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328* Correspondence of Gabriel Bullock

Goose and a Watchman--from a

and Mrs. M. Clark


Schoolmistress on Dancing


329 Visit with Sir Roger de Coverley to

377 Bill of Mortality of Lovers


Westminster Abbey


330 Letters on the Education of Youth Steele | 379 Duty of Communicating Knowledge

831 Dissertation on Beards

Budgell . Objections answered-Rosicrucius:&

332 Account of the Sweaters--Letter from



three thrifty Ladies

Steele 380 Letters, requesting Advice in a Case of

*333 Criticism on Paradise Lost

Addison Love-On improper Behaviour at

334 On Dancing


Church--Coquetish Milk Maid-Vir-

Letter on the same subject


tue of an Orange Girl--St. Bride's

335 Sir Roger de Coverley at the Theatre Addison Charity School


336 On the unaccommodating Disposition


of old men-Impertinence of Shop-

382 On the Frank Acknowledgment of





337 Letter on Education

Budgell 383 Sir Roger de Coverley's Visit to Spring

338 Letter complaining of a merry Pro-


Steele 334 The Bishop of St. Asaph's Preface to

339 Criticism on Paradise Lost

Addison his Sermons


340 Character of Prince Eugene

Steele 385 Essay on Friendship


341 Letter in Defence of Merry Epilogues Budgell | 386 On an obsequious Behaviour-Charac-

342 Story of Hortensius and Sylvana Steele

ter of Acasto--Art of being agreeable

343 Transmigration of Souls-Letter from

in Company


a Monkey

Addison 387 Motives to Cheerfulness


344 Epicure Mammon's Letter on eating-

388 Poetical Version of Solomon's Song,

On Women taking Snuff


Chapter Second

345 Criticism on Paradise Lost

Addison 389 Account of an Atheistical Book-On

346 On true Liberality


Atheists in general


347 Of the Mohocks-Manifesto of the Em | 390 On the proper Method of repelling Ca-


Budgell lumny


348 Letter on Detraction

| 391 Heathen Fables on Prayers-Vanity of

349 Consolation and Intrepidity in Death Addison human Wishes

350 Cruelty of a French Captain-Re-

392 Transformation of Fidelia into a Look-

flections on Courage without Hu-



Steele 393 Reflections on the Delights of Spring Addison

351 Criticism on Paradise Lost . Addison 394 On the little Arts of making Interest

352 On early Wickedness-Extract from

with Men in Power

Tillotson's Sermons

Steele | 395 Dangers of the Month of May escaped Budgell

353 Letter on Education -

Budgell 396 Letter on Punning

Orato- Henley

354 Character of a Devotee-Impudent Be-

397 On Compassion-Ann Boleyn's Letter Addison

haviour of People in the streets Steele 398 Amours of Cynthia and Flavia · Steele

