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agreed to state in reply to it--that while ing the chapel erecting for the congregathey strongly disapprove of the carriage tion of Beaumont Union, intimating that a and delivery of letters on the Lord's-day, few collections had been made on their beyet considering that the present applicant balf; and the presbytery feeling anxious cannot avoid the latter without losing his that more aid should be rendered to them situation—that his doing so does not (since in the outset of their efforts to establish a late alteration in post-office arrange- the ordinances of religion in that district, ments), prevent him from attending public agreed to recommend their case to the worship, they think that the proper remedy christian liberality of congregations within for this, and all similar cases, is the reli- and beyond the bounds of the presbytery. gious public's procuring from the Govern. Congregations were recommended to hold ment a total cessation of labour in the a thanksgiving service for the late abundant post-office on the Lord's-day; and that, barvest. The next meeting of presbytery was taking all the circumstances of this case, appointed to be held on Tuesday, the 21st as stated to them, into consideration, espe- of December, and to be held principally for cially that the applicant is now said to be the purpose of considering the state of reunfit to support himself and family by any ligion in the locality; and of making arother employment, they do not consider rangements for another series of visits to that his present amount of Sabbath service the congregations. The Rev. Mr Inglis, in the post-office binds the session to con- moderator, was ap)

ated to open these tinue his exclusion from sealing ordinances, deliberations, by giving a short address on provided his moral and religious character the desirableness of religious revival, and be otherwise satisfactory to them. A peti- making such practical suggestions as he tion and statement of the congregation of may think useful for securing that important Huntly to the Home Committee of Synod object. was read and recommended to that com- Edinburgh. - This presbytery met on mittee. A circular from the missionary se- Tuesday, 20 November. Commissioners laid: cretary, concerning the past missionary con- upon the table the acceptance of the call tributions of the congregations of this pres- from South College Street congregation, by bytery, was read, some of the apparent Rev. Mr M'Ewan of Ayr. The presbytery omissions in it were satisfactorily accounted agreed that the induction should take place for, and the remainder were rcmitted to on Tuesday, the 23d instant-tbe Rev. Mr the mission committee. The clerk stated, Semple, of Peebles, to preach, and the that the petition from Cabrach to his Grace Rev. Dr Harper to give the charge to the the Duke of Richmond concerning the minister and congregation. chapel of Auldtown was transmitted as Elgin. - This prebytery met on 9th Noordered. He also read a letter on the sub- vember. There appeared commissioners ject from Mr Robertson, Tomnavin, from from the congregation of Burghead, with a which it appeared that the matter had been petition from said congregation, praying referred by the Duke to the district factor for a moderation in a call on an early from whom a favourable answer was ex- day. The presbytery agreed to grant the pected. The presbytery resolved to begin prayer of the petition, and appointed a their visitations at Aberchirder, and in- inoderation to take place on Wednesday structed the congregation there, through the 24th current-Mr Simpson, Forres, to their elder, to intimate at next meeting preach and preside. when it will be convenient to meet with Glasgow. This presbytery met on the 2d them. Next meeting is to be at Aberchir. Tuesday of Nov.,--the Rev. J. S. Taylor, der, on 25th January 1853.

moderator, pro tem. Before the calling of Berwick.--This presbytery met on Tues- the roll, it was reported to the presbytery that, day, 26th Oct. Messrs D. and Basil Inglis, since last meeting, and on 23d day of Oct., were certified from the junior Divinity the Rev. Dr Kidston had been removed by Hall, subjects of discourses were assigned death, in the 85th year of his age, and in to them, and a committee was appointed the 63d year of his ministry; and, after to superintend their studies during the re- prayer, with the view of improving this

The presbytery missionary commit. announcement, Dr Kidston's name tee for the year was also appointed, when taken from the roll of presbytery. Dr Lindthe communication from the Mission Board say was appointed moderator for the next respecting the state of the funds was com

