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Nay, you do wrong and defraud, God, might be careful to maintain &c. know ye not that the unrighteous good works: these things are good shall not inherit, &c.—1 Cor. vi. 8, 9. and profitable unto men; and let

That no man go beyond and de- ours also learn to maintain good fraud his brother in any matter, be- works (or profess honest trades) for cause the Lord is the avenger of all necessary uses, &c.-Titus iii. 8. 14. such.-1 Thess. iv. 6.

Follow peace with all men.--Heb. Follow after righteousness.-1 Tim. xii. 14. vi. 11.

But if ye have bitter envying and The hire of the labourers, which is strife, &c. this wisdom descendeth of you kept back by fraud, crieth, not from above, but is, &c. The and the cries, &c. have entered, &c. wisdom that is from above is first James v. 4.

pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy

to be entreated, &c. And the fruit Sect. iv. Live peaceably, not inter- of righteousness is sown in peace of

meddling with others; nor idle, nor them that make peace.-James II. trifling.

14, 15. 17, 18. Seek peace and pursue it.-Ps.xxxiv. From whence come wars and fight14. cxx. 7.

ings among you? come they not hence, Withdraw thy foot from thy neigh- even of your lusts ?--James iv. 1. bour's house, lest he be weary of thee, Let none of you suffer, &c. as a and hate thee.-Prov. xxv. 17. busybody in other men's matters.

Accuse not a servant to his master, 1 Pet. iv. 15. lest he curse thee, &c.—Prov. xxx. 10. He that will love life, &c. let him

Blessed are the peacemakers, for seek peace and ensue it.—1 Pet. I. they shall be called the children of 10, 11. God. Whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the Sect. V. Not to be discontented, other.—Matt. v. 9. 39.

angry, or revengeful against them : If it be possible, as much as lieth but to behave themselves meekly, in you, live peaceably with all men; gently, and patiently toward them ; dearly beloved, avenge not your bearing Wrong. selves.-Rom. xii. 18, 19.

O LORD God, to whom vengeance If the unbelieving depart, let him belongeth.-Ps. xciv. 1. depart, &c. but God hath called us Lot speaks to the wicked men thus, to peace.- Cor. vii. 15.

I pray you, brethren, do not so wickThat ye study to be quiet, and to edly, &c.—Gen. xix. 5—7.. do your own business, and to work, Simeon and Levi's cruelty in slay &c.—1 Thess. iv. 11.

ing the Shechemites greatly blamed. We hear that there are some which -Gen. xxxiv. 25, 26. 30. xlix. 5-'. walk among you disorderly, working David resolved in haste to destroy not at all, but are busybodies: now Nabal's house, because of Nabals them that are such, we command and unkindness ; but Abigail having .. exhort, &c. that with quietness they terposed, he blessed God for me work, &c.—2 Thess. ii. 11, 12. counsel, and forbore his revenge:

Withal they learn to be idle, wan- 1 Sam. xxv. 32–34. Levit. XIX. 10 dering about from house to house: Prov. xx. 22. xxiv. 29. and not only idle, but tattlers also, Israel's rage against Judah and busybodies; I will, &c. that they buked by the prophet.—2 give no occasion to the adversary xxviii. 9, 10. to speak reproachfully.—1 Tim. v. Fret not thyself because of 13-15.

doers, neither be thou envious again That they which have believed in the workers of iniquity: for

1. for they

as re

shall soon be cut down.--Ps. xxxvii. Let all bitterness, and wrath, and 1,2. Prov. xxiv. 1. 19.

anger, and clamour, &c. be put away Envy thou not the oppressor, and from you.-Eph. iv. 31. Col. iii. 8. choose none of his ways. - Prov. Let your moderation be known iji. 31.

unto all men. Phil. iv. 5. Let not thine heart envy sinners: . Put on bowels of mercies, &c. forbut be thou in the fear of the Lord bearing one another, and forgiving all the day long.-Prov. xxiii. 17. one another. If any man have a

Whosoever is angry with his bro- quarrel against any; even as Christ ther without a cause, shall be in forgave you, so also do ye.-Col. iii. danger of the judgment.--Matt.v.22. 12, 13.

