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mend it to the favourable consideration of letter from Dr King was read, bearing, said committee, in the hope of obtaining that he had preached at Oban, and suma small donation, to aid and encourage the moned the congregation. Commissioners congregation in their present difficult and from Oban were heard. Mr MʻRae stated afflicted circumstances; and further, agreed that he had come to the conclusion that it that members of presbytery shall assist was his duty to accept the invitation of them, by each giving a day's supply gra- the committee on missionary churches, and tuitously, in exchange with the preachers accordingly his pastoral relation to the appointed to them. The students, Messrs congregation was dissolved, and his name Bartlet, Hamilton, Whyte, and Wilson, of taken from the roll of presbytery. Mr the third year, and Carmichael, of the first, M-Coll and Mr Burgess were appointed were certified from the professors. Mr to visit the congregation of Kirkintilloch, Wilson was transferred to the presbytery along with the deputies from the Mission of Falkirk. Subjects of discourse were pre- Board, to inquire into the circumstances scribed to them, and the former committee of that congregation, and report. The pcof superintendence was re-appointed. Mr tition from the people worshipping in StirPeter Duncanson, student of philosophy, ling Square, under the superintendence of was examined in Greek, moral philosophy, the Rev. George Blyth, for erection into a and mathematics, and encouraged to pro- congregation, was considered. From the secute his studies. The members of pres- reports of sessions on this matter, it apbytery were enjoined to attend to the in- peared that they are generally favourable junctions of last meeting of Synod, on the to the erection, and, with a view to it, a subject of regulations for managing the committee was appointed along with Mr financial concerns of congregations, and to Blyth, to converse with the persons making be ready to report at next meeting of pres- application, and report. A communication bytery. It was recommended to sessions

from the secretary of the Mission Board in and congregations to take an early oppor- reference to a mission to Ireland, with a tunity for special acknowledgment of the printed circular in reference to the state of goodness of God in the bygone harvest. the mission fund, was remitted to the misThe Rev. Dr Johnston was appointed sionary committee, with a view to their moderator of the presbytery, and the Rev. beiog brought before the presbytery at next Mr Young moderator of the session of meeting. Messrs William M.Donald, Jas. Crossgates. The next meeting of presby- C. Meiklejohn, Walter Morison, George tery to be on the last Tuesday of No. M'Queen, Wm. Fleming, Wm. Thomson, vember.

James S. Potter, William Walker, students Edinburgh. This presbytery met on 5th of the fifth year, were examined, and had October-Rev. Mr Cooper, moderator. Dr trials for license appointed them. Mr John Peddie reported his proceedings in the Tannahill, student of the third year, about moderation at College Street, Edinburgh, to proceed to Germany for the winter, was on the 22d September; and laid on the table also examined, and had an exercise apa call from the church there to the Rev. D. pointed bim, to be given to the Eastern M'Ewan, Ayr. The call, which was signed Committee for the superintendence of stuby 788 members, and 98 adherents, was dents. Mr Borland, of Gillespie Church, sustained by the presbytery, and Drs French about to proceed to Jamaica, on account of and Peddie were appointed commissioners ill health, had supply for his pulpit granted to prosecute it before the presbytery of during the period of his absence. Kilmarnock. . A drafs of constitution for Kilmarnock.— This presbytery met on 12th Richmond Place Church, Edinburgh, after October-Rev. Matthew Dickie, moderator. having been revised by a committee of Mr Stillic having undergone the usual trials presbytery, was approved of. It was agreed for ordination to the satisfaction of the that the third Sabbath of October, or the presbytery, his ordination at Girvan was earliest convenient day thereafter, should appointed to take place on Tuesday, 2d be observed by the congregations in the Nov.-Mr Dickie to preside, Mr M‘Fadyen presbytery as a season of thanksgiving for to preach, and Mr Symington to give the the recent bountiful harvest. Five students concluding address. The presbytery suswere examined on the studies they had tained a call from the congregation of pursued at last session of the Divinity Hall. Troon to Mr More, and prescribed his Mr Hutton, student, gave two discourses trials for ordination. The Rev. Dr Peddie, as parts of trial for license.