Messrs Thomson, M‘Donald, mitted to them, with instructions to take Meiklejohn, Fleming, Potter, Morison, measures for promoting still further the zeal M'Queen, Walker, students under trials and liberality of the congregations within for license, delivered the greater part of the bounds of the presbytery, that as a their trials; and it was agreed to take the church our contributions may keep pace with remainder of their trials with a view to the wider spheres of labour on which we are license at next meeting. At an evening entering. A report was given in concern- sederunt, there was read a report from the




missionary committee of the presbytery, in gation of Maybole, tendered at last meetreference to the letter to the clerk, from ing, was now received by the presbytery the secretary of the Mission Board anent with sincere regret, at parting with their a mission to Ireland, as also in regard to esteemed brother, but not with disapproval the state of the mission funds; and it was of his having in the circumstances taken agreed to take up this report at next meet- this step. The call to the Rev. David ing. A committee appointed to meet with M‘Ewan, Ayr, to be colleague to the Rev. the persons worshipping at the Stirling Dr French of College Street Church, EdinSquare station, who had petitioned to be burgh, was disposed of. Commissioners erected into a congregation, reported that were heard from the competing congregathey had admitted twenty-nine persons to tions— from Ayr, appeared Messrs Martin fellowship. It was agreed that these per- and Dickie; from the presbytery of Edinsons be erected into a congregation, and burgh, the Rev. Dr French, and Mr J. L. that Mr Edmonds announce this decision Aikman,—and from College Street conto the petitioners.

gregation, Messrs Dick, Thomson, DrysHamilton.— This court met on the 28th dale, Dickson, and Bremner. After hearing September—the Rev. A. M‘Leod, mo- parties, Mr M'Ewan was called upon for derator. In reference to the instructions of his decision, when he intimated that he acSynod to presbyteries, that “they should cepted the call. The presbytery accordingly without delay call for, and review, the dissolved the connection between him and regulations according to which the financial Cathcart Street Congregation, Ayr, and concerns of the congregations under their appointed intimation to be made in terms charge are managed," appointed the dif- of this deliverance to the congregation.ferent sessions to report on this matter, November 2, the presbytery met at Girvan, in writing, on or before the last meeting in and ordained Mr John Stillie to the office January.-This presbytery again met, on of the ministry, and pastoral charge there. 26th October-Rev. A. M‘Leod, moderator. There was a very respectable attendance Certificates from the Professors were read, of members of presbytery—a full church in stating that Mr John C. Weir, student of the forenoon,-crowded at the soireé, the fifth year, Mr John Mackie of the fourth and a very numerous and most attentive year; Messrs William Martin, Robert Ren- audience on the Sabbath following, when wick, James Wilson, and James Muter of Mr Stillie was introduced by the Rev. Dr the third year; and Mr Robert Johnston M‘Farlane, Glasgow. of the first year, had attended the respec- Lanark.—This presbytery met on the tive classes, and performed the different 9th of November—the Rev. Robert Carexercises prescribed to them. Mr Robert dine, moderator. Mr James Frame de Johnston received a transference to the livered three discourses as parts of trial for Glasgow presbytery. Mr John C. Weir, after license, which were unanimously sustained. the usual prior examinations, had various A petition was presented from the vacant subjects prescribed to him as trials for congregation of Longridge, craving a molicense. The other students had also dis- deration for the choice of a minister. After courses and exercises assigned to them; and the usual inquiries, the prayer of the petiit was agreed that their examinations on tion was granted; and the Rev. James the latter should be conducted by the whole Dunlop was appointed to preach and prepresbytery, at meetings devoted exclusively side in the moderation, on the 23d of Noto that work. Mr Struthers, convener of vember. number of the congregations the committee to co-operate with the reported that they had collected for the Synod committee the Scholarship Synod fund, and several others, that they Scheme, reported that it be recommended would do so as soon as convenient. All to the various congregations of the presby- the ministers of the presbytery were retery to aid the Synod's committee, by sub- quested to call the attention of their rescription or collection, or both combined, spective congregations, on an early day, to and that they make a return to the presby- the goodness of God in the late abundant tery a month before the meeting of Synod harvest. The next meeting of presbytery in May next. The presbytery tendered was appointed to be held on Tuesday, the thanks to the committee for their diligence, 7th of November. adopted the report, and recommended ac- Lancashire. — This presbytery met in cordingly.