If ye forgive men their trespasses, Be patient toward all men: see your heavenly Father will also forgive that none render evil for evil unto you : but if ye forgive not men their any man.--1 Thess. v. 14, 15. 1 Pet. trespasses, neither will your Father iii. 9. forgive your trespasses.—Matt. vi. The servant of the Lord must not 14, 15.

strive, but be gentle unto all men, Learn of me, for I am meek and &c. patient, in meekness instructing lowly in heart.-- Matt. xi. 29. those that oppose themselves: if God

One of them which were with peradventure, &c.—2 Tim. ii. 24, 25. Jesus, stretched out his hand and To speak evil of no man, to be no drew a sword, and struck a servant brawlers: but gentle, shewing all of the high priest's, &c. Then said meekness unto all men.-Titus iii. 2. Jesus unto him, Put up again thy Let every man be slow to wrath : sword into his place; for all they for the wrath of man worketh not the that take the sword shall perish with righteousness of God. — James i. thesword.—Matt, xxvi. 51, 52. v. 39. 19, 20.

The Samaritans did not receive The wisdom that is from above, is, Christ; and when his disciples James &c. gentle and easy to be entreated, and John saw this, they said, Lord, &c.-James iii. 17. 2 wilt thou that we command fire to. Not rendering evil for evil, or come down from heaven and consume railing for railing, &c. knowing that them, even as Elias did? But he ye are, &c. Be ready always to give turned and rebuked them, and said, an answer unto every man, &c. with Ye know not what manner of spirit meekness._1 Pet. iii. 9. 15. ye are of: for the Son of man is not come to destroy men's lives.-Luke Sect. VI. To pity them, shew them ix. 52-56.

Mercy, pray for them, and requite Dearly beloved, avenge not your

re them Good for Evil: Love for selves, but rather give place unto Hatred. wrath: for it is written, Vengeance IF thou meet thine enemy's ox or ass is mine; I will repay, saith the going astray, thou shalt surely bring Lord.—Rom. xii. 19.

it back to him again. If thou see Charity suffereth long, and is kind; the ass of him that hateth thee lying charity envieth not, &c. is not easily under his burden, and wouldest forprovoked; thinketh no evil.-1 Cor. bear to help him; thou shalt surely xiü. 4, 5.

help with him (or wouldest cease to In malice be ye children, but in leave thy business for him: thou shalt understanding be men.--1 Cor. surely leave it to join with him).xiv. 20.

Exod. xxiii. 4, 5. Deut. xxii. 1-4. The fruit of the Spirit is, &c. long- If thy brother be waxen poor, &c. suffering, gentleness, &c. meekness, thou shalt relieve him: yea, though temperance. Gal. v. 22, 23. he be a stranger or a sojourner; that he may live with thee. --- Levit. care of the wounded, in the parable, xxv. 35.

commended.-Luke x. 30, &c. David rewarded Saul good for evil, Recompense to no man evil for which Saul acknowledgeth.—1 Sam. evil, &c. avenge not yourselves, &c. xxiv. 17-19.

If thine enemy hunger, feed him, &c. Israel was charged to clothe, feed, Be not overcome of evil, but overand help the men of Judah, then their come evil with good.—Rom. xii. 17. captives.-2 Chron. xxviii. 11. 15. 19-21.

With the merciful thou wilt shew As we have therefore opportunity, thyself merciful.-Ps. xviii. 25. let us do good unto all men.-Gal.

The righteous is ever merciful.- vi. 10. Ps. xxxvii. 25, 26.

Put on bowels of mercies, kindness, He that considereth the poor, or &c.—Col. iii. 12. Micah vi. 8. sick, the Lord will strengthen him The Lord make you to increase in upon the bed of languishing.--Ps. love, &c. toward all men.-.1 Thess. xli. 1-3.

iii. 12. The merciful man doeth good to his See that none render evil for evil own soul: but he that is cruel trou- unto any man, but ever follow that bleth his own flesh.-Prov. xi, 17. which is good, both among your

A righteous man regardeth the life selves, and to all men.—1 Thess. of his beast; but the tender mercies v. 15. of the wicked are cruel.--Prov. I exhort, &c. that supplications xii. 10.

and prayers, &c. be made for all men. He that is glad at calamities shall - 1 Tim. ii. 1. not be unpunished.-Prov. xvii. 5. He shall bave judgment without