355 Use to be made of Enemies

Addison 399 Hypocrisy, various kinds of it A ddison

356 Contemplation of the Character of our

400 Arts of Courtship-Caution to the Fair





+357 Criticism on Paradise Lost

Addison 401 Correspondence between Amoret, a

358 Proper Ingredients of Festivity and

Jilt, and Philander



Steele 402 Letters from Silvia, complaining of an

359 History of Will Honeycomb's Amours Budgell unnatural Mother-From a married

360 On Propriety in genteel Dress


Man in Love with his Ward--Con-

361 Letter on Cat-calls-History of them Addison cerning a profligate Lover-Unduti.

362 Letters in Commendation of Brook

fulness of Nephews


and Hellier's Wine--from a Scholar | 403 Speculations of_Coffee-house Politi-

in Love

Steele cians on the Death of the King of

363 Criticism on Paradise Lost

Addison France


364 Letter on Travelling Earl of Hardwick 404 On the misapplication of Nature's Gifts Unknown

From a new-married couple—from

405 On the Improvement of Sacred Music Addison

: a Prude

Steele 406 Letters on the Joys and Satisfactions

365 Dangerous Influence of the Month of

of private Life-Translation of a



Lapland Song


366 Inconsistencies in Love-Thoughts- 407 Character of English Oratory–Use of

Translation of a Lapland Love-song

proper Gestures


-on a Chambermaid's Perquisites Steele 408 On the Study of Human Nature-the

367 Various Advantages of the Spectators




Addison 409 Characteristics of Taste


368 Account of the Death of Madam de | 410 Adventures of Sir Roger de Coverley



with a Woman of the Town—Trans-

369 Criticism on Paradise Lost


lation of a Chapter in Canticles Steele

370 On the Stage-Dancing recommended Steele

and probably


371 Humorous Way of sorting Companies

411-421 Essays on the Pleasures of the

-for Mirth--for useful Purposes Addison



372 Letters in Commendation of Powell,

422 On RaiHery-Characters of Callis-

the Puppet-show Man-Club of Pas

thenes, Acetus, and Minutius Steele

rish Clerks-Lawyer's Club Steele | 423 Advice to Gloriana, respecting the studi-

373 On Modesty and Assurance


L e d Addresses of Strephon and Damon

374 On the proper Use of Time-Frag | 424 On good Humour-the Country Infir-

ments from Cæsar .



375 History of Amanda

Hughes 425 Beauties of the Evening_Vicissitudes

76 Letters on a Partnership between a

of Night and Day, a Drama Unknown


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1 No.

426 Story of Basillius Valentine and his | 469 On Benevolence in official Situations Addison


Steele 1470 Criticism Specimen of various Read-

427 The Love of Defamation


428 Various subjects proposed for Specula-

471 On Religious Hope


472 Proposal that the rich Sick should as-

429 Infirmary for ill-humoured People-

sist the poor-on the Loss of Sight Steele

Memorials presented

473 Letters on Affectation of Ignorarice
430 Increase of Beggars,Impostors-im-

from a Poetical Lover--Specimen
proper Freedoms of married People

of the Familiar

431 Negligence of Parents-Letters of

474 Letter complaining of Country Man

Richard and Sabina Rentfree

ners and Conversation-Dumb Con

432 On Prejudice and Emulation—a sulky


Wife-April-day Jest

475 On asking Advice in Affairs of Love Addison

433 Advantages of the Sexes associating-

| 476 On Method in Writing and Conversa-

History of a male Republic

Addison tion-Characters of Tom Puzzle and

434 History of a female Republic

Will Dry

435 Female Dress-Mixture of the Sexes in

477 Letter on Gardening

one Person-Female Equestrians .

478 Proposal for a Repository of Fashions Steele

436 A Visit to the Bear Garden

Steele | 479 Causes of Unhappiness in the married


maker--Letter on naked Shoulders

480 Letters from a country Gentleman to

438 On a passionate Temper--the angry

· Pharamond

Bookseller and calm Customer

From a Lawyer's Clerk


439 The Manners of Courts—The Spy and

481 Opinions on the Dispute between

the Cardinal

Count Rechteren and M. Mesnager Addison

440 Proceedings of the Infirmary for ill 482 Letters from Hen-peckt Husbands-

humoured People

from a Woman married to a Cot-

441 Happiness of Dependance on the Su-


preme Being

| 483 On attributing our Neighbour's Misfor-

442 The Author's Address to his Corres-

tunes to Judgments

pondents-Thesis proposed Steele | 484 Letter and Reflections on Modesty Steele

443 Letters from an English Singer at Ve.

485 On the power of insignificant Objects

nice-Advice to the trading World

-Character of a Templar in Love
on Rudeness

Equestrian Lady

444 On Quack Advertisements

| 486 Letter on Hen-peckt Keepers

445 On thu new Stamp-Success of the

487 Essay on Dreams

Addre: m


Addison 488 On the Price and Success of the Spec-

446 Degeneracy of the Stage


447 Influence of Custom-Moral deduced

Epigram on the same


from it

489 Meditations on the Wonders of the

448 On breach of Promises--coming late

Deep, with a Hymn


to Dinner-Quarrel between Will | 490 On Marriage-excessive Fondness Steele
: Trap and Stint

Steele | 491 Story of Rhynsauli and Sapphira

449 Filial Piety of Fidelia-on the Collu-

492 Advantages of Levity over grave Be-

sion of Gladiators

haviour in young Ladies

450 Letter on the Effects of the Love of

493 On giving false Characters of Servants


-Letter from Horace to Claudius

451 On Defamatory Publications



452 On News-writers and Readers—Speci-

494 On Religious Melancholy


men of a Newspaper .

