The Bloody Peanuts of Jimmy Carter in Nicaragua

Francisco Urcuyo

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I believe this book is a translation because the grammar and spelling are atrocious.

Crítica de los usuarios - Marcar como inadecuado

This book gathers signal points done by the author since more than 30 years ago, with the aim of giving a emergency voice before the undercover advance and dissemination of the Marxist seed inside the United States, which started spreading out from the Cuba of Fidel Castro; since the year 1959.This seeds which has already germinated in several Latin American countries such as: Nicaragua, Honduras El Salvador Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Uruguay Argentina, all this thanks to the characteristic nearsightedness of some governing people of the White House, and fertilized by leftist that are pleased with the shows of the “Puppets of the Marxist Circus” in our America.
The reader can analyze the history, and it is certain that he would be able to identify the facts that occurred, and the predicted next ones to happen, that is making possible that the “Red Vulture” fly more and more closer every day, until he began to nest in the northern shores of the Rio Grande, spreading its virulence into our beloved country, vanishing the liberties that our parents inherited to us; which it is their “final goal”.

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CHAPTER III The civil war
CHAPTER IV the last forty three hours at the Bunker

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