'Our comrades', extracts from the journal of an Indian subaltern


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Página 42 - Only, O Lord, in thy dear love Fit us for perfect rest above, And help us, this and every day, To live more nearly as we pray.1 When I awake, I am still with thee.
Página 10 - I live for those who love me. For those who know me true; For the heaven that smiles above me, And awaits my spirit, too; For the cause that lacks assistance, For the wrong that needs resistance, For the future in the distance, And the good that I can do.
Página 31 - Jesus is mine. 2 Tempt not my soul away ; Jesus is mine : Here would I ever stay ; Jesus is mine : Perishing things of clay Born but for one brief day, Pass from my heart away, Jesus is mine.
Página 2 - SWEET MEMORY, wafted by thy gentle gale, Oft up the stream of Time I turn my sail, To view the fairy haunts of long-lost hours, Blest •with far greener shades, far fresher flowers.
Página 35 - As for man, his days are as grass : as a flower of the field, so he flourished!. For the wind passeth over it, and it is gone ; and the place thereof shall know it no more.
Página 30 - PASS away, earthly joy, Jesus is mine ! Break, every mortal tie, Jesus is mine ! Dark is the wilderness ; Distant the resting-place ; Jesus alone can bless : Jesus is mine ! Tempt not my soul away, Jesus is mine ! Here would I ever stay, Jesus is mine ! Perishing things of clay, Born but for one brief day, Pass from my heart away : Jesus is mine...
Página 25 - Soldiers' own station in life, who without the restraint unavoidable in the intercourse of different classes of society, may commend to them the love of Christ, read to them the Word of Life, and strive to lead them from the deceitful pleasures of sin to that peace which the world can neither give nor take away. There are now go Scripture Readers on the lists of the Society at home and abroad.
Página 46 - Faint not, Christian ! though in rage Satan would thy soul engage ; Gird on faith's anointed shield, Bear it to the battle field. 3 — Faint not, Christian ! though the world Has its hostile flag unfurl'd ; Hold the cross of Jesus fast, Thou shall overcome at last.
Página 21 - there was no more sea," which aptly represents an entire freedom from polluting and conflicting passions, distressing temptations, tempestuous troubles, changes and alarms, and from whatever can divide or interrupt " the communion of saints '
Página 31 - Farewell, ye dreams of night, Jesus is mine ! Lost in this dawning bright, Jesus is mine ! All that my soul has tried Left but a dismal void ; Jesus has satisfied ; Jesus is mine ! Farewell, mortality : Jesus is mine I Welcome, eternity : Jesus is mine ! Welcome, O loved and blest; Welcome, sweet scenes of rest ; Welcome, my Saviour's breast : Jesus is mine ! CHARLOTTE ELLIOTT.

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