed the name and arms of the “Birons”

(p. 266. Si. 33. of France, which families are yet extant with

that of England. There are still the daughters Because he could no more digest his dinner. of Courland of that name; one of them I reHe was killed in a conspiracy, after his temper member seeing in England in the blessed year had been exasperated, by his extreme costivity, of the Allies – the Duchess of S. - to whom the to a degree of insanity.

English Duchess of S-t presented me as a

namesake. And had just buried the fair-faced Lanskoi.

(p. 268. St. 47.

Eleven thousand maidenheads of bone,
He was the “grande passions of the grande
Catherine. - See her Lives, under the head of

The greatest number flesh hath ever known. “Lanskoy."

(p. 277. St. 62. St. Ursula and her eleven thousand virgins

were still extant in 1816, and may be so yet as *) To wit, the Deity's. This is perhaps as much as ever. pretty a pedigree for Murder, as ever found out' \y Garter King -at-Arins. - What Who butcher'd half the earth, and bullied t'other. would have been said had any free - spoken

(p. 279. St. 81. people discovered such a lineage ?

India America.

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(p. 296. &*

NOTES TO CANTO XI. ing Plutarch, spelling oddly, and writing quainty

and what is strange after all, his is the best Who on a lark, with black-eyed Sal (his blowing), modern history of Greece in any language

, an So prime, 80 swell, 80 nutty, and so knowing?

he is perhaps the best of all modern historiaa

(p. 282. st. 19. whatsoever. Having named his sins, it is bet The advance of science and ‘of language has fair to state his virtues-learning, labour, ne rendered it unnecessary to translate the above search, wrath, and partiality. I call the laten good and true English, spoken in its original virtues in a writer, because they make his a purity by the select nobility and their patrons.

in earnest. The following is a stanza of a song which was very popular, at least in my early days :

A hazy widower turn'd of forly's sure

(P. 292. a "On the high toby-spice flash the muzzle,

This line may puzzle the commentaten m In spite of each gallows old scout;

than the present generation. If you at the spellkeu can't hustle, You'll be hobbled in making a Clout.

Like Russians rushing from hot baths to sam Then your Blowing will wax gallows haughty,

(P. 293. & When she hears of your scaly mistake,

The Rassians, as is well known, rosette She'll surely turn snitch for the forty, their hot baths to plunge into the Neva; a pa

That her Jack may be regular weight." sant practical antithesis, which it seems les If there be any gem'man 80 ignorant as to

them no harm. require a traduction, I refer him to my old friend and corporeal pastor and master, John Jackson,

The world to gase upon those northern Lights Esq., Professor of Pugilism; who I trust still

(p. 296.2 retains the strength and symmetry of his model of the polar region and native country of the

For a description and print of this inbabiau of a form, together with his good humour, and Aurora borealis, see PABBY's Voyoge in seara athletic as well as mental accomplishments.

of a North-West Passage. St. James'a Palace and St. James's "Hells."

[p. 283. St. 29.

As Philip's son proposed to do vith Atter “Hells," gaming-houses. What their number may now be in this life, I know not. Before

A sculptor projected to hew Mount Athae in was of age I knew them pretty accurately, both and, I believe, a

a statue of Alexander, with a city in ose band "gold" and "silver." I was once nearly called various other similar devices. But'Alesander

river in his pocket, out by an acquaintance, because when he asked me, where I thought that his soul would be found look 'over a nation of freemen.

and Athos remains, I trust ere long hereafter, I answered, “In Silver Hell."

And therefore even I won't anent
This subject quote.

[p. 284. St. 43. NOTES TO CANTO XIII. “Anent" was a Scotch phrase, meaning “concerning"-"with regard to." It has been made Also there bin another pious reason. English by the Scotch 'Novele; and, as the Frenchman said—“If it be not, ought to be English."

With every thing that pretty bin, The milliners who furnish "drapery misses."