495 On the Number, Dispersion, and Re-

453 On pious Gratitude-Poem on it

_ ligion of the Jews

454 Advantages of being so easily pleased-

496 Letters on the conduct of gay, and

:. different Characters, in a Tour

foppish Fathers-on Swinging Steele

through the Metropolis.

Steele | 497 On bestowing Favours on the deserving

155 Letters on Education from the Hus- .

—Anecdote of a Portuguese Minister

band of a Scold-on Money--the

of Pope Leo X.

use of Similes

498 Letter on young Templars turning

156 Miseries of Debt and Bankruptcy-


Letter from a Bankrupt and Answer | 499 Will Honeycomb's Account of the

457 Proposal for a Newspaper of Whispers Addison - Siege of Hersberg, and his Dream Addison

458 On true and false Modesty

500 Defence and. Happiness of a married

459 On religious Faith and Practice



460 Paradise of Fools, a Vision

501 Patience, an Allegory

Letter on Bowing and Curtesying

502 On the Taste of a Roman and English
at Church

theatrical Audience

161 Version of the CXIVth Psalm Watts 503 Ralph Wonder's Account of the Phan-
Complimentary Letter to the Spec- ..

tom at Church

Steele 504 Substitutes for Conversation-Trick of
462 On pleasant Fellows-Pleasant Cha-

racter of Charles II.

505 On Conjurers and Revealers of Dreams Addison
463 Weight of Wisdom and Riches, a 506 Reflections on Errors in Marriage

who berred

Characters of Erastus, Letitia, Taw-
464 Mediocrity of Fortune to be preferred

dry, and Flavilla

465 Medns of strengthening Faith

507 On Party Lies

466 On the Advantages of Dancing S. Steele | 508 Description of a Tavern-tyrant-Com-
167 On the Love of Praise--Character of

plaint against a Coxcomb


Hughes 509 On abuses at the Royal Exchange-
168 Death and Character of Dick Eastcourt Steele

Maxims of Thrift


I No.

510 On the irresistible Power of Beauty Steele 1.548 Letter on Poetical Justice


511 Will Honeycomb's Proposal of a Fair * 549 On Reluctance to leave the World

for Marriage-Sale of unmarried

Letter from Sir Andrew Freeport on


Addison his retiring

512 On Giving Advice

550 Proposal for a new Club

513 Meditation on Death, a Hymn

551 Translation of Greek Epigrams--Letter

514 Vision of Mount Parnassus


on Law-phrases


515 Letters from a Town Coquette to her

552 Recommendations of industrious

Friend, and Answer


516 On Persecution-Character of William

Rowley-Proposals for New Globes Steele


553 On the Spectator's opening his Mouth

517 Death of Sir Roger de Coverley Addison

Commendations of him


518 Letters on Epitaphs

... Steele Letter from Oxford Correspondents Unknown

University Physiognomy Orator Henley 554 On the Improvement of Genius Hughes

519 Meditation on Animal Life

Addison 555 Farewell Paper and Acknowledgments

520 On the Death of a beloved Wife: Francham

of Assistance Letter fra

etter from the Aca-

521 On the Uncertainty and Absurdity of

demy of Painting


public Reports

556 Account of the Spectator opening his

522 Advice to Ladies on Marriage


523 Poetry too often mixed with Mythology

557 On Conversation-Letter by the Am-

-Edict on that Subject

Addison bassador of Bantam

024 On Visions

Steele 558 Endeavours of Mankind to get rid of
Visions of worldly and heavenly

their Burdens, a Dream

Dunlop and Montgomery 559 The same concluded
325 Success of the Spectators--on Marriage