If thine enemy be hungry, give mercy that hath shewed no mercy.him bread to eat: and if he be thirsty, James ii. 13. give him water to drink : for thou The wisdom that is from above, is, shalt heap coals of fire upon his head, &c. full of mercy and good fruits.-and the Lord shall reward thee.- James iii. 17. . Prov. xxv. 21, 22. 2 Chron. xxyiii. Not rendering evil for evil, or rail11, 15. Prov. xxiv. 11, 12.

ing for railing; but contrariwise Seek the peace of the city whither blessing.—1 Pet. iii. 9. . I have caused you to be carried away captives, and pray unto the Lord for

Sect. vir. To behave humbly and it; for in the peace thereof shall ye

courteously toward all, giving them have peace. Jer. xxix. 7.

due Respect. Blessed are the merciful, &c. love The children of Heth said to Abrayour enemies, bless them that curse ham, Hear us, my lord; Thou art a you, do good to them that hate you, mighty prince among us; in the and pray for them which despitefully choice of our sepulchres bury, thy. use you, &c. that ye may be the dead, &c. And Abraham stood up, children of your heavenly Father; and bowed himself to the people of for he maketh bis sun to rise on the the land, &c.-Gen. xxiii. 5-7. evil and on the good, &c. For if ye li, 12. love them which love you, what re- Jacob bowed himself to the ground ward have ye? do not even the Pub- seven times, until he came near bis licans the same?--Matt. v. 7. 44- brother Esau, &c. Let my lord, ! 46. Luke vi. 32, 33.35, 36.

pray thee, pass over before his sera Christ had compassion on the mul- vant, &c. Let me find grace in the titude, and did them good.-Matt. sight of my lord.-Gen. XXXIII. v. ix. 36. xiv. xv. 32.

14. 15. The Samaritan's compassion and Thou shalt rise up before the hoary

head, and honour the face of the old lest they make thee sin against me: man, and fear thy God; I am the Exod. xxiii. 32, 33. Lord.—Levit. xix. 32. Rom. xii. 7. When Jehoshaphat had helped the

If thou meet any man, salute him wicked king of Israel, Jehu, the son not; and if any salute thee, answer of Hanani the seer, went out to meet him not again.-2 Kings iv. 29. bim, and said to king Jehoshaphat,

Let me not give flattering titles Shouldest thou help the ungodly, unto men, &c. my Maker would soon and love them who hate the Lord ? take me away.-Job xxxii. 21, 22. Therefore is wrath upon thee from

God threatened it as an evil, that before the Lord.—2 Chron. xix. 1, 2. the child shall behave himself proud Blessed is the man that walketh ly against the ancient, and the base not in the counsel of the ungodly, against the honourable.- Isa. iii. 5. nor standeth in the way of sinners,

If ye salute your brethren only, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful, what do you more than others ? do —Ps. i. 1. not even the Publicans so? Be ye Who shall abide in thy tabernacle? therefore perfect, as your Father &c. He in whose eyes a vile person which is in heaven is perfect.—Matt. is contemned.-Ps. xv. 1. 4. v. 47, 48.

I have not sat with vain persons; When ye come into an house, neither will I go in with dissemblers. salute it.--Matt. x. 12.

I have hated the congregation of When thou art bidden, &c. sit not evil-doers; and will not sit with the down in the highest room, lest a more wicked.-Ps. xxvi. 4, 5. honourable man than thou be bidden I will not know a wicked person, of him ; and he that bade thee and &c. He that worketh deceit, shall him, come and say to thee, Give this not dwell within my house. He that man place; and thou begin with telleth lies, shall not tarry in my shame to take the lowest room, &c. sight.—Ps. ci. 4.7. cxix. 115. Sit in the lowest room, &c. then shalt Woe is me, that I sojourn in Methou have worship in the presence of sech, &c. with him that hateth peace. them that sit at meat with thee.- I am for peace, &c. they for war.Luke xiv. 8-10.

Ps. cxx. 5—7. I am not mad, most noble Festus, Do not I hate them, O Lord, that said Paul; but speak forth the hate thee? and am not I grieved with words of truth and soberness.-Acts those that rise up against thee? I xxvi. 25.

hate them with a perfect hatred. I, &c. communicated that gospel, Ps. cxxxix. 21, 22. &c. but privately to them that were My son, if sinners entice thee, of reputation.-Gal. ï. 2.

consent thou not: walk not thou in Honour (or esteem) all men.-- the way with them: refrain thy foot 1 Pet. ii. 17.

from their path.-Prov. i. 10. 15. Finally, &c. be courteous.1 Pet. He that walketh with wise men iii. 8.

shall be wise: but a companion of The elder, unto the elect lady, &c. fools shall be destroyed.---Prov. And now I beseech thee, lady.- xiii. 20. 2 John 1. 5.

