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ILLIAM LAUD, archbishop of

Canterbury, in the sixteenth centuw

ry, was son of William Laud, a clothier of Reading, in Berkshire,

by Lucia his wife, widow of Mr. John Robinson, of Reading, and fifter of Sir William Web, lord-mayor of London in 1591. : He was born at Reading, October the sea venth 1573, and educated in the free-school there; and in July 1589, went to Oxford; and in June the year following, was elected scholar of St. John's college there, under the tuition of Dr. John Buckeridge. VOL. VI.



In June 1593, he was made a fellow of that college ; and on the first of July, in the year following, took the degree of batchelor of arts; and, on June the twenty fixth 1598 that of master of arts, being grammar. reader that year. January the fourth 1609, he was ordained deacon ; and on April the fifth 1601, priest : both which orders were conferred upon upon him by Dr. Young, bishop of Rochester.

'In 1602, he read a divinity le&ure in St. John's college, which was maintained by Mrs. Mag. May the fourth 1603, he was chosen proctor of the university of Oxford ; and September the third following was made chaplain to Charles Blound earl of Devonfhire. July the sixth 1604, he took the de. gree of batchelor of divinity.

December the twenty-fixth 1605, he married the earl of Devon fhire to Penelope, then wife of Robert, lord Rich ; which action afzerwards gave

him the most fenfible regret. Q&tober the twenty-first 1606, he preached a sermon at St. Mary's at Oxford, for which he was questioned by Dr. Airy,.the vice-chancellor. November the thirteenth 1607, he was inducted into the vicarage of Stanford, in Northamptonshire ; and in April the year following, was made chaplain to Dr. Richard Neile, then bishop of Rochester. September the seventeenth 1609, he preached his first fermon before the king at Theobald's ; and in O&tober following, exchanged his advow


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