560 Letters, from the Dumb Doctor-from
-Letter of Pliny to Hispulla Hughes a pert Baggage on the Author's re-

526 On Templars turning Hackney-coach-

covering his Speech


men–Commission to Mr. John Sly Steele 561 Account of the Widow's Club Addison
527 Letter on a Jealous Husband

562 On Egotism-Retailers of old Jokes

From a languishing Lover


563 Letters, from a Blank-complaining of

528 Complaints of Rachel Well-a-day h a choleric Gentleman

against the young Men of the Age Steele 564 On Making a just Estimate of the Cha-

529 Rules of Precedency among Authors

racters of Mankind

; and Actors

Addison 565 On the Nature of Man of the Supreme

530 Account of the Marriage of Will Ho-



566 Letters on military Life by various

531 On the Idea of the Supreme Being



532 The Author's Success in produc.

567 Method of political Writers affecting
ing meritorious Writings-Adrian's

Secrecy; Specimen



Steele | 568 Coffee-house Conversation on the pre-

Verses to the Spectator


ceding Paper-The Whole Duty of

Letter from Mr. Sly on Hats


Man turned into a Libel
533 Letters on Parents forcing the Incli-

569 On Drunkenness

nations of their Children-On Rude-

570 On petty Ambition

- Unknown

ness and Impudence

571 Advantages of seeking the Protection

534 Letters from a spoilt rich Beauty-Dap-

of the Supreme Being


perwit's Question from a Grocer in

572 On Quacks

Love from an Idol-a Minute from

573 Letter from the President of the Club

Mr. Sly

of Widows


535 On vain Hopes of temporal Objects-

574 Advantages of Content


Story of Alnaschar

Addison 575 The present Life preparatory to the

536 The Author's Interview with a Lady

Happiness of Eternity

-her Letter on proper Employment 576 On Singularity; the Dread and Affec-

for Beaux-Character of a Shoeing-

tation of it


577 Letter from a Person supposed to be

537 On the Dignity of Human Nature Hughes crazed-Petition of John-a-nokes and

538 On Extravagance in Story-telling-



Epitaph in Pancras Church-yard Addison 578 On personal Identity-Story of Fad-
539 The Intentions of a Widow respecting

her Suitors

Steele | 579 On Adultery-Dogs which guarded the
On Delay in Marriage
Budgell Temple of Vulcan

On a Clergyman spoiling one of Til-

580 On the Glories of Heaven
lotson's Sermons

Hughes 581 The Author's Answer to his Corres-
540 Letter on the Merits of Spenser

pondents--Letters from a Lover and

541 On Pronunciation and Action

young Lady


542 Criticisms on the Spectator-Letter on

582 On the Itch of Writing

the Decay of the Club

Addison 583 Duty of being usefully employed-on

543 Meditation on the Frame of the Human

- Planting


584 Story of Hilpa

544 Letter from Captain Sentry on the

585 The same concluded :

Character of Sir Roger de Coverley,


and on his own Situation

Steele 587 The Vision of Harts


545 Letter from the Emperor of China to

586 The Use of Dreams

588 On Self-love and Benevolence Grove
the Pope-Note from Mr. Sly

589 On Planting-- Folly of destroying

546 On Dishonest Dealing-Cibber's He-



roic Daughter-Letter on a ge-

590 On Eternity

nerous Benefactor

Steele 591 Questions and Cases of Love Unknown
517 Cures performed by the Spectator Addison 1,592 Dramatic Improvements-Criticisms Addison



593 On Dreams, how to be improved Byrom | 615 On Fear

594 On Calumny

Unknown 616 On Vulgar Phrases...Specimen
595 On the Abuse of Metaphors

617 On strained and pompous Phrases comme
596 Distresses of a very amorous Gentleman

597 The Dreams of various Correspondents

1 618 On epistolary Poetry
598 On a merry and serious Cast of Temper Addison 619 Answers to various Correspondents
599 The Cave of Trophonius, a Dream Unknown 620 The Royal Progress, a Poem