from the Presbytery of Edinburgh, with Glasgow. This presbytery met on the Commissioners from South College Street second Tuesday of October - Rev. Dr King, Church, laid on the table another call to. moderator. The invitation by the commit- Mr M'Ewan of Ayr, with relative docutee on missionary churches, to Mr M‘Rae, ments. Mr Symington was appointed to of Oban, to occupy the mission station of preach at Ayr, Cathcart Street Churcb, on the Gorbals, came on for consideration. A Sabbath first, and cite the congregation to

attend a meeting of presbytery at Kilmar- and stated that the congregation, after nock, on Monday, 1st Nov., when decision careful investigation of their affairs, had in the case may be given. Mr Thomson agreed to give to the senior pastor (besides gave in to the presbytery the demission of the manse) L.80 per annum of stipend, inhis charge of the congregation of Maybole. cluding the sacramental expenses, and to The presbytery were sorry to find that a continue these emoluments during life; brother so long and so highly respected and to give to the person whom they might among them should have been led to take call as junior pastor L.80 per annum of this step. But Mr Thomson's statement stipend; and on the demise of the senior of his reasons and of his prospects very con- pastor, to devolve on the junior pastor the siderably relieved them from the pain that emoluments now held by the senior pastor, would otherwise have been felt. The con- viz., L.100 per annum of stipend, L.10 of gregation were appointed to be summoned, sacramental expenses, and the manse ; and, and the case decided on 1st Nov. Mr in fine, the commissioners stated that these Jamieson was appointed to be presbytery stipends were to be paid half-yearly in adtreasurer, in the room of the late Mr Elles. "vance. Rev. J. Johnston stated that he had Mr William Taylor was taken on trials cordially acquiesced in this arrangement. for license, and ihe other students placed Aftersome deliberation, the presbyteryunaunder the superintendence of the Ayr Com. nimously granted the prayer of the petition, mittee.

and appointed the Rev. J. B. Johnston to Kinross.- The presbytery of Kinross met moderate on the evening of Monday, Oct. at Edenshead on the 28th of September 11. The presbytery appointed next meetthe Rev. Mr Leishman, moderator. Messrs ing to be held in Bethelfield session-house, James Davidson and David Storer, stu- Kirkoaldy, to receive and judge on the call. dents of arts, were examined in Latin, Testimonials from the Professors in behalf Greek, Logic, and Mathematios ; and hav- of the students under the inspection of the ing acquitted themselves to the satisfaction presbytery were received and read, when of the presbytery, were encouraged to pro- they were examined on the lectures they secute their studies. Subjects of lecture had attended at the Hall, and encouraged and sermon were assigned to Mr David to prosecute their studies. Texts, as subAnderson, student of divinity. The pres- jects of discourses for summer, were also .bytery proceeded to consider the remit of assigned to them. The Rev. J. B. JohnSynod, on the circulation of the Scriptures, ston's appointment as moderator pro tem. and ultimately adopted the following reso- of Crail session was continued ; and in conlution :-“That the presbytery, having sequence of a petition from the congregaconsidered the remit of Synod in reference tion of Crail, he and Rev. W. A. Pettigrew to this subject, recommended to sessions to were appointed a deputation to examine inquire whether any persons within their the state of their affairs, and give such adbounds may be destitute of copies of the vices as may be required. Mr Johnston Scriptures, and to supply any ascertained was appointed convener, with power to fix deficiency, in the manner and to the ex- the meetings of session and congregation. tent which to them may seem advisable.” Mr David W. Morris was taken on trials The presbytery also agreed, in obedience for license. The presbytery recommended to an injunction of Synod, to call for, and to the congregations under their inspection review at next meeting, the regulations, to set apart a season for thanksgiving to according to which the financial concerns God for the late bountiful harvest. of the congregations under their charge are Lanark.-This presbytery met on 12th managed ; and instructed moderators of October—the Rev. Robert Cordiner, mosessions to be prepared by that time with derator. Certificates were received from such written statements on this subject, the Professors of Theology, attesting the from their respective congregations, as may attendance of Messrs Frame, A. Scott

, enable the presbytery to report regarding David Mann, William Scott, George Ridit to the Synod. Next meeting was ap- dell, Alexander Aikman, John Hinshelpointed to be held on the Tuesday after wood, and James H. Scott, at last session the fourth Sabbath of December, in the of the Hall. Mr George Riddell was transWest session-house of Kinross.