My Lady sweet arise.-SKAKSPEARE

[p. 281. St. 49. “Drapery misses"-This term is probably any

His bell-mouth'd goblet makes me feel goths

Danish. thing now but a mystery. It was however almost 80 to me when I first returned from the East in Catalogue of Nations "esquisite in their drikking

If I err not, “Your Dane" is one of lasts 1811-1812. It means a pretty, a highborn , a fashionable young female, well instructed by her friends, and furnished by her milliner with a Even Nimrod's self might leave the plajas wardrobe upon credit, to be repaid, when married,

Dura. by the husband. The riddle was first read to

In Assyria. me by a young and pretty heiress, on my praising the "drapery of an “untochered" but pretty That Scriptures out of church are blasphematon, virginities" (like Mrs. Anne Page) of the then day, which has now been some years yesterday:

“Mrs. Adams apswered Mr. Adais, the -she assured me that the thing was common in was blasphemous to talk of Scripture out. London ; and as her own thousands , and bloom-church."'This dogma was broached to ber for ing looks, and rich simplicity of'array, pat band, the best Christian in any book. See bet any suspicion in her own case out of the ques- seph Andrews, in the latter chapters. tion, I confess I gave some credit to the allegation. If necessary, authorities might be cited, The quaint, old, cruel corcomb, in his gali! in which case I could quote both “drapery" and

Should have a hook,

and a small trout io pse the wearers. Let us hope, however, that it is DOW obsolete.

It would have taught him hudavits at least

This sentimental savage, whom it is a node ** 'Tis strange the mind, that very fiery particle, quote (amongst the novelists) to show their so Should let itself be anul'd out by an article.

pathy for innocent sports and old soups, fracht

(p. 285. St. 60. how to sew ap frogs, and break their legs “Divino particolam auræ."

way of experiment, in addition to the art of angling, the crnellest, the coldest, and the sta ihe beauties of nature, but the angler Berety

pidest of pretended sports. They may talk about NOTES TO CANTO XII.

thinks of his dish of fish; he has no leisure to

take his eyes from off the streams, and a 5)BER Gives, with Greek truth, the good old Greek bite is worth to him more than all the server the lie.

(p. 290. St. 19. around. Besides, some fish bite best of ani!! See MITFORD', Greece. "Græcia Verar." His day. The whale, the shark, and the past great pleasure consists in praising tyrants, abus- l fishery have somewhet of noble and perilen is

(p. 299. &

(p. 303.12

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(p. 306. &*

[p. 307. &

“faux pas.


them; even net-fishing, trawling, are more hu- tain quantum of births within a certain number mane and useful—but angling!—No angler can of years ; which births (as Mr. Hulme observes) be a good man.

generally arrive “in a little flock like those of “One of the best men I ever knew-as humane, a farmer's lambs, all within the same month perdelicate-minded, generous, and excellent a crea- haps." These Harmonists (80 called from the ture as any in the world-was an angler: true, name of their settlement) are represented as a he angled with painted flies, and would have remarkably flourishing, pious, and quiet people. been incapable of the extravagances of I. Walton." See the various recent writers on America

The above addition was made by a friend in reading over the MS.--"Audi alteram partem"

Nor canvass what "80 eminent a hand" meant. I leare it to counterbalance my own observation.

[p. 320. St. 88. Jacob Tonson, according to Pope, was an

customed to call his writers “able pens"—“perNOTES TO CANTO XIV. sons of honour," and especially “eminent hande."

While great Lucullus' (robe triomphale) muffles-, And never craned, and made, but few (There's Fame)-young Partridge-fillets, deck'd [p. 310. St. 33.

with truffles.