600 Various Opinions of future Happiness Addison | 621 On improper Pride

601 On Benevolence.Causes which ob-

622 Memoirs of an honest country Gentle-
struct it

602 Advantages of an Air of Importance

623 Account of the Custom of Enborne
in making Love

Unknown 624 Division of Mankind into Classes--
603 Phæbe, a Poem


Pursuits of Avarice, Ambition, &c.
604 On a Desire of knowing future Events Unknown 625 Questions in Love solved by the Love
605 A difficult Case in Love resolved

606 Embroidery recommended to the ladies

626 On Novelty

607 Qualities necessary to make Marriage

627 Letter to Zelinda, from her Lover-his
happy-The Flitch of Bacon Unknown Death

608 List of Persons who demanded the

628 On Eternity
Flitch of Bacon

Translation of Cato's Soliloquy
609 Letters on the improper Dress of young

629 Absurd Claims of Reward

Clergymen—On antipathies—against 630 Church Music recommended-Impro-
· Embroidery

per behaviour in Church
610 Applause of men not to be regarded-

631 On Cleanliness
Story of Gyges

632 Power of Numbers-Grotto-work-
611 Letter from a Lady insulted by her Se-

Verses on a Grotto

ducer-Reflections on the Subject

633 On Oratory–Advantages from Chris-
612 On the Pride of Genealogy


613 Letters on Ambition-Eloquence of 634 On aiming at Perfection

Beggars--from a Lady marked by the 635 Enlargement of the Powers of the
Small Pox

Mind in a future State

614 Questions on Widows, answered by the

! Love Casuist-Custom of Enborne




the interests of Europe in general; to which I SHOULD not act the part of an impartial I must also add, a certain dignity in yourself, Spectator, if I dedicated the following pa- that (to say the least of it) has been always pers to one who is not of the most consum- equal to those great honours which have mate and most acknowledged merit. been conferred upon you.

None but a person of a finished character It is very well known how much the can be a proper patron of a work which church owed to you in the most dangerous endeavours to cultivate and polish human day it ever saw, that of the arraignment of life by promoting virtue and knowledge, its prelates;* and how far the civil power, and by recommending whatsoever may be in the late and present reign, has been either useful or ornamental to society. indebted to your counsels and wisclom.

I know that the homage I now pay you, but to enumerate the great advantages is offering a kind of violence to one who is which the public has received from your as solicitous to shun applause, as he is as- administration, would be a more proper siduous to deserve it. But, my lord, this is work for a history, than for an address of perhaps the only particular in which your this nature. prudence will be always disappointed. Your lordship appears as great in your

While justice, candour, equanimity, a private life, as in the most important offices zeal for the good of your country, and the which you have borne. I would, therefore, most persuasive eloquence in bringing over rather choose to speak of the pleasure you others to it, are valuable distinctions, you afford all who are admitted to your conare not to expect that the public will so far versation, of your elegant taste in all the comply with your inclinations, as to forbear polite arts, of learning, of your great hucelebrating such extraordinary qualities. It manity and complacency of manners, and is in vain that you have endeavoured to of the surprising influence which is peculiar conceal your share of merit in the many to you, in making every one who converses national services which you have effected with your lordship prefer you to himself, Do what you will, the present age will be without thinking the less meanly of his own talking of your virtues, though posterity talents. But if I should take notice of all alone will do them justice.

|that might be observed in your lordship, I Other men pass through oppositions and should have nothing new to say upon any contending interests in the ways of ambi- other character of distinction. I ain, tion; but your great abilities have been in

MY LORD, vited to power, and importuned to accept Your Lordship’s most devoted, of advancement. Nor is it strange that this

Most obedient humble servant, should happen to your lordship, who could

THE SPECTATOR. bring into the service of your sovereign the arts and policies of ancient Greece and

* He was one of the counsel for the seven bishops ini. Rome; as well as the most exact knowledge

peached in 1688. of our own constitution in particular, and of



My Lord,

| passionate veneration I have for your lordŠIMILITUDE of manners and studies is ship, I think, flows from an admiration of usually mentioned as one of the strongest qualities in you, of which, in the whole motives to affection and esteem: but the course of these papers, I have acknow


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