Manchester, 9th November—the Rev. Mr Kilmarnock.—This presbytery, at its meet- Graham, moderator. A petition was read ing on November 1st, heard and sustained from the congregation in Ramsay, Isle of part of Mr William Taylor's trials for Man, praying that a member of presbytery license,-the remaining part is expected be appointed to moderate in a call for one to be given on second Tuesday of Decem- to be chosen as pastor. The presbytery ber. The demission of the Rev. J. M. granted the moderation, and appointed Mr Thomson's pastoral charge of the congre- Inglis, of Kendal, to preside on Wednes


day, 24th November. A communication harvest. The presbytery called for reports was read from Messrs Marshall and Somer- in regard to the collections for the Synod ville, in name of the Mission Board, and in fund, when it appeared that it had been accordance with its suggestion, and the made by the congregations generally. The rule of Synod, the ministers of Manchester missionary committee of the presbytery and Blackburn, with their elders, were ap- presented their annual report, received pointed a missionary committee for the the thanks of the presbytery, and were represent year, Mr Scott, convener. It was

appointed. The committee consists of ascertained that, with two exceptions, all Messrs Thomson, Robertson, and Blair, the congregations in the bounds had made ministers ; and Messrs Darling, Hilson, and missionary collections, and that the result Dunn, elders. Read a letter from the Rev. had been on the whole satisfactory. Dr Joseph Scott, anent the circumstances in M‘Kerrow reported that he visited Kendal which he is placed ; and after some convercongregation in the beginning of October, sation, a committee was appointed to conand held a meeting with Mr Inglis and his verse with him on the subject, and to repeople; that the meeting was more en- port at the next meeting of presbytery. couraging than could have been expected, The presbytery meets at Melrose, on Tuesbut the town was declining in population, day, 21st December. and the congregation decreasing in adhe- Newcastle.—This presbytery met on 2d rents, and many circumstances appeared to November, when a letter from Mr Rome combine in opposition to the United Presby- was read, stating his acceptance of the terian cause in that place. The presbytery call from Hull; and his trials for ordination unanimously expressed sympathy with Mr were appointed to be given at next meetInglis — their readiness, also, to render ing of presbytery, on the 7th December. him and his people every assistance in their On a petition from some persons in Jarrow, power-and their hope that he may be for resuming supply of the missionary stadirected for his own best interests and those tion formerly occupied there, a committee of the congregation. Messrs Shorthouse was appointed to make more minute inquiry, and Hobbs being certified as having at- reference to be made to the neighbouring tended the Hall, the one as a student of sessions, and in the meantime supply of the third, the other of the first year, sub- preaching to be given by ministers in the jects for examination, etc., were assigned presbytery. Mr Thomas Boyd, student of them for next meeting. A petition was divinity of the second year, had some exagain received from parties in Bolton, ercises prescribed to him, and a committee praying that this presbytery would procure was appointed to examine Mr James Ker, for them the services of a missionary, or student of the fourth year. In pursuance otherwise send them supply of sermon. of the Synod's instructions, it was recomThe presbytery expressed cordial sympathy mended that congregations report to the with the people represented in that petition, presbytery the regulations by which they but declined giving any decision on its manage their financial affairs; and after prayer until next meeting, which is to be some conversation on the question of an held in. Birkenhead on second Tuesday of English Synod, the full discussion of it was January 1853.

postponed till next meeting. Melrose. The presbytery of Melrose met Perth.-This presbytery met on the 9th on the 12th of October. Mr Allison, stu- of November-Dr Newlands, moderator. dent of divinity of the third year, was trans- Mr W. Hutton, student in divinity, was ferred to the presbytery of Buchan; and transferred to the presbytery of Glasgow, Mr Taylor of the first year, was transferred Mr Imrie, who has completed his theologito the presbytery of Edinburgh. Mr Lum- cal studies at the Divinity Hall, was appointgair reported the arrangements made for ed trials for license. The presbytery agreed the supply of Mr Williamson's pulpit; and to have an annual meeting for religious conthe presbytery made such additional ar- ference and devotional exercises. Messrs rangements as were deemed necessary, in Marshall, Pettigrew, and Hay, were apconsequence of Mr Williamson's inability, pointed a committee to prepare a report as yet, to resume his ministerial labours. on the points referred to in a communicaCertificates were read from the Professors, in tion from the Mission Board respecting favour of Mr Z. Baillie, student of the third the state of our missionary contributions, year. Mr Baillie was appointed to deliver to be given at next meeting of presbytery a discourse at next meeting, and also to on Tuesday, 21st December. give an account of the lectures during the last session of the Hall. It was agreed to

CALLS MODERATED, recommend to the sessions within the bounds, to consider the propriety of setting

Peterhead. - Mr Wm. Drummond, proapart a day, or part of a day, for offering bationer, called 22d October-Mr Hunter, thanksgiving to God for the late abundant Savoch of Deer, presiding.