ferred to the oversight of the presbytery of Kirkcaldy.- This presbytery met on Sept. Edinburgh ; Mr James Frame was taken on 28. A petition was read from the First trials for license, and had the usual exerCongregation, Leslie, for one to be colleague cises prescribed to him. Exercises were and successor to their present pastor, who also prescribed to all the other students of had laboured among them for thirty-eight the presbytery, to be given during the reyears, and now frequently exhibited the cess of the Hall; and Dr Smith, Messrs symptoms of increasing infirmity. Two of Scott, "Thomson, Macfarlane, Johnston, and the elders and two of the managers appeared Barrie,

were appointed to examine them. as commissioners from the congregation, Notice was received of the excision of Mr Houston by the presbytery of Newcastle. Mr Stewart; and Mr Mathieson addressed Next meeting of presbytery was appointed the congregation. to be held on Tuesday, 9th November. Paisley and Greenock.— This presbytery

Newcastle.—This presbytery met on 7th met at Greenock, 19th October-the Rev. September, when the state of matters in W. Steven, moderator. Reports were callthe congregation of Clavering Place was ed for as to the annual collection for the again considered. Mr Houston, amid the Synod Fund. Certificates were received agitations fomented by some of his own from the professors, attesting the attendpartisans, had recommended, as a remedial ance of the following students at the Theomeasure, that there should be a radical logical Hall, viz.;-Messrs Smith, Boyd, change in the pastorate, by the resignation and Balderston, of the first year; Paterof both ministers. That opinion, as some son and Gillies, of the third; and King supposed,' and said, was given in the hope and Ronaldson, of the fourth. The Rev. of his being himself recalled as sole pastor Mr Sinclair called attention to the paof the congregation. After his pastoral rochial schools, and submitted a series of charge and connection with the United resolutions, which, after members were Presbyterian Church had ceased, a party, heard, were unanimously agreed to, as entering into his views, and willing to work follow:- 1. That this presbytery regards out his schemes, now came forward, peti- the education of the people as of unspeaktioning the presbytery to advise Mr Pringle able importance to this country, and though to resign. With that proposal, the presby- gratified with the extent to which educatery, in whose judgment no adequate tional institutions exist, it deems these by reasons had been assigned for the measure, no means adequate to the wants of the

unanimously refused to comply ; but, with population, while in many cases the defecthe view of harmonising all parties, it was tive quality of the instruction, and the exagreed to grant an immediate supply of istence of abuses, greatly impair their effipreachers to the congregation, to appoint a ciency.--2. That the parochial schools are committee to intimate this decision, and to public property, and therefore the statutes recommend the study of the things which which enact that every teacher in them shall make for peace. A petition from the congre

subscribe the Confession and Formula of gation of Hull was granted, for the dispen- the Established Church-that he shall be sation of the Lord's Supper, and a modera- elected by the minister and heritors of the tion of a call; and Mr Éringle was ap- parish—and that he and his school shall be pointed to preside on that occasion, on the under the ecclesiastical authority and su19th and 20th September. Mr Riddell perintendence of the parish minister and having accepted the call from Walker ; and presbytery of the bounds, are unjust to the his trials for ordination being given in and large body of inhabitants who do not beapproved, his ordination was appointed to long to the Established Church, and intake place at Walker, on the 29th Sep- jurious to the schools and the interests of tember,-the presbytery to meet for ge- education, inasmuch as they limit the neral business at Newcastle on the same choice of teachers to one denomination, day. Mr Stewart gave in his trials for or- which now does not include a third part of dination, which were approved ; and his the people, and destroys the interest and ordination was appointed to take place at confidence of the majority of the population Stockton on Tuesday, 12th October.- in these schools.-3. That, since the case The presbytery again met on 29th Sep. of the parish schools will probably soon tember, when Mr Pringle reported his come before Parliament, for the purpose of proceedings in the moderation at Hull, and obtaining an augmentation of the teachers laid on the table a call, from the congrega- salaries, this presbytery recommends to all tion there, to Mr James L. Rome, which the congregations within its bounds, as was sustained, and trials for ordination were soon as convenient, to petition Parliament assigned.-On the same day the presbytery to place these schools on a just and popular again met at Walker, for the ordination of foundation, by repealing the enactment Mr Walter Riddell. Mr Henderson preach- which requires the schoolmasters to subed, Mr Dall presided, proposed the ques- scribe the Confession and Formula of the tions of the formula, and offered up the or- Established Church, giving the right to dination prayer,–Dr Henderson of Gala- elect the schoolmasters to the heads of shiels gave the charge to Mr Riddell, and families, or a board elected by them; and Mr Parker addressed the congregation.- removing the teachers and schools from The presbytery again met at Stockton, on under the authority and superintendence 12th October, for the ordination of Mr of the presbytery and parish minister, and Adam Stewart. Mr Bartholomew preach- placing them under the control of local ed,,Mr Douglas presided, proposed the boards chosen by the said heads of families. questions of the formula, offered up the -4. That, as it is desirable that all parts ordination prayer, and gave the charge to of the country should move simultaneously