[p. 323. St. 66. Craning.-"To crane" is, or was, an expres- A dish "à la Lucullus." This hero, who conion used to denote a gentleman's stretching out quered the East, has left his more extended cehis neck over a hedge, to look before he leap: lebrity to the transplantation of cherries (which :d :

pause in his “vaulting ambition, which in the field doth occasion some delay and clature of some very good dishes ;-and I am

he first brought into Europe) and the nomen?Iecration in those who may be immediately be- not sure that (barring indigestion) he has not vind the equestrian sceptic. “Sir, if you don't done more service to mankind by his cookery

choose to take the leap, let ?"-was a phrase than by his conquests. A cherry-tree may weigh · which generally sent the aspirant on again; and against a bloody laurel: besides, he has con

to good purpose: for though “the horse and trived to earn celebrity froin botli.
rider might fall, they made a gap, through
which, and over him and his steed, the field

But even sans "confitures," it no less true is, might follow.

There's pretty picking in those "petits puits.. Go to the coffee-house, and take another.

[p. 323. St. 68. “Petits puits d'amour garnis de confitures," a

[p. 312. St. 48. classical and well-known dish for part of the In Swift's or HORACE WALPOLE'S Letters I

flank of a second course. think it is mentioned, that somebody regretting the loss of a friend, was answered by an universal Pylades : “When I lose one, I go to the

For that with me's a "sine qua.” (p. 324. St. 86. Saint James's Coffee-house, and take another."

Subauditur Non;“ omitted for the sake of I recollect having heard an anecdote of the

euphony. eame kind. Sir W. D. was a great gamester. Coming in one day to the club of which he was

In short, upon that subject I've some qualms very a member, he was observed to look melancholy.

Like those of the Philosopher of Malmsbury. “What is the matter, Sir William ?" cried Hare,

[p. 325. St. 96. of facetiong memory: “Ah! replied Sir W. “I that compliment to the souls of other people as

Hobbes : who, doubting of his own soul, paid have just lost poor Lady D." "Lost! What atQuinze or Hazard ?" was the consolatory rejoin

to decline their visits, of which he had some der of the querist.

apprehension. And I refer you to wise Orenstiern.

[p. 313. St. 59. NOTES TO CANTO XVI. The famous Chancellor Oxenstiern said to his

on the latter expressing his surprise upon " the great effects arising from petty causes in the

If from a shell-fish or from cochineal. presumed mystery of politics : “You see by this,

(p. 326. St. 10. my son, with how little wisdom the kingdoms

The composition of the old Tyrian purple, of the world are governed."

whether from a shell-fish, or from cochineal, or
from kermes, is still an article of dispate ; and
even its colour—some say purple, others scarlet:

I say nothing.

For a spoild carpet--but the Attic Bee.
And thou Diviner still,

Was much consoled by his own repartee.
Whose lot it is by man to be mistaken.

[p. 330. St. 43. [p. 318. St. 18. I think that it was a carpet on which Diogenes As it is necessary in these times to avoid am- trod, with—“Thus I trample on the pride of biguity, I say, that I mean, by “Diviner still," Plato!"-"With greater pride," as the other CHRIST. If ever God was Man-or Man God-replied. But as carpets are meant to be trodden he way both. I never arraigned his creed, but upon, ury memory probably misgives me, and it the use-or abuse-made of it. Mr. Canning might be a robe, or tapestry, or a table-cloth, one day quoted Christianity to sanction Negro- or some other expensive and qucynical piece of Slavery, and Mr. Wilberforce had little to say furniture. in reply. And was Christ crucified, that black men might be scourged? If so, he had better With Tu mi chamas's" from Portingale, been born a Molatto, to give both colours an To soothe our ears, lest İtaly should jail." equal chance of frecdom, or at least salvation.

(p. 330. St. 45.

I remember that the mayoress of a provincial When Rapp the Harmonist embargoed marriage town, somewhat surfeited with a similar display In his harmonious settlement. (p. 320. St. 35. from foreign parts, did rather indecorously break

This extraordinary and flourishing German through the applauses of an intelligent audience colony in America does not entirely exclude ma---intelligent, I mean, as to inusic,--for the words, trimony, as the “Shakers" do ; but lays such besides being in recondite languages (it was restrictions opon it as present more than a cer- some years before the peace, ere all the world


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