Mossbank.- The Rev. J. R. Scott, Cree ing afterwards been read privately, and town, called 13th November—the Rev. A. their several merits adjudged, were Macfarlane, Lerwick, presiding.

ported on at a full meeting of the commit

tee, held in Greyfriars' Session House, ORDINATIONS.

Glasgow, on 12th November. It was found Girvan.-Mr John Stillie, ordained ist that fifty-eight students had engaged in November-Mr Dickic, of Cumnock; Mr the competition--twenty-one at Edinburgh, M‘Fadzen, of Patna ; and Mr Symington, fourteen at Glasgow, thirteen at Aberdeen, of Kilmarnock, officiating.

and ten at St Andrews. The numerical Newbigging, Forfarshire.-Mr Alexander value of the different papers having been Millar, ordained 26th October—Mr J. P. ascertained, and their sum cast up in the Millar, Carnoustie ; Mr Huston, Brechin ; case of each competitor, it was agreed that and Mr Johnston, Letham, officiating. scholarships should be assigned to twenty

six out of the fifty-eight. The sealed enINDUCTION.

velopes revealing their several names were Edinburgh, College Street.-The Rev. 1). then opened. In the first section, the M'Ewan, late of Ayr, induc:ed 230 Nov.- competitors being students who are to -Mr Semple of Peebles and Dr Harper, attend college at least three sessions before officiating

applying for admission to the Divinity Hall

, ten scholarships were assigned. In

the second section, including students one HOME MISSIONARY INDUCTION.

year further advanced, the number of Gorbals.The Rev. David M.Rae, late

scholarships assigned was nine. In the of Oban, was set apart to the home mis

third section, a year still further advanced, sion station at Gorbals, Glasgow, on 21st the number assigned was

The October-Mr Brown, of Wishawtown; Mr

nature of the scholarship scheme does not M'Gill, Dr Macfarlane, and Dr Anderson, permit the publication of the names of the of Glasgow, officiating.

successful competitors; but

allowed us to state, that they are furnished OBITUARY.

by the several university towns in the folDied, at Ibroxholm, near Glasgow, on lowing proportions:-

Ist Sec. the 23d October, the Rev. William Kidston,

Edinburgh, 4 D.D., senior minister of the East United


4 Presbyterian Church, Campbell Street,


1 Glasgow, in the 85th year of his age, and

St Andrews,

1 63d of his ministry. Dr Kidston was the father of the United Presbyterian Synod,

In the second section, six of the successand the oldest minister in Scotland.

ful students had previously held scholarDied, at Leslie, Fifeshire, on 1st Novem.

ships; in the third section, all the successber, the Rev. John Johnston, minister of

ful competitors had their bursaries conthe United Presbyterian Church there, in

tinued. We sincerely regret to find that the 38th year of his ministry.

the state of the funds did not admit of any increase this year in continued scholar

ships. All the examinators spoke in terms SCHOLARSHIP EXAMINATION.

of high commendation of the progress TAE examination of university students manifest in the essays of the advanced competing for scholarships in the United competitors-proving clearly the satisfacPresbyterian Church, commenced simul

tory working of the scholarship scheme. taneously in the four university cities of We expect to publish, in an early Number Scotland, on Wednesday, 4th November. of the Magazine, a specimen of the extemThe papers written on the occasion by the

poraneous answers to the questions prodifferent students, in presence of a deputa posed in the department of English literation from the scholarship committee, hav.

may be

3d See.

20 Sec.


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Monthly Retrospect.

