China and the Chinese: Their Religion, Character, Customs, and Manufacturers: the Evils Arising from the Opium Trade: with a Glance at Our Religious, Moral, Political and Commercial Intercourse with the Country, Volumen2

W.S. Orr & Company, 1849

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Página 234 - Elizabeth by the Grace of God Queen of England France and Ireland Defender of the Faith &c.
Página 342 - ... have resolved to conclude a treaty for that purpose, and have therefore named as their plenipotentiaries, that is to say : — Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, Sir Henry Pottinger, Bart, a major-general in the service of the; East India Company, &c., &c. TREATY BETWEEN ENGLAND AND CHINA. 345 And his Imperial Majesty the Emperor of China...
Página 345 - Majesty to deduct from the said amount of twelve millions of dollars any sums which may have been received by Her Majesty's combined forces, as ransom for cities and towns in China, subsequent to the 1st day of August, 1841.
Página 348 - British merchants, a fair and regular tariff of export and import customs and other dues, which tariff shall be publicly notified and promulgated for general introduction.
Página 354 - Consul will inquire into the merits of the case, and do his utmost to arrange it amicably. In like manner, if a Chinese have reason to complain of a British subject, the Consul shall no less listen to his complaint, and endeavour to settle it in a friendly manner. If disputes take place of such a nature that the Consul cannot arrange them amicably, then he shall request the assistance of...
Página 281 - Hong merchants were courteously dismissed with an intimation, " That I would communicate immediately with the Viceroy in the manner befitting His Majesty's Commission and the honour of the British nation.
Página 71 - This,' said the Chinese Esculapius, ' by causing a violent heaving of the chest, will force back any rib that may have been dislocated.' The wound in my head not being deep, he healed it by stuffing it with burnt cotton. He then ordered that I should continue to walk much, supported by two persons; that I should not sit long, nor be allowed to sleep till ten o'clock at night, at which time I should eat a little thin rice soup.
Página 343 - His Majesty the Emperor of China agrees, that British subjects, with their families and establishments, shall be allowed to reside, for the purpose of carrying on their mercantile pursuits, without molestation or restraint...
Página 349 - Guards. The Chinese Superintendent of Customs at each port will adopt the means that he may judge most proper to prevent the revenue suffering by fraud or smuggling.
Página 308 - From the Imperial Commissioner to Foreigners of all nations. "Lin, High Imperial Commissioner of the Celestial Court, a director of the Board of War, and Governor of Hookwang, issues his commands to the foreigners of every nation, requiring of all full acquaintance with the tenor thereof. " It is known that the foreign vessels, which come for a reciprocal trade to Kwantung, have derived from that trade very large profits.

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