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king, nor ever saw the French king's handwriting in all my life ; neither knew I that there was a French agent, nor what he was, till I met him in my gallery, at my lodging, unlooked for. If I speak not true, O Lord, let me never enter into thy kingdom.

" The second suspicion was, That his majesty had been informed, that I should speak dishonourably and disloyally of my sovereign ; but accuser was a base Frenchman, and a funnagate fellow ; one that hath no dwelling; a kind of chymical fellow ; one that I knew to be perfidious : for, being by him drawn into the action of fearing myself at Winchester, in which I confefs my hand was touched, he, being sworn to secrefy over-night, revealed it the next morning:

“ But this I speak now, what have I to do with kings ? I have nothing to do with them, neither do I fear them; I have only now to do with my God, in whose presence I ftand; therefore to tell a lie, were it to gain the king's favour, were vain. Therefore, as I hope to be saved at the last judgment-day, I never spoke disloyally, or dishonestly, of his majesty in all my life ; and therefore I cannot but think it strange that that French-man, being so base and mean a fellow, should be fo far credited as he hath been. I have dealt truly, as I hope to be faved ; and I hope I Thall be believed. I confess I did attempt to escape ; I cannot excuse it, but it was only

life. And I do likewise confeís,

that everlait, into mine

to save


that I did feign myself to be ill.disposed and fick at Salisbury; but I hope it was no fin, for the prophet David did make himself a fool, and suffered spittle to fali down upon his beard, to escape from the hands of his enemies, and it was not imputed unto him : fo, what I did, I intended no ill, but to gain and prolong time until his majesty came, hoping for some commiseration from him. But I forgive this French-man, and Sir Lewis Stewkeley, with all my heart, for I have received the facrament this morning of Mr. dean of Westminster, and I have forgiven all men; but, that they are perfidious, I am bound in charity to speak, that all men may take heed of them.

“ Sir Lewis Stewkeley, my keeper and kinsman, hath affirmed that I should tell him, that

my lord Carew, and my lord of Doncaster here, did advise me to escape ; but I proteft, before God, I never told him any such thing: neither did the lords advise me to any such matter ; neither is it likely that I should tell him any such thing of two privy.counsellors ; neither had I any reason to tell him, or he to report it; for it is well known, he left me fix, seven, eight, nine, and ten days together alone, to go whither I listed, whilst he rode himself about the country.

6. He further accused me, that I lould shew him a letter, whereby I did signify unto him, that I would give him ten thousand pounds for my escape ; but God caftiny foul into

everlasting fire, if I made any such proffer of ten thousand pounds, or one thousand; but, indeed, I thewed him a letter, that, if he would go with me, there Thould be order taken for his debts when he was gone ; neither had I ten thousand pounds to give him ; for, if I had had so much, I could have made my peace with it better another way than inr giving it to Stewkeley.

Further, when I came to Sir Edward Pelham's house, who had been a follower of mine, and who gave me good entertainment, he gave out, that I had received some dram of poison ; when I answered him, that I feared no such thing, for I was well assured of them in the house, and therefore wished him to have no such thought. Now God forgive him, for I do; and I defire God to forgive him. I will not only fay, God is a God of revenge ; but I desire God to forgive him, as I do desire to be forgiven of God.”

Then looking over his note of remembrance, " Well," said he, 66 thus far have I gone ; a little niore, a little more, and I will have done by and by.

“ It was told the king that I was brought per force into England, and that I did not intend to come again ; but Sir Charles Parker, Mr. Tresham, Mr. Leake, and divers know how I was dealt withal by the common soldi. ers, which were one hundred and fifty in number, who murinied, and sent for me to come

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into the ship to them, for unto me they would not come ; and there was forced to take an oath that I would not go into England till that they would have me ; otherwise they would have caft me into the sea; and there withall they drove me into my cabbin, and bent all their forces against me.

Now, after I had taken this oath, with wine and other things, such as I had about me, I drew some of the chiefest to defift from their purposes"; and, at length, I persuaded them to go into Ireland ; which they were willing unto, and would have gone into the north parts of Ireland ; which I dissuaded them from, and told them that they were Red-Shanks that inhabited there, and with much ado I persuaded them to go into the fouth parts of Ireland, promising them to get their pardons, and was forced to give them one hundred and twenty five pounds at Kinsale, to bring them home, otherwise I had never got from them.

" I hear likewise there was a report that I meant not to go to Guiana at all, and that I knew not of any mine, nor intended any such thing or matter, but only to get my liberty, which I had not the wit to keep.

“ But I protest it was my full intent, and for gold ; for gold, for the benefit of his majesty and myself, and of those that ventured and went with me, with the rest of my countrymen ; but he that knew the head of the mine would not discover it, when he saw my son was slain, but made away himself.”

Then turning to the earl of Arundel, he said, “ My lord, being in the gallery of my fhip, at my departure, I remember your hónour took me by the hand, and said, You would request one thing of nie; which was, That, whether I made a good voyage or a bad, I should not fail but to return again into England ; which I then promised you, and gave you my faith I would; and so I have." To which


lord answered, “ It is true, I do very

well remember it, they were the very last words I spake unto you."

« Another flander was raised of me, That I would have gone away from them, and left them at Guiana. But there was a great many. worthy, men that accompanied me always ; as my ferjeant major, George Raleigh, and divers others, which knew my intent was nothing ro.

« Another opinion was held of me, that I carried with me to sea fixteen thousand pieces, and that was all the voyage I intended, only to get money into my hands. As I fhall answer it before God, I had not in all the world in my hands, or others to my use, either di. realy, or indirectly, above a hundred pounds; whereof, when I went, I gave my wife twenty-five pounds thereof; but the error thereof came, as I perceived, by looking over the fcrivener's books, where they found the bills


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