on the subject, the presbytery will corre- agreed to sanction the arrangement,- to spond with the Synod's committee on pub- express their high approbation of the chrislic questions, and suggest to them the pro. tian and liberal conduct of the congregapriety of their bringing it before the other tion, so honourable to themselves and to presbyteries and congregations of the Unit- their aged and esteemed minister, Mr ed Presbyterian Church. The Rev. Dr Stewart, -and to engross in their records Baird gave notice of a motion, which he his le:ter to the session and managers, and intends to submit at next meeting of pres. the minute of the congregational meeting. bytery, on the better support of the Gospel Next meeting of presbytery is to be held ministry. Next meeting is to be held at on the 7th of December. Paisley on the first Tuesday of December. Perth.This presbytery met on the 21st

CALLS MODERATED. September. There was only routine busi

Troon, Ayrshire.---Mr John More, proness to transact. The next meeting was appointed to be on the Tuesday after the first

bationer, called 14th September – Mr Sabbath of November; and it was agreed

Drummond of Irvine, presiding.

Ilull.--Mr James L. Rome, probationer, to consider, at that meeting, the propriety

called 20th September—Mr Pringle of of having fixed days for the meetings of

Newcastle, presiding. presbytery, and whether any additional

Leslie, Fife. – Mr William Johnston, means might be employed to promote religion within the bounds of the presbytery.

probationer, called 13th October, to be Stirling.This presbytery met on 5th

colleague to bis father, the Rev. John

Johnston – Mr Johnston of Kirkcaldy, October. Certificates were read from the

presiding. professors, attesting Mr Thomas Ure, student in divinity of the second year; Messrs David

Alloa, West Congregation. — Mr John Rintoul and James Steedman, of the fourth More, probationer, called 21st October. year; and Mr John MʻLaren, of the fifth. Mr John M‘Laren was, after an examination, taken on trials for license, and had subjects Walker, Newcastle.-Mr Walter Riddell, of trial prescribed to him. The other students ordained 29th September—Mr Henderwere appointed to deliver five discourses in son of Hexham, Mr Dall of Bedlington, the course of the year, and to be examined Dr Henderson of Galashiels, and Mr Paron church history in April by Mr Brown;

tory in April by Mr Brown; ker of Sunderland, officiating. and, at the meeting immediately before the Stockton-on-Tees.-Mr Adam Stewart, commencement of the Hall, on the Anti ordained 12th October-Mr Bartholomew nomian controversy and practical religion, of Whitby, Mr Douglas of Hartlepool, and by Mr Steedman. They were also ap- Mr Mathieson of Monkwearmouth, offi. pointed to be examined in Greek and ciating. Hebrew. Commissioners from the West Congregation of Alloa presented a petition

MISSIONARY ORDINATION. for a moderation, which was granted. It The presbytery of Aberdeen, on 11th was agreed that Mr Stewart preach to said October, ordained Mr Alexander Robb, as congregation on the fifth Sabbath of Oc- a missionary to the West Indies. The ortober, and that Mr Frew dispense the dination took place in St Nicholas Church. Lord's Supper among them on the fourth Aberdeen-Mr Turner of Craigdam. Mr Sabbath of November. Agreeably to minute of June 1st, Mr Stewart of Stirling laid on Synod's mission secretary, and Mr Renton. the table documents relating to an arrange the moderator of Syuou, officiated on the ment between him and his congregation,

occasion. which were read. It appears that Mr Stewart had intimated to the session and managers of St John Street congregation

MISSIONARY DESIGNATION. his resolution, in consequence of his in- A PUBIIC meeting was held on the evening of creasing infirmities, to retire from the more the 19th October, in the Synod Hall, Edinactive labours of his pastoral charge, while burgh, for the purpose of designating the he retained his ecclesiastical position as Rev. H. H. Garnet, as a missionary for Jaone of the ministers of the congregation, maica. After devotional exercises, conducted and as a member of the church courts by the Rev. Peter M.Dowall, Alloa, the Rev. that his colleague, Mr Steedman, had ac

Andrew Somerville, mission secretary, ad

dressed the meeting on “ The special promises quiesced in the measure—and that the

given to the negro race ;” the Rev. James congregation had, at a meeting held on the