Go from the presence of a foolish The children of thy elect sister man, when thou perceivest not in him greet thee.—2 John 13.

the lips of knowledge.—Prov. xiv, 7.

Make no friendship with an angry Sect. VIII. To avoid all unnecessary man: and with a furious man thou Society and Fellowship with wicked shalt not go; lest thou learn his

ways, and get a snare to thy soul.They shall not dwell in thy land, Prov. xxii. 24, 25.


Be not thou envious against evil the Father, save the Son, and he to men : neither desire to be with them. whomsoever the Son will reveal him. -Prov. xxiv. 1, 2.

--Matt. xi. 27. · I wrote to you in an epistle, not How can one enter into a strong to keep company with fornicators; man's house, and spoil his goods, exyet not altogether with the fornica- cept he first bind the strong man? tors of this world, &c. for then must &c.—Matt. xii. 29. ye needs go out of the world.-1 Cor. A rich man shall hardly enter into v. 9, 10. Eph. v. 57.

the kingdom of heaven, &c. It is Be ye not unequally yoked toge- easier for a camel to go through the ther with unbelievers, &c. What eye of a needle, than for a rich man communion hath light with darkness? to enter, &c. With men this is imAnd what concord hath Christ with possible: but with God all things Belial? Or what part hath he that are possible.-Matt. xix. 23—26. believeth with an infidel ?-2 Cor. vi. Luke xviii. 24–27. 14, 15.

Which were born, not of blood, CHAP. XVIII.

nor of the will of the flesh, but of

God, &c.—Johni. 13. iii. 3, &c. HOW MEN COME TRULY AND SPI

Pl. A man can receive nothing, except RITUALLY TO KNOW THE ONLY it be given him from heaven. ---John TRUE GOD, AND JESUS CHRIST : 27 WHOM HE HATH sent; AND No man can come unto me, except THE MYSTERIES OF SALVATION the Father which hath sent me, draw BY HIM; TO BELIEVE IT, BRING him. &c. Except it were given unto FORTH FRUIT, AND PERSEVERE him of my Fathor_John vi A4 65

VERE him of my Father.—John vi. 44. 65. THEREIN, THROUGH DIFFICUL- As the branch cannot bear fruit of TIES, TO ETERNAL LIFE.--Mark itself, except it abide in the vine ; no iv. 26-28. Luke xvii, 20, 21. xix.

lo XIX. more can ye, except ye abide in me, 1, &c. Matt. xii. 28.

&c. for without (or severed from) me, Sect. 1. Man, of himself, not able to ye can do nothing.-John xv. 4,5. . do these Things.

The carnal mind is enmity against Except the Lord build the house, God; for it is not subject to the law they labour in vain who build it: of God, neither indeed can be.—Rom, except the Lord keep the city, the viïi. 7. watchman waketh but in vain.-Ps. The natural man receiveth not the cxxvii. 1.

things of the Spirit of God, for they Man's goings are of the Lord: are foolishness unto him: neither can how can a man then understand his he know them, because they are spiown way?-Prov. xx. 24.

ritually discerned.-- Cor. ii. 14. A deceived heart hath turned him John viji. 43. aside, that he cannot deliver his soul; By the grace of God, I am that I nor say, Is there not a lie in ? &c. am, &c. Not I, but the grace of God, Isa. xliv. 20.

which was with me.-1 Cor. xv. 10. O Lord, I know that the way of Gal. ii. 20. man is not in himself: it is not in Not that we are sufficient of oura man that walketh to direct his steps. selves to think any thing as of our-Jer. x. 23. Prov. xvi. 9.

selves; but our sufficiency is of God. Can the Ethiopian change his skin? —2 Cor. iii. 5. &c. then may ye also do good, that The flesh lusteth against the Spirit, are accustomed to do evil?--Jer. &c. so that ye cannot do the things xiii. 23.

that ye would.-Gal. v. 17. Rom. No man knowetht he Son, but the vii. 15. 18. Father; neither knoweth any man By grace are ye saved, through

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