INTERESTING ACCOUNTS FROM FLORENCE. mainder of it He restrains." The Grand The sujoined is taken from the “ Christian Duke, who is perbaps more to be pitied Times,” the writer of which has had ac- than to be blamed, as a silly tool in the cess to evidence which is not yet laid be- hands of Jesuits, must have been confore the public. It is another illustration founded at the interest taken by the Proof the doctrine, " that God makes even the testant world in the case of a poor man and wrath of man to praise Him, while the re- his wife, of whom nothing was known ex

cept that they loved the Bible, and were with buman suffering, has enlarged the persecuted for reading it. It is a lesson, regions of science, and has won trophies we hope, which will not be losť upon Italy, in every field, of civil, social, and political both as a warning and an encouragement. liberty. A proportion, perhaps, and probIt is confidently expected, that the Madiais ably a large proportion, of these persons will shortly be liberated, on condition of

are unconverted, but the remainder are leaving their native land.

exhibiting all the well-known features of " The gentlemen deputed to Florence on earnest discipleship which those who aro behalf of the Madiai bave returned-re in familiar with the early ages of Christianity jectâ in one sense, but in another, and a know to be common to tha: honoured band inore important one, having succeeded that, by an instinctive necessity, is doomed very much beyond expectation. The to suffer. The ingenious devices to which Grand Duke acted upon his prerogative, they are driven in order to follow the and refused to receive either the depu- yearnings of their hearts are touching betation itself, or the memorial of which yond expression; a tyrant's hand prohibits they bad charge; but we are glad to their entering a place of public worship, understand that, after some difficulty, Lord and they have to read the Bible by stealth; Roden was indulged with permission for in order to multiply copies of this to them an interview with Rosa Madiai, an event the greatest of treasures, it has been known which took place under circumstances to have been actually copied out in manuof touching interest, which will doubtless script. To such a blighting process does be given to the public. Even the iron hand Popery reduce her votaries, and such anof the Tuscan Government was unable to acbronisms is she not ashamed to perform; restrain the expression of popular sympathy – while, as no fraternal meetings are alat Lucca, when Lord Roden's mission was lowed, it has been ascertained that at a known by the inhabitants, and a crowd es. café two Christians have been known to corted his carriage to the prison door. meet, and at the humble board, under cover Both Rosa Madiai and her husband are of their ordinary fare, they have contrived kindly treated, and although she has been to spread a napkin, and thus, by twos subjected to the indignity of the convict and threes, they celebrate the Supper of tonsure, we are informed that the reports the Lord. It is calculated that the supply of which have been circulated as to the un- Bibles for these 25,000 readers, amounts to wholeso character of her diet, and her from 10,000 to 16,000; and it is beyond doubt being exposed to unseemly outcries pro- that a spirit of earnest inquiry has been ceeding from other persons in confinement, awakened which no effort or coercion will, together with that of her working in by any means, be able to repress. We are chains, are unfounded. Amongst the in- given to understand that no question is ericidents of substantive value which occur- tertained of the speedy release of the red, was the reception by the deputation Madiai—an event, therefore, which may of an address from the Protestant Christians be looked for with but little fear of disapin Florence, to whom this mission has pointment. The impression which this given an importance in social position upon movement on the part of the European which it is difficult to lay too much stress. nations has produced, has been profound Hitherto they have been regarded as out- and unexpected. In the Italian States a casts—in fact, proscrits—and such is the new complexion has been imparted to relentless persecution carried out in Tus- Protestantism;-men who were yesterday cany, that although, in the providence of the offscouring of the earth have become God, the specific case of the Madiai has all at once objects, if not of respect, at been prominently brought forward, these least of interest; and when crowned heads, honoured victims of Papal intolerance are and statesmen, and nobles, say that in the but a type of a considerable class which, treatment of two humble servants at Lucca under various pretences, and in various Volterra they feel an interest which has a localities, are at the present moment en- reflex action upon themselves, the partizans during bondage, and degradation, and phy- of Rome must pause at least, before, in sical suffering, for their confession of the the broad glare of European light pourGospel. It is a fact which this most auspi- ing a flood of indignant publicity upon their cious mission will proclaim to civilised Eu. proceedings, they venture to proclaim rope, that there are about 25,000 subjects themselves the unrelenting enemies of of Tuscany, we believe in and in the im- mankind. A new phase of national inmediate neighbourhood of Florence, who tervention has been exhibited unheard of ure diligently reading the Bible to ascer. before, and least of all carried into executain what this way' really is, which, tion. This effort is without a precedent in wherever it has asserted its righteous do- the history of the world, but we trust minion, has elevated the understanding, that it will not be without a parallel. We has been forward to proclaim sympathy may add, for the satisfaction of our readers,

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