Kirkwood offered up the designation prayer; 2d July 1851, concurred in the arrangement, the Rey. John Cooper. Tala. addressed Mr and agreed that the retiring allowance pay. Garnet; Mr Garnet took farewell of the able to Mr Stewart should be L.130 per audience in a few appropriate and touching annum. The presbytery unanimously remarks; and the Rev. F. Muir, Leith, closed


the proceedings by prayer. The occasion was Hall, Queen Street, on the evening of Wed. a deeply interesting one, and the whole ser- nesday, 15th September. The chair was vices were peculiarly solemn and interesting. occupied by the Rev. Professor Lindsay, Mr Garnet, who is of African descent, is the first negro missionary sent out and employed

D.D., honorary president of the associaby the United Presbyterian Church as an or

tion. The meeting was large and enthusi. dained minister of the Gospel. He was born

astic, and able and stirring speeches were a slave in Maryland, United States ; escaped

delivered by the chairman, Rev. Dr Joseph from bondage, along with his parents, when

Brown, Dalkeith ; Rev. James Robertson, about nine years of age; obtained, by his own Newington ; Rev. George C. Hutton, Paisdiligence and zeal, a literary and theological ley; and Messrs Wm. Fleming and James education, and was licensed and ordained by Ker, students of divinity. “It is manifest," the Presbyterian Church in America, as a. says the secretary of the society, in comminister in the state of New York. About municating this notice of the meeting, two years ago he came to this country, at the

" that our students have taken their resoinvitation of a number of the friends of the enslaved, and has since been occupied with

lution on this point, and that the destrucmuch acceptance in pleading the cause of

tion of the drinking customs of our counnegro freedom. But as he felt a burning de.

try is to be one of the objects of their sire to bave the opportunity of preaching the

efforts. The earnestness and zeal with Gospel to his sable race, and as the horrid which they have taken up this question, at fugitive slave law forbids his return once appear from the fact stated at the America, he offered bis services to the mission meeting, that the society numbers 100 .board oř the United Preshyterian Church- members; and we understand that that having previously been admitted a minister of number has been increased since the meetthat body-as a missionary for Jamaica, and

ing. This is what is wanted. Give us was unanimously accepted. An ordained

students of high-toned piety, and ręsolute minister of a sable hue going out from a Scottish church as a fully accreditedi ambas

earnestness to discharge every duty, and sador of Christ, charged with the honourable

do good wherever they have opportunity; work of preaching the Gospel to the perishing

and with these labours, and God's blessing heathen, is an event full of hope for the long · upon such labours, our church shall prosdespised African race. He is to sail with his per, our age shall be blessed, and our wife and family in a few days; and we are ministers shall depart from this world, certain that many will follow him with their leaving it better than they found it.” fervent prayers. May he prove the honoured harbinger of an ever-increasing band of Ethiopia's sons, who shall be raised up in Jamaica and elsewhere, and who shall, as the messengers of Christ, proclaim to their be

The session of the Divinity fall was closed nighted countrymen that God is no respecter of per: ons,—that the black man has an equal

on Friday, 24th September, in presence of right to the Gospel as the white man,-and the professors, the committee on theologithat both, when they believe, are one and cal education, and other ministers. The alike in Christ Jesus.

valedictory lecture was delivered by the Rev. Professor Lindsay, on the subject, The rule of faith, with special reference to the

opinions of Cardinal Wiseman as mainDied, at Cairnryan, near Stranraer, on tained in his recent publications. Dr the 24th September, the Rev. J. M Gregor, Lindsay, in a close and searching argu.. minister of the Bridge Street United Pres- ment, exposed the sophistry of the cardibyterian Church, Stranraer, in the 51st nal's reasoning, and the absurdity of his year of his age, and 28th of his ministry. conclusions, and proved that the Word of

God is the only infallible rule of faith and STUDENTS' TOTAL ABSTINENCE society.

practice. The chairman of the theological

committee, the Rev. Mr Renton of Kelso The annual public meeting of the Total (moderator of the Synod), then delivered Abstinence Society in connection with the an address, of which, at our request, the theological seminary of the United Presby- manuscript has been kindly furnished for terian Church, was held in the Synod insertion in the Magazine.



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RENTON, A.M., MODERATOR OF THE SYNOD). To address one of the largest bodies of dom-a body also who are required to pass theological students in the United King- through a longer period of theological

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