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6. The Comedy of Errors, founded upor Plautus Mænechmi.

7. Much a'do About Nothing, a Comedy; for the plot fee Ariosto's Orlando Furioso.

8. Love's Labour loft, a Comedy.
9. Midsummer Night's Dream, a Comedy,

The Merchant of Venice, a TragiComedy,

11. As You Like it, a Comedy.
12. The Taming of a Shrew, a Comedy.
13. All's Well that Ends Well.

14. The Twelfth-Night; or, What you will, a Comedy. In this play there is some. thing fingularly ridiculous, in the fantastical steward Malvolio; part of the plot taken from Plautus Mænechmi.

15. The Winter's Tale, a Tragi-Comedy ; for the plot of this play, consult Dorastus and Fawnia.

16. The Life and Death of King John, an historical play.

17. The Life and Death of King Richard II. a Tragedy

18. The Life of King Henry V. an histo

19. The first part of King Henry VI. ar historical play:

20. The fecond part of King Henry VI. with the death of the good Duke Humphrey

21. The third part of Henry VI. with the death of the Duke of York. These plays contain the whole reign of this monarch. VOL, Y.


22. The

rical play:

22. The Life and Death of Richard III. with the Landing of the Earl of Richmond, and the Battle of Bosworth-field. In this part Mr. Garrick was first distinguished.

23. The famous History of the Life of King Henry VIII.

24. Troilus and Creffida, a Tragedy. The plot from Chaucer.

25. Coriolanus, a Tragedy; the story from Roman history.

26. Titus Andronicus, a Tragedy.

27. Romeo and Juliet, a Tragedy; the plot' from Bandello's novels. This is perhaps one of the moit affecting plays of Shakerpear: it was not long since acted fourteen nights together at boih houses, at the fame time, and it was a few years before revived, and acted twelve nights with applause, at the Little Theatre in the

28. Timon of Athens, a Tragedy; the plot from Lucian's Dialogues.

29. Julius Cæfar, a Tragedy.

30. The Tragedy of Macbeth ; the plot from Buchanan, and other Scotch writers.

31. Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, a Tragedy.

32. King Lear, a Tragedy; for the plot, fee Leland and Monmouth.

33. Othello, the Moor of Venice, a Tra., gedy; the plot from Cynthio's Novels.

34. Anthony and Cleopatra ; the story from Plutarch.

35. Cymbeline, a Tragedy, the plot from Boccace's novels.

36. Pericles

36. Pericles, Prince of Tyre; an historical play.

37. The London Prodigal, a Comedy.

38. The Life and death of Thomas Lord Cromwell, the favourite of King Henry VIII.

39. The History of Sir John Oldcastle, the good Lord Cobham, a Tragedy. See Fox's Book of Martyrs.

40. The Puritan; or, the Widow of Watling-street, a Comedy.

41.'A Yorkshire Tragedy; this is rather. an Interlude, than a Tragedy, being very short, and not divided into acts.

42. The Tragedy of Locrine, the eldeft Son of King Bruins. See the story in Milton's history of England.


which demonstrates its taste in nothing to truly and justly, as in the admiration it pays to the works of Shakespear, has had the honour of raising a monument to him in Westminster Abbey; to effect which, the Tragedy of Julius Cæsar was acted at the theatre royal'in Drury-lanc, April 28, 1738; and the profits arising from it deposited in the hands of the earl of Burlington, Mr. Pope, Dr. Mead, and others, in order to be laid out upon

the same monument. A new prologue and epilogue were spoken on that occasion ; the prologue was written by Benjamin Martyn, Esq; the epilogue by the honourable james Noel Esq; and spoke by Mrs. Porter, . in Shakespear's monument there is a noble



epitaph, taken from his own Tempest, and is excellently appropriated to him : with this let us close his life, only with this observation, that his works will never be forgot, till that epitagh is fulfilled. When, The cloud capt towers, the gorgeous palaces, The solemn temples, the great globe itself, And all which it inherit, Thall diffolve, And, like the baseless fabric of a vision, Leave not a wreck behind,

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So Walter Raleigh

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