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· VII. Recent Noveis -


1. Jacqueline of Holland. A Historical Tale. By Thomas

Colles Gratuan

%. The Dutchman's Fireside. A Tale. By the Author of

“ Letters from the South,” &c.

3. The Staff Officer; or the Soldier of Fortune. A Tale

of Real Life. By Oliver Moore

4. The Club Book: being Original Tales, &c. By various

Authors. Edited by the Author of “ The Dominie's


VIII. Letters on the Physical History of the Earth, addressed to

Professor Blumenbach : containing Geological and His-

torical Proofs of the Divine Mission of Moses. By the

late J. A. De Luc, F.R.S. Professor of Philosophy and

Geology at Gottingen. To which are prefixed, Introduc-

tory Remarks and Illustrations : together with a Vindi-

cation of the Author's claims to Original Views respect-

ing fundamental points in Geology

· 133

IX. The Prospect of Reform in Europe

- 145

X. Love, a Poem. By the Author of Corn-law Rhymes

- 159

XI. Tales of the Late Revolutions, with a few others. By

F. W. N. Bayley


XII. The Soldier Boy; or, the last of the Lyals. By Rosalia

St. Clair


XIII. The Life and surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe,

with a biographical account of De Foe


XIV. An Essay on the Influence of Temperament in modifying

Dyspepsia, or Indigestion. By Thomas Mayo


XV. Tales from Shakspeare. Designed for the use of Young

Persons. By Charles Lamb

- 162

XVI. Waldensian Researches during a second visit to the Vaudois
of Piedmont. By W. S. Gilly.

Literary and Miscellaneous Intelligence


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VII. The Eventful History of the Mutiny and Piratical Seizure

of H. M. S. Bounty; its Causes and Consequences. Be-

ing No. XXV. of the “ Family Library”


VIII. Campaigns and Cruises, in Venezuela and New Grenada,

and in the Pacific Ocean, from 1817 to 1830: with the

Narrative of a March from the River Oronoco to Buena-

ventura on the Coast of Choco; and Sketches of the

West Coast of South America, from the Gulf of California

to the Archipelago of Chilöe. Also, Tales of Venezuela;

illustrative of Revolutionary Men, Manners, and Incidents 414

IX. 1. The moral and intellectual Character of the established

Clergy described and vindicated. A Sermon preached

at the visitation of the Bishop of Peterborough at

Oakham, in the county of Rutland, July 14, 1831.

By the Rev. George Wilkins, D.D. (of Nottingham),

in No. 464 of " The Pulpit"

2. The present Degenerate State of the Church. A Sermon

delivered at St. Clement Danes, on Tuesday evening,

October 18, 1831. By the Rev. N. Armstrong, A. B.

In No. 465 of “ The Pulpit"


X. History of the Epidemic Spasmodic Cholera of Russia, in-

cluding a copious account of the disease, which has pre-

vailed in India, and which has travelled under that name

from Asia into Europe. Illustrated by numerous official

and other documents, explanatory of the nature, treat-

ment, and prevention of the malady. By Bisset Haw-

kins, M. D.


XI. 1. An Essay on Junius and his Letters; embracing a sketch

of the Life and Character of William Pitt, Earl of Chat-
ham, and memoirs of certain other distinguished indivi-
duals; with reflections, historical, personal, and political,
relating to the affairs of Great Britain and America,

from 1763 to 1785. By Benjamin Waterhouse, M. D.

2. Letters on Junius, addressed to John Pickering, Esq.

showing that the Author of that celebrated work was

Earl Temple. By Isaac Newhall


XII. Topographical History of Leicestershire, being the first of

a series of the Counties of England and Wales on the

same plan. By the Rev. T. Curtis

- 461

XIII. Oliver and Boyd's Catechisms


XIV. The Sunday Library; or the Protestants’ Manual for the

Sabbath Day. By the Rev. T. F. Dibdin

- 462

XV. A Manual of Jurisprudence, compiled from the best Legal
Works, &c. By Michael Ryan, M. D.


Literary and Miscellaneous Intelligence

- 463

Notice to Correspondents.